Letters for December 21, 2017



Reader appreciates letters from the ‘right side’

I couldn’t agree more with Wm. Trapani and Joyce Roberts – Franklin, N.C. One thing that everybody seems to forget that from George Washington to Bush, our national debt was $10 trillion. From Obama to Obama, the debt went to $20 trillion – double! If somebody gave me $10 trillion to spend, I could have done a lot better. Remember “shovel ready?”

I am a member of the NRA and I do carry. I had a Trump bumper sticker on my car and I was keyed from one end to the other.

Thank you Macon County News for publishing those letters. Keep up the good work. Please print more on the right side.

Peter Young – Franklin, N.C.

Thank you to Franklin merchants for generosity

On behalf of the Macon County Veterans Memorial committee, I express our heartfelt “Thank You” to the Franklin merchants for the generous contributions you have made for the upkeep of our Veterans Memorial.

Smoky Mountain CDJR

Corbin-McMahan Heat & Air

Burningtown Tractor Service

Becky Ramey Remax Realty

Meyers Painting

Dalton Construction

Holland Car Wash

Ridgecrest Automotive Inc.

Wayah Insurance

N&N Express Mart

Countrywide Chevolet

A1 Storage



Kenneth Carpenter – Franklin, N.C.

Grandfather’s big Christmas of 1909

At Tusquittee, N.C., in the severe winter of 1909,

My grandpa was in the midst of a hard time.

And it was the day before Christmas, as the story goes,

Cupboards were near empty and shoes revealed bare toes.

My father, that winter, was an eight-year-old boy,

There was no trace of Christmas cheer, not even a toy.

Though Grandpa was a trapper, business was slow,

But on that morning, one more time, he thought he would go.

Leaving Grandma Errie by the hearth in their mountain shack,

He said, “By nightfall I’ll try to be back.”

A new-fallen snow lay on the ground, about shoe-mouth deep.

It was early and most folks werre still asleep.

After a little while, with a mink or two,

It looked like he might take back a few.

He caught a ’coon near a hollow tree,

And that big ringtail made three.

At the end of the trap line when he could carry no more,

He set out for the country store.

With pride, he laid his furs on the counter for display,

You should have seen the stares from the other trappers that day.

How much the furs brought no one can remember.

But is was a lot of money on the cold day in December.

But he acted like it was a common thing with him.

He said, “I’ll buy some coconuts, and those oranges, I’ll take a sack of them.

He bought flour, fat-back meat, and stick candy, too,

And made sure that everyone got something new.

Now, to move his load home over the mountain and through the holler,

He hired a yoke of steers and a sled for less than a dollar.

When he arrived, barking dogs brought Grandma to the door.

There were gifts for everyone and much more.

That was a blessed Christmas the next day,

Proving that Christ will make a way.


Floyd Cruse – Franklin, N.C.

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