Macon Early College celebrates 10 years


A look back at the beginning and the evolution of MEC.

For the last decade, Macon Early College (MEC) has been been shaping an identity to find its place and purpose for local students. From a change in venue, to personnel growth, to an increase in enrollment numbers, each of the last 10 years has undergone a little evolution and have contributed to what Macon Early College is today as the school celebrates its 10-year anniversary.

“My impression is that the school has developed its own culture and has really found its identity,” said Gary Brown, Macon Early College’s first principal. After a short retirement, Brown now serves as a social studies teacher for MEC. “In the early years, it was difficult for our staff members to effectively describe the new school to prospective students and their parents. We were truly a work in progress and the school changed dramatically over the first few years.”