Letters to the Editor for June 27, 2019


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Letters for June 21, 2019

America needs true ‘antagonistic pairs’

Scientists tell us there are six hundred “antagonistic pairs” of muscles in the human body. They facilitate the movement necessary to carry out daily routines as well as fascinating dance and athletic fetes.

One could liken them to the political parties in America. But, the comparison would only show that our parties have rendered America incapable of productive actions. Washington is immobilized by partisan efforts to prevent actual government of the people, by the people and for the people. The Republican Party is blindly and selfishly making widespread efforts to gerrymander elections.

Meanwhile Vladimir Putin and Russia have attacked the American electoral system. President Donald Trump refuses to acknowledge any such malfeasance. Republicans have tolerated (even supported) his failure to establish a bipartisan commission to investigate this monumental problem.  Democrats can’t muster the courage to impeach Trump in spite of the powerful evidence that he obstructed justice in the only investigation into the problem. 

There is too much sneaky competition for power in America. We need two parties, two muscles to function as true “antagonistic pairs.” Otherwise we are vulnerable to the paralysis we are witnessing in Washington. The clamor for one-party rule is dangerous for democracy. Has Putin divided and conquered us or has Donald Trump seen the divide and foolishly asked Vladimir Putin to walk right in?

Dave Waldrop – Webster, N.C.

We’ve got a lot more to worry about

Number one, are we Americans or not! It’s time we stood up and stop being bullied by a president, that thinks it’s OK for other countries to interfere in our elections. Seems like he depends on help from dictators of Communist countries. From his last visit to the U.K. seems it was such a disaster he didn’t make any friends there. It seems Prince Charles talked 75 min to Trump to take action on climate change. Trumps only answer, the U.S. didn’t need to do anything because the U.S. already has the cleanest air. Princes William and Harry did not attend the banquet for Trump. Harry being angered by Trumps remarks about his wife. Trump outraged the entire nation, by telling them Britain’s beloved National Health Service would be on the table ready to be carved up by profit driven U.S. companies during trade talks. As usual he always looks like a mad bull. 

Number two, his mind only works for himself. He objects doing anything on climate change, he thinks as the ice melts in the Artic, it will open new passage ways to the Artic which he thinks hold about 13 percent of the world’s oil. A land of abundance as he put it. Don’t worry about polar bears or sea life. Let them learn to live in an oil field. Oil don’t contribute to clean air just his pocketbook. We got a lot more to worry about than Mexico, folks!

Kathy Whitley – Franklin, N.C.

Five local VFW members elected to district

Recently a VFW district meeting was held. The district is the next step up in the VFW organization in our state. The 17th district is compromised of 11 posts in and around Western North Carolina. Our post is a member of this district and they meet every three months.

We are pleased and proud of our 7339 Post here in Franklin. Members who at the last district meeting placed their names up for election in the district. It’s our pleasure to announce that five of them won the district election. The district directs all 11 posts and solves problems when they occur. They are as follows:

– District Commander – Robert W. Morrow

– Service Commander – John Glenn

– Junior Vice Commander – Dennis Currie

– Quarter Master – Pat McConnell

– Trustee – Charles R. Norton

These men make up the Executive Board and will serve for one full year, setting up policies the state VFW hands down.

We, the member and officers, wish them “God speed” in their job running the district. Well done, brothers!

The Membership William Trapani

A day of independence and hope

For some reason, more so than in the past, I was taken in by our 75th anniversary of D-Day. A day in which young men knowingly gave of their lives for a cause or a hope which they themselves would never realize. Then I became aware of  the meaning, or symbolizing of the 13 folds of our flag on “Flag Day,” which is given to the families of our fallen military in a hope their loss will never be forgotten and that our heartfelt indebtedness will never weaken as we enjoy our freedoms paid by the shed blood of those before us.  Our country’s 4th of July, “Day of Independence,” a day celebrating our separation from Great Britain and the writing of our “Declaration of Independence” in 1776, giving  meaning and birth to our newfound country in direction and purpose, not of  power, but of a people set in a hope of self direction within a unity of a people with a common heartfelt Divine guidance.

All those who have given their lives for a hope that is not realized, but a hope none the less for that something that wishes to be.  All who’s purpose is to see the good and best come from a people and society in giving a hope not only for us but for our children to come.  This has always come with the ultimate life-giving sacrifice.  But sadly, hope seems elusive, since the beginning of time we’ve been ever in search of a hope, but can’t explain what hope is. Every fairy tale, story, and movie, our lives are in a continued need for hope and if we find a fulfillment in hope, then it no longer becomes hope, it becomes something else – but not hope. It’s stated, “… trusting means looking forward to getting something we don’t yet have – for a man who already has something doesn’t need to hope and trust…(Rom. 8: 24, TLB). Those who have given us the freedoms we all share, have given us the ability of riches and a hopefulness that is envied the world over. For many this freedom is the bitter sweet of fulfilling our desire of want – power, fame, wealth, possessions of most any and everything our hearts desire, but we still seek that elusive hope. A hope that wishes a satisfaction and fulfills happiness and longing. Many people, just before death’s door approaches wish that they had had the courage to live a life true to themselves not what others expected, or wish they hadn’t worked so hard, or to express their feelings better, say in touch with family and friends, allow themselves to be happier. 

Hope, I believe is carried throughout life to a realization of a transcendent life. A final or permanent hope cannot be realize within our world of hurt, heartache, pain and suffering, for mankind has grasped for a final hope that gives something satisfying only to have hope slip through the fingers again and again. Hope is realized when we breathe our last, then we get what we have wish for, the presence of a creator, God, or something other, but our hope and wish is then found. Our thanks should be to the one who is and gives us true hope, Jesus Christ.   

Deni Shepard –  nds13@frontier.com