Letters to the Editor for March 10



Letters to the Editors


Politically correct speech sets dangerous precedent 

Like ghosts of the past, some of our young seem quite willing to repeat the same mistakes history taught us to avoid long ago. Indeed, many of our young, but not all obviously, seem unwilling to apply the lessons society has taught us, or, their view has been seriously distorted by those who have the responsibility to teach them.  History tells us the youthful demand “politically correct” speech has often led society into dangerous situations.

As you may have heard, students at California State University recently mobbed an auditorium to prevent a speech by Ben Shapiro who intended to give a speech about, of all things, freedom of speech.

The kids didn’t want to hear it.

History tells us that our children are setting a very dangerous precedent when only politically correct speech is tolerated.

Probably the very first “politically correct” speech began in Russia during the Communist rule and anyone failing to adhere to correct speech ended up in prison or Siberia on a work farm, or worse.

We saw the same thing in China under Mao where anyone who spoke out freely against Mao was simply executed by his young followers.  Over 2 million teachers, doctors, lawyers, scientists or anyone who was educated were slaughtered.

We had politically correct speech under Fascist Nazism, under Mussolini, and it’s still going in places like Cuba and Venezuela.  Perhaps the saddest of all is seen in North Korea right now where the politically incorrect party is imprisoned along with all of his family and relatives.

In Cambodia Pol Pot had his young followers execute anyone who wore eyeglasses because they were deemed to be educated intellectuals.

In most cases, the clamp down on free speech was led by violent young people who believed that the only acceptable speech was theirs and no other idea would be tolerated. Remember Hitler’s Nazi Youth gangs?

Young susceptible minds are a breeding ground for illogical ideologies and I’ve read that up to 80 percent of our college professors are Socialists who would like to destroy the America we worked so hard to build over the years.

On some college campuses free speech is limited to one area of the campus and you must have permission to use that space to speak freely.   Their vision for America is no different than the Fascists or Communists and the way forward for them is to restrict free speech and accept only speech they approve of.  Young minds are easy prey for professors because our young quite naturally are looking for a utopian world where everything is given to them and no one should have to struggle in life.  With wisdom and adulthood comes the reality that there is no such thing as utopia.

Americans should be wary of those who would use our kids to promote failed agendas, many of whom have never worked at a real job in their lives.

We need to protect our right to freedom of speech just as surely as we need to protect our right to freedom of religion.


Bob Wilson — Franklin, N.C.

How about try personal responsibility first? 

I am back, missed you guys. We hear a lot of talk these days about “change and progressiveness”. I want to learn more about personal responsibility, which means:

One – You don’t father or mother children repeatedly that you can’t support without government assistance.

Two – You don’t experiment with addictive drugs and expect others to pay for your rehabilitation.

Three – You don’t sell drugs to support your habit or to avoid working for a living.

Four – You stop blaming someone else for your mistakes.

How’s about trying the above, now that’s what I call real progress.


William Trapani — Franklin, N.C.