Letters to the Editor for July 8, 2021


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Gillespie’s legislative updates appreciated

 I appreciate the updates on the North Carolina Legislature provided by Rep. Karl Gillespie.  The updates are informative and have the information needed to find and read bills and enacted laws. The Macon County News is providing helpful information for voters and residents of Macon County and Western North Carolina.  

Avery Abernethy – Franklin, N.C.

Mayor, Town Council exist to conduct town business

It’s time for me to pack up my bust of Harry Truman and my “No Sniveling” desk plaque and move on.  I will not be seeking a fifth term as mayor.

Most politicians bow out saying “to spend more time with family.” Which is code for getting out before an indictment or a scandal breaks. Not me. I am just too darn old.  Franklin needs a new mayor.

I would have run again, but Council Member Jack Horton has filed to run for mayor. Jack is qualified and well known across the state.  I can leave knowing that if elected, Franklin will be in good hands with Jack.

I will be gone in three months from Town Hall.  I will leave knowing I had little support from some other politicians in trying to save our hospital from a for-profit company.  A huge disappointment. There were other ideas I had which were blocked, for whatever reason, in the last two terms I have served.

I do hope to get the skate park in place. Turn the Sunnyside property into public use with recreation facilities, and use federal relief funds to improve our infrastructure.

I campaigned on open government.  In my four terms, the town got away from being a “who you know” town.  It is now a “what you know” town. We have professionalized Franklin’s government.  We are a town we can all be proud of.  Our employees deserve the credit.  Not me.

We have had very few closed meetings during my time as mayor.  My philosophy has been one of instead of finding a reason to go behind closed doors, find a reason to keep the doors open. I always have believed the mayor and town council exists for only one reason.  To conduct the public’s business.

I hope the Town Council will keep working to preserve the fascination which makes Franklin a delightful place in which to live and work.

The toughest year of my service has been the year of the pandemic. Mayors across the nation became the lightning rod for anger and frustration. I certainly was. On social media I was called unique expletives I did not know existed.  But on the other hand, I have had folks who understood town government. There was more support than anger. In looking back, I adopted the understanding that people were angry, scared and facing hardships. As mayor, I was a convenient politician to jump on. I was accessible. I answer my phone. You can catch me ambling along our sidewalks.

I do have some future plans.  I have hobbies I have neglected.  I will return to writing and photography.  America is in serious danger as Democracy is in peril. I will find some way to express my contempt of authoritarianism.

Please never allow Franklin to become partisan. We are just fine as a non-partisan unit. Please fight to keep it non-partisan from those who want to change it for political power.

Does anyone have a small backhoe I can borrow to clean out my office?  I need it by the first Tuesday in November.

It has been a hoot to serve as mayor.  My high school teachers would be astounded.    

 Franklin Mayor Bob Scott

Questions and answers

Dear David Snell,

Question:  Why do Americans falsely believe we are a democracy instead of a republic?

Answer:  They are being spoon fed a bogus agenda that divides We the People who are supposed hold the power in a republic.

Question: What has history taught us about corrupt men’s desire to rule over others?

Answer:  Their lust for control will never be satisfied, thus the reason to question everything they are selling the public.

Question:  Why do many Americans choose to ignore the obvious facts of a massive corrupted 2020 election?

Answer: Our worldview depends on which resources we receive information and not all resources are truthful.

Question: Why do many Americans hate Donald Trump?

Answer: They are being told to hate him while being told the lie that they are virtuous for doing so.

Question: Why do many Americans put their trust in the Democrat party and criminal bureaucrats?  (Granted, the GOP is not much better these days!)

Answer: They do not properly interpret the Bible nor the U.S. Constitution because they are too lazy to understand those fundamentals.

I hope this elementary explanation increases your capability to understand these topics correctly.  Best wishes.


Jim Gaston – Franklin, N.C.

Thanks for support of Cherokee-Scottish festival

On behalf of the board of directors of The Scottish Tartans Museum and Heritage Center, Inc. I would like to thank Dave Linn for having the 9th annual Braveheart 5k and Rob Roy Fun Run. This event is the only continuous support we receive since the museum’s founding in 1988 with all proceeds given to the museum after expenses. I would also like to thank Stacy Guffey and Dave Linn for the concept and implementation of the Cherokee-Scottish Heritage Festival as well as committee members Kathryn Sellers, Claire Suminski, and Daniel Williamson that worked so hard to make the festival the huge success it was to benefit the downtown merchants and the museum.  This event would not have been successful without the support and participation of our Cherokee neighbors. Sales at the museum were the highest ever on Father’s Day weekend. Support from The Streets of Franklin Heritage Association, Cowee School Arts and Heritage Center  and the TDC is greatly appreciated. Outdoor 76 graciously gave us a place for lectures. Thanks to The Kitchen Sink for their support and participation by hosting the shortbread contest. My apologies if I have overlooked anyone.

Reports from attendees, demonstrators, merchants and musical groups praised the event and want the festival expanded next year. John Mohr MacIntosh Pipes and Drums pledged their continued support for Franklin town merchants and support of the museum as in the past.

Please note that any Scottish event after our closing at 2 p.m. was not in support of or affiliated with The Scottish Tartans Museum and Heritage Center, Inc. in any way. 

Jim Akins – Franklin, N.C.

Grateful for help in this difficult time

Only God, my wife, my daughter, my son-in-law and me know the pain and suffering we’ve been through in the past seven-and-a-half years. I’m writing this letter to thank some and ask for help. I guess most people would be too proud to do what I’m doing today, but sometimes we have to swallow our pride, and ask for help.

In two days, my daughter will have a birthday. I want all who read this letter to know how wonderful they are, and I want them to know how great I know they are.

Since November of 2013, my wife has been tormented with cancer. On the first diagnosis, she had two surgeries and 34 radiation treatments. Then everything was okay for a few years. Her exams and tests turned out good. Then about three years ago, she was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer in the liver. It had spread from the breast to the inside of the liver. She was put on Ibrance and another drug, Letrosol. During this time, we had special prayers like James chapter 5 teaches. We had special prayer at three or four churches and our daughter had thousands praying from different churches in the U.S. About 17 months ago, she was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer in the urethra; that’s the tube that leads from the kidney to the bladder and was called bladder cancer. In March 2020, our daughter Rosea brought us down to Cancer Center Treatment of America in Newnan, Ga. I’m a cancer patient also, and will tell more about myself later, but now I must finish about my wife, Darlene.

When we got to CCTOA God allowed her to get one of the best if not the best cancer doctor in America, Dr. Taha. She had six chemo treatments and then a kidney removed on July 8, 2020. Then she had 12 amino therapy treatments. We were going to Newnan, Ga., every three of four weeks and sometimes more often.

This week, we came down to Delray Beach, Fla. It’s one of four places in the U.S. she can get the treatment she needs. The cancer has moved again to a rare spot. It takes a special kind of radiation to kill the cancer. Without my daughter Rosea and my son-in-law Carl, this could never happen. In my opinion, they will have a great reward in heaven.

God willing, I will tell my friends and neighbors more about my cancer and hardships since the cancer busted in my chest in August 2014, but soon I must sign off. Many people know me and my wife and have prayed many a prayer for us. We’re poor folks, but God loves us also. In fact, all lives matter to God, whether red, yellow, black or white, they are precious in his sight. God and his only begotten son Jesus loves us all.

Please pray as God leads you for us and if you feel led to do anything else, please contact our pastor, Rev. Terry Dixon or his wife, Sheila. We go to church at Wells Grove Baptist and our pastor works at Macon Middle School as a bus driver and custodian. 

If you run into my daughter Rosea or my son-in-law Carl, give them a special handshake or hug, for they deserve it. Rosea has driven us thousands of miles and I guess spent thousands of dollars on us since November 2013. Her birthday will be over and maybe Carl’s  also by the time this letter is printed, but you can still shake their hand.

I’m the guy on Tell-It-And Sell It with windows and the rare ’90 Ford Ranger, Monte Carlo and handicap van.


Jerry R. Holden – Franklin, N.C.

Jan. 6 incident was not an ‘attempted coup’ 

A recent letter entitled “Trump Continues to Promote Violent Overthrow” was filled with false accusations and misinformation. The evidence cited for his attempt to overthrow the government was the Jan. 6th protest at the capitol during which the writer called a coup resulting in a military takeover. Not true. In fact there is video evidence of capitol police actually waving in the protestors past the barriers and the resulting military presence was brought in by Pelosi. The consensus is that this was done in order to blame Trump for an “attempted coup” who was giving a speech at the time in which he actually called for a peaceful protest. This was not covered by the fake news media, the writer’s obvious source of information.

In another letter of the same date the writer falsely claims that six people died during that protest. The only person who died during that protest was an unarmed lady by the name of Ashli Babbitt who was shot and killed by a guard while presenting no threat warranting such action.

The tone of this letter would indicate that the writer is a member of the Democrat party, now called the Socialist Democrat party, This is where the letter becomes confusing because the writer states that she “cannot imagine a country like the United States living under Communism….” Then goes on to explain exactly what that would be like without understanding that Socialism is the first step toward Communism and if the Socialist Democrats’ succeed in accomplishing their Socialist agenda her greatest fears and mine will be realized.


Marshall “Buck” Miller – Franklin, N.C.