60th Reunion Class of 1959


This past weekend the class of 1959 celebrated its 60th reunion. Friday, September 13, a picnic was held at the Rec Park Shelter. Saturday, September 14, the class met in the evening at the Mill Creek Country club for dinner and get together. Class of 1959, in no particular order: Buck Bingham, Larry Brooks, Evelyn McCoy Callenback, Buddy Cloer, Juanita Moore Corbin, Claudette Leatherman Dillard, Betty Vanhook Dowdle, Carolyn Holland Hartsell, Bruce Holland, Riley Henry, Bill Hopper, Bob Hunter, Jack Hyde, Frances Alexander Killian, Don Ledford, Kate Buchanan Lovin, Frances Mason, Jean Scott Mason, Barbara Waldroop McClure, Jimbo McCollum, Tom McNish, Peggy Patterson, Bob Poindexter, Donna Suzette Raby, Rebecca Reeves, Clayton Richardson, Mildred Bingham Russell, Nancy Siler Scott, Bud Shope, Hayes Snyder, Judy Wurst Taylor.          Photo by Betsey Gooder