BOE increases cap on school safety measures


Davin Eldridge – Staff Writer

A last minute increase on a spending cap by Macon County commissioners has ensured a variety of added security measures are within reach for county schools. The Board of Education had authorized Macon County Superintendent Chris Baldwin to solicit school renovation contracts geared specifially  towards implementing new safety features to school facilities. However the contracts couldn’t exceed a $30,000 limit, which meant some new measures weren’t tenable.  Among the measures discussed to make county schools safer were added lighting on school grounds, surveillance cameras, window installations and a perimeter fence around Franklin High School. “There’s multiple individual projects, and there’s probably a few of them that might exceed that $30,000 limit,” said Baldwin at the school board’s June 28 meeting. “The fence will, probably. Most of the others will be broken down.” Instead of putting the safety measures off, school board members circumvented Baldwin’s next move to seek extra funding from commissioners by voting to increase the cap on school projects from its $250,000 reserves. No restrictions or requirements were in place that would determine which projects could or could not be funded.