Arrest made in “hit list” incident found at FHS


Brittney Lofthouse – Staff Writer

A week after a hit list was found at Franklin High School, charges have been filed against one Franklin High School student. Alexander Kingston Strickland, 16, was charged with one felony count of threatening an executive legal court officer and 17 counts of communicating threats on Tuesday afternoon. Strickland was booked into the Macon County Detention Center on a $100,000 bond at the request of Assistant District Attorney Eric Bellas. 

Last week both Strickland and his girlfriend, who has not been identified by authorities as of press time, were detained by the Macon County Sheriff’s Office after a hit list was found on a school bus. The list of names featured 15 names of students and staff at Franklin High School, including Franklin High School Principal Barry Woody, as well as members of law enforcement, an attorney, and members of the District Attorney’s Office. 

According to reports, school administration obtained several pieces of paper — one paper was labeled “hit list two” and the other says “hit list three.” According to Dr. Baldwin, the papers that they obtained were revisions of list one. 

Neither Strickland or his girlfriend were immediately detained following the discovery of the lists, but they were taken into custody and sent to a facility to “receive needed recourses.” Strickland was discharged from the facility Monday and was transported back to Macon County where he was charged. 

A search warrant was issued for Strickland’s residence after he informed law enforcement that he had access to several weapons that were both in his possession and in the possession of his father in his home. 

The list of weapons seized includes multiple firearms, a bow, several knives and a samurai sword.

A search warrant lists the items seized as:

    Winchester Sportsman

    Mossberg 702 with scope

    Target with writing on it

    Combat Machines Airsoft

    Arrows in holster

    Samurai sword

    Hollow grenade

    Z357 Ztorm (Airsoft revolver)

    Airsoft gun

    Mannes SP01 Airsoft gun (handgun style)

    3 Roman candles

    Barnett bow in case

    CO2 cannister

    Wooden knife

    50 cal. bullet

    3 .22 reloads

    Butterfly knife

    Dagger (in holster)

    6 Tulammo 7.62×39 mm rounds

    8 various ammo loose

    Box of .22×36 hollow point

    Box of .22 Thunderbolt Remington

    XBG Airsoft

    HK USP Airsoft

    Old revolver – wooden handle

    1911 BB handgun

    Chinese wood handle sword with case

    FN Herstal Large Airsoft gun

    Camo folding knife

    SKS 7.62×39 mm rifle

    Maverick Mossberg Model 88 12 gauge

    Heritage Rough Rider .22 revolver

    Hi Point Firearms model JHP .45 (pistol) with two mags

    .22 handgun

    One-half box of .22 ammo

    9 mm ammo full box

    45 mm ammo full box

    Shoulder strap containing 7 rounds of 12 ga.

    Box of various 9 mm ammo

    Box of .22 ammo