Aviation Club Beginning at FHS

An Aviation Club at Franklin High School will incorporate flight simulators that will log actual flight time for students who want to learn to fly an airplane.


Diane Peltz – Contributing Writer

Franklin High School (FHS) will soon be home to a new club.  The Aviation Club is set to begin in mid September and will include an airplane simulator for students to log in flight time.  The club is the brainchild of the new Principal Michael Noe and ISS teacher Scott Hanna. The two began a successful aviation program when they worked at Hayesville High School and also helped Cherokee County get involved in teaching aviation at their Early College. They also taught students aviation at the Oaks Academy in Cherokee this past summer.  The goal is to afford FHS students the same opportunity here in Franklin.

The week of Sept. 20 -24 is homecoming week at FHS and also what is known as club rush week.  During this time students will be able to visit the various clubs offered at the high school to gather information on those they may be interested in joining.  The Aviation Club will be boasting about its simulator where students can log in actual flight time to advance toward receiving a pilot’s license.  While the simulators are still being built thanks to ESSER funds, the school hopes to have four simulators built within the month.  Eventually, Noe says FHS will be offering an aviation class for those students who are interested in learning all the aspects of flight.  

As of now, more than 40 students have expressed interest in the club. Any student at FHS is eligible to join the club, which will be held after school.  Details on days and times are still in the works.  Flight time requirements to obtain a pilot’s license include a combined 40 hours in a simulator and in the air.  FHS is in the process of aiding students with the actual flying time with the assistance of the Macon County Airport.  Hanna is a licensed pilot himself.  He explained that this club ties in directly with STEM, via math and science. Students who join the club will have the opportunity to advance toward a pilot’s license if they so desire.  Noe says this is a great way for students to learn about time and behavior strategies, whether or not they continue on to advance to flight school.