Cold for a Cause meeting needs in county

Changing of the guard – Cory McCall gives Becky Vanderwoude a quick hug before he takes his turn in the box.

Over the weekend, Macon County CareNet hosted the 12th annual Cold for a Cause event to help people in need during the winter months.

Cory McCall, co-owner of Outdoor76 and Becky Ramey Vanderwoude, local real estate agent, each spent half of the weekend  – 24 hours each – in a crane high above Macon County to raise donations for Macon County Care Network. 

Shortly after Vanderwoude completed her 24 hours and McCall climbed into the crane, snow began to fall across Macon County. 

This year’s event was held at Franklin Plaza, in hopes the traffic visibility would boost donations of canned goods, blankets, and coats for those in need in the community. 

For the past 12 years, more than 6,000 pieces of clothing and blankets, and close to 10,000 pounds of food and personal care products have been donated annually. The event, which was started by Patrick Jenkins as a way to give back to the community, has grown each year to become one of the largest collection drives for CareNet. 

Due to COVID19, CareNet has been working overtime this year, making the weekend’s collection event even more important. In 2020, the organization fed 15,474 people with 512,586 pounds of food, compared to 305,491 pounds of food to feed families in 2019. Also, children, even when schooling at home, received free lunches. 

Several box trucks full of donations were collected during the 48 hour event: 

– Canned goods – 5,020lbs.

– Coats – 3,500

– Blankets -1,000

– Cash donations over $4,000.

“It was a great year I’m thankful for all who helped and donated.  Becky, Cory, Joe Sanders – thank you for your time and efforts,” said Tim Hogsed, CareNet director.