Constitution is first casualty


George Hasara – Columnist

Newsflash: nothing prevents death. Life can be shortened or lengthened but we all end up dying from “something.” I’ve been running my own mortality models and in every scenario, I end up dead. Sometimes, I get run over by a beer truck while crossing the street. In another model I develop a case of bad juju, dying on a hike, becoming vulture food. A more favorable scenario has me living to 97, ambulatory, with most of my mind as well as my teeth. But, yet again, I end up dead. No matter what precautions or risk aversions I consider, the final outcome remains the same. These thoughts bring to mind the quotable, “I will not tiptoe through life to arrive safely at death.” Unfortunately, at this present time, our society is quite at odds with that sentiment. We’re running scared.

The last time our society lost its collective cool was in the aftermath of 9/11. With planes flying into buildings and anthrax-laced parcels arriving in the mail, the sky was falling, and our government and the media were more than willing to play the role of Chicken Little. The constant amping up of the fear factor paved the way for the ensuing power grab. From the PATRIOT Act to the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, the “War on Terror” knew no bounds, because after all, we were told our very “survival” depended on it.

Back in the good ole days of the early 2000s, fear was so much simpler. We only had to be paranoid toward those swarthy Middle-Eastern types. However, in time, the threat of terrorism waned and the public lost interest. Our daily color-coded threat levels fell by the wayside and our attention went elsewhere. Fear and irrationality, laid low for a while, until 2020.

The labels have changed, but the plan with this “plan-demic” is the same. Instead of a war on terror, we now have a war on a virus. Everyone is considered a potential terrorist. Not the kind with an explosive vest strapped to their chest but the kind that has a chestful of microscopic viral weapons, waiting to be detonated with the next sneeze. 

In war there is collateral damage. The first casualty this time around is the U.S. Constitution. Deep-sixing the First Amendment Right to Assembly is a three-for-one special. By banning assembly, you knock the legs out from freedom of speech and freedom of religion. Yes, I know that Zoom is a cool video conferencing app (when it’s not being hacked) but I don’t think it has a “receiving communion” feature yet.

Due process of law has pretty much been mangled by all the mini-Mussolini Mayors and Governors who finally can let their inner fascist run wild. The Second Amendment, while under attack, is faring a little better, no doubt because the 2A supporters own something that many politicians wish they didn’t have.

The “pandemic” is the world’s largest and most effective infomercial of all time. Broadcast 24/7, one might think that we are in the middle of a new Black Death when the data actually shows the global and national overall mortality rates barely budging.

I believe that a person’s true character is revealed in times of stress. What you see in the mirror today is who you are. There’s no do-over when things get back to “normal.” We can’t crash the economy and trash individual liberty and ask for a mulligan.  Nobody gets out of this thing alive but we can escape with our dignity.

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