Designer adds ‘flare to the square’ for Christmas


It has been a longtime dream of April Chastain’s to design and decorate the town of Franklin’s Christmas Tree erected each year in the middle of Main Street. Chastain is the owner of April’s Flowers in Franklin. This year, that dream became a reality and she was able to put her artistic spin on the holiday staple.

“I have dreamed for years of getting my hands on that tree,” Chastain joked. “I would drive by and think — one day! It has always been so beautiful, but I wanted to a do just a bit more beauty to our town, it deserves it.”

“April Chastain assisted the Town with decorating the Christmas tree this year. Ms. Chastain has expressed an interest for quite some time to help the Town with the design of the tree,” said Franklin Town Manager Summer Woodard. “The tree turned out beautiful thanks to all involved.”

When Chastain got the go ahead from the town at the beginning of September, she immediately got to work designing the tree.

“I always ask the lord to bless my hands when I start any and all designs and projects and boy, does he,” said Chastain. “He actually gave me three designs for the tree this year.”

Chastain and her team ultimately picked a design that meshed best with the town and the designs that are blanketing Main Street this holiday season.

“After I worked out a design, I met with my champions, my girls at the shop, and the planning began. Let me just say, I couldn’t do this life without them. They help bring my visions to life, it really is true that you are only as good as your team. We decided to do the tree in thirds. We decided to do 48 of each different ornament we selected.”

Chastain said to come up with the number of ornaments needed to decorate the massive tree, she asked her math teacher friends, Mr. and Mrs. Mcallister for their input. After working on the dimensions, the teachers said they planned to use the Christmas Tree project as an example for their students as a way to show how math is relevant in every day life.

“I feel extremely blessed, humbled, and honored to be able to share what the lord has blessed me with for a town I love so much,” said Chastain. “These times and experiences I will treasure and hold close to my heart forever.”

Chastain said while she and her team designed it, town employees certainly deserve recognition for helping bring the project full circle for the town of Franklin.