Does anybody really know what time it is?


Daylight Saving Time has concluded and we have returned to our regularly scheduled time format. DST is one of those things of questionable value that never seems to go away. Introduced in this country during WWI and reanimated for the Second World War, DST takes a lickin’ but unfortunately keeps on tickin’.

Some things start off as a good idea and as time goes by, they lose their relevance. DST is something that never made sense in the first place. The original basic idea was that by moving the clocks ahead, we could magically create more daytime for the war effort production. The fact that the amount of sunlight that shines on earth can not be altered by decree didn’t deter Congress from issuing its decree for DST. Sure, you can “create” more light in the evening, but that means you have less light in the morning time of a 24-hour period. This measurement sleight-of-hand reminds me of how some gas stations back in the ’70s shifted from gallons to liters in order to give the illusion of lower prices.