Elections are great entertainment


Elections, especially presidential elections are entertaining, but do they really change anything? I feel like the fan who has realized that pro wrestling is fake. You still watch it, but it’s only entertainment.

For voters who have traveled through numerous election cycles, certain themes and patterns take form. One may not be ready to call the whole thing bogus, but for many, there is a general disillusionment with the election process. We’ve seen and heard it all before. It’s always “this time” that things will be different and that our candidate “really” means what they say.

This time around there might be a presidential contender who has more candor than political savvy. Republican Donald Trump’s uniquely coiffed hair and abrasive non-politically correct verbiage places him well outside of the traditional political pecking order.

Trump is an incarnation of the businessman turned politician, portraying himself as untainted by the political process with the ability to “get things done.”

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