10352400_472449692950447_5657304300457592093_nBrittney Burns – Staff Writer

Each year, crossfit athletes dedicate the Memorial day WOD (workout of the day) to Michael Murphy, a U.S. Navy Seal that lost his life fighting in Afghanistan. This year, in addition to completing the workout in his honor, athletes at Franklin Health and Fitness will be raising money and awareness for Gold Star Teen Adventures.

Gold Star Teen Adventures provides unique summer adventure opportunities for Gold Star Youth. The purpose of the program is to provide healing, mentorship, development, and opportunity to the children of special operations Service Members who lost their lives in the line of duty. The program serves youth of fallen United States military special operations service members, consisting of Army Special Forces (Green Berets); Army Rangers (75th Ranger Regiment); the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment; 95th Civil Affairs Brigade; 4th MISOC; Navy Small Boat Teams; Navy SEALs; Air Force Combat Controllers; Air Force rotary and fixed wing squadrons; and Marine Corps special operations personnel.

“Crossfit honors our country’s heroes by naming benchmark workouts in their honor,” said Paul Garner, Crossfit coach at FHF. “Hero workouts are inspired by stories such as Murphy’s where the ultimate price was paid. When Crossfit athletes go through a hero workout they don’t think of themselves and their efforts. They think of the person the workout is named after and the sacrifice they made for our great nation.”

The Memorial Day Murph is a Crossfit Hero workout created to honor Murphy. Murphy was a US Navy SEAL that lost his life fighting the War in Afghanistan and was awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions.

The Memorial Day Murph consist of: 1 mile run, 100 pull ups, 200 push ups, 300 air squats and a 1 mile run.

10420151_472449712950445_5657417446052246484_nGold Star Teen Adventure has done two summer camps in Franklin and local businesses and local leaders were able to come along side and assist with their adventures. Kent Solheim is the founder of GST Adventures and led Operation Redwing to extract Marcus Lutrell in the Lone Survivor story.

“We are asking our athletes to get sponsors as they go through the Murph,” said Garner. “Businesses and individuals can write a check to Gold Star Teen Adventure and give it to a Crossfit athlete or drop it off at the Fitness Center.

Gold Star Teen has visited Franklin the last two years and will be returning in 2017. “Kent is currently deployed while planning the 2016 summer adventures and they plan on returning to Franklin in the summer of 2017,” said Garner.

“Gold Star Teen Adventures is looking forward to an exciting year that promises to meet our objectives of positive and lasting impacts in the lives of the Gold Star teens who have sacrificed so much,” said Solheim. “The foundation will be conducting seven different programs throughout 2016 with the goal of reaching more Gold Star teens than we have in any other year. This year’s programs will include scuba diving, jungle survival training, hog and white tail deer hunting, equine, surfing, and a cultural immersion opportunity in Central America. These programs are provided at no charge to the participants. It is Gold Star Teen Adventure’s intent to continue to provide these programs for as long as the need exists free of charge. Please consider helping us keep this promise to our Fallen Warrior’s children.”

Fore more information on participating in the FHF Murphy WOD or sponsoring an athlete, contact the fitness center at (828)369-5608.