Filing opensDec. 6 for 2022 General Elections 


    While campaign signs have been spotted on the roadsides for months, filing for the 2022 elections does not officially open until Dec. 6 and will run though Dec. 17. 

    While several of the seats up for election will appear on the March Primary ballot, filing for seats such as commissioner will open on Dec. 6 and will not appear on the ballot until November as the top vote getters win the seats regardless of party affiliation. 

    In North Carolina, the statewide primary is scheduled for Tuesday, March 8, 2022. During this election, voters can choose which candidates they prefer to be on the general election ballot in November. The purpose of a primary is to narrow the field of candidates for the general election.

    Registered voters across the state can vote in the primary. However, voters affiliated with any political party will be given a ballot of candidates for their party. Unaffiliated voters can choose the ballot of candidates for any party: Democratic, Libertarian, or Republican.

    Each candidate that wins in each contest on their party’s ballot will become a nominee. The nominee will appear on the ballot in the general election contest. To become the party’s nominee, the candidate must win by at least 30 percent of the vote plus one. If no candidate reaches the total necessary to become the nominee in a contest on the ballot, a second primary may be held on April 26 or May 17. The date will depend on whether a federal office is involved. 

    Statewide races on the primary ballot include:

    The U.S. Senate and House of Representatives 

    The N.C. General Assembly

    The N.C. Supreme Court and Court of Appeals

    Local races on the primary ballot include: 


    Register of Deeds

    Clerk of Court

    County Commissioner

    Local races specific to Macon County that will appear on the November ballot have various filing deadlines – Soil & Water: Filing begins noon on June 13 through July 1; and School Board: Filing begins noon July 25 and runs through August 13.