Brittney Lofthouse – Staff Writer

A southern upbringing and a love of for all things spicy led Franklin native Kellie Rice to begin a food blog, “Kellie Rice Cakes,” two years ago. Her blog, which she maintains from her home in Atlanta, focuses on beauty, fitness and food, and creating a lifestyle, while balancing a budget.

Rice and her family moved to North Carolina in 1993, just in time for the historic blizzard that year. Rice’s dad and brother still live in Franklin. Rice graduated from Franklin High School in 2004.

“I am a big time foodie,” said Rice. “I am always online looking for new restaurants or food markets. I collect sprinkles and hot sauce. Currently I have zero self control when it comes to rescue animals. We just adopted our fourth! I am addicted to trying new kitchen appliances. My favorites are a veggie spiralizer and a pasta machine.”

Rice, who frequently visits friends and family in Franklin, will be hosting a free live cooking demonstration at Macon Appliance Mart this weekend.

“Macon Appliance Mart and I decided to partner up because we have a very similar goal: Showing people they can make great food at home in their dream kitchen,” said Rice. “I am a proud supporter of local businesses and I cannot think of a better place to bring people together to create some seriously good food.”

Rice plans to serve up some seasonal favorites during the cooking demonstration, which is scheduled from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 29.

“For the cooking demo I came up with a menu for entertaining. Holiday season is coming fast and this is the biggest time of year to have visitors,” said Rice. “I am going to demo a brunch recipe, an appetizer, and a cake with fresh flower decorating. We are going to have lots of samples and need volunteers to taste the goodies I’ll be cooking in Macon Appliance Mart’s demo kitchen.”

Rice said that she finds herself cooking things based on her mood and the season. “It definitely depends on the time of year,” Rice said of her favorite dishes. “Right now I have been experimenting with fresh pastas and baking all things pumpkin.”

“Kellie and I have been friends for over 14 years and we have always supported each other in any business capacity that we can,” said LT Gilbreath, owner of Macon Appliance Mart. “I believe Kelli is an amazing cook and baker and when the opportunity was there to help support her new business venture with her food blog, and use our business to host it, we were honored to do so. It’s an excellent opportunity for both of us to showcase our businesses and products.”

Rice’s blog serves an outlet for all of her food cravings.

“I love trying new recipes then modifying them to my latest ingredient obsession,” said Rice. “I will try a lot of cooking methods to come up with my favorite way to serve a seasonal ingredient. Currently I have been working hatch chilies into all my meals.  Growing up, my parents were phenomenal in the kitchen and we rarely ever had fast food. I always hear my friends and co-workers talking about how they rarely cook and wouldn’t know where to start. It made me think that there are probably a lot of people that feel the same way. My hope is that my blog will show people that anyone can cook.”

For more information about Rice’s blog, visit “Kellie Rice Cakes on Facebook and for more information about Macon Appliance Mart, visit them on Facebook.