FROGs Quarters Ella Kliger – Contributing Writer

The Friends of the Greenway (FROGs) held its monthly board meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 16. FROGs is the non-profit that works with the county to maintain the nearly five miles of Greenway. Newly elected chair George Hasara said, “The Greenway is a fantastic asset for our community. It serves both as a gateway to nature and as public promenade – a place to see and to be seen.”

The board addressed the slight drop in memberships last year. Board member Barbara McRae  believes that this is partly because, “we don’t promote the FROGs like we promote the Greenway.” A new brochure is being developed that showcases the service done by volunteers.

The scope of work this group does on a shoestring budget for the benefit of the community is extensive. FROGs takes care of the benches, tables, trash cans, boardwalk, birdhouses, trail markers, recycling center at the Big Bear shelter, renting of the shelters, the Beaver Pond, Bark Park, Butterfly Garden, canoe put-ins, Disc Golf course, the landscaping on the Greenway, the Trunk Sales that started last year at the FROGQuarters, and more.  The organization has obtained and installed several picturesque bridges such as the Nickajack Bridge and the arched bridge beyond Zickgraf.

In order to maintain the trail that winds through town, according to Rita St. Clair, past chair of the Board, “the FROGs is seeking volunteers for a variety of jobs, inside and out. The FROGQuarters has an excellent coffee shop and gift shop that could use volunteers.”

Work days will be scheduled this spring for the gardens. Those interested in participating can call Rose Goode at the FROGs office at (828)369-8488 or stop at 573 E Main Street if you would like to volunteer. There are openings on the Board for those who want to help steer the FROGs into the future.

Candy Olson, a board member who is focused on fundraising, explained a raffle that is in the planning stages.

“James McLellan, a local stained glass windows craftsman and artist, has offered to create three pictures with a hummingbird theme, that will be raffled to raise money for the FROGs.”

If you’d like to learn more about the FROGs, check out or their Facebook page by searching for Friends of the Greenway, Inc.