Graduation ceremonies to be held in August

Thursday Night lights celebrated graduating FHS seniors on Thursday, May 28. Seniors drove around the high school track. They were congratulated by teachers, family and friends as they circled the track. photos by Vickie Carpenter

Diane Peltz – Contributing Writer

The Macon County Board of Education held a  meeting last week, for the purpose of discussing and approving upcoming graduation ceremonies. After reviewing the Franklin High School student survey, as well as surveys for Highlands, Nantahala, Macon Early College and Union Academy,  graduation ceremonies will be held on the following dates:

­– Nantahala School- Friday, June 5 

­– Highlands School- Saturday, Aug. 1 

­– Franklin High School- Saturday, Aug.1 

­– Macon Early College- Saturday, Aug. 1 

­– Union Academy- Saturday, Aug. 1 

­– Nantahala School has five graduates this year, and will be allowed to have three family members attending the ceremony. It will be held on the track where chairs will be placed outside for families to sit. 

Highlands School  has 33 seniors graduating this year, and their tentative plan is to hold the ceremony at the school.

Union Academy has 41 graduates but they are still searching for a place to hold their ceremonies. 

Franklin High School (FHS) is hosting a drive up on Wednesday and Thursday, by appointment, for those seniors wanting to pick up their diploma early. Principal Barry Woody will be out there with cap and gown on to greet the graduates.  FHS has 224 graduates and their ceremony will take place on the track. All graduates may take part in the ceremony in August, regardless of whether they received their diploma in June. Events for the graduation ceremonies held in August may be similar to Option 2, whereby,  graduates might drive onto the campus in their family car. Students will exit their car to get their diploma. At that time, photographs will be allowed to be taken.  Depending on the governor’s executive orders at that time, parents might be able to sit in the stands.

Macon Early college has 39 students graduating with a High School diploma and or an Associate’s Degree. The ceremony is tentatively planned at the Smokey Mountain Theater for the Performing Arts.


FHS Senior Prom scheduled

The Senior Prom for FHS is finally scheduled for July 11, to be held at the Rabun County Civic Center, from 8 p.m.  to midnight. Prom plans include having a DJ, catered food, photos, and decorations. Tickets can be obtained at Franklin High School near the end of June. Updates will be posted on Facebook (Macon County Schools, NC)  and also on local radio stations. 

Highlands School is planning to hold a prom on July 24 or 25 but no solid plans have been made as of yet. 

Nantahala School and Union Academy will not be holding proms. 

The graduation and prom dates are all contingent upon the governor’s  executive orders at the time, along with state and local health requirements regarding social distancing and mass gathering limitations in place.