Linda McKay — Owner of NC Mountain Made

Brittney Burns – Staff Writer

Franklin is joining a national trend that is spreading through small towns and communities adding a unique splash of color to Main Streets.

Mossy Rock and Blackberry Market owner Martha Holbrook created the Franklin NC Rocks Facebook page a few weeks ago, and its membership has reached more than 100 people and continues to grow.

“One of our sales reps contacted us and thought this would be something fun for our town,” said Holbrook. “It is nationwide, a scavenger hunt of sorts to promote positivity and kindness. It is a way to be creative and spread some happiness through small hand painted rocks.”

Members of the Franklin NC Rocks group are encouraged to frequently post pictures of the painted rocks they’ve found around Franklin or that they plan to hide themselves for others to find. The idea of the game is for those lucky enough to find these painted rocks to either relocate them later or make their own to replace it.

“There are hundreds of social media groups from families, scouts, church groups, and others who are participating,” said Holbrook. “We have been trying to spread the word to businesses in town to join in and participate. We think it is really appropriate for our area.”

What’s the purpose? Holbrook said the concept is easy and something that fits perfectly with Franklin’s loving, innovative reputation. “The purpose is simply to brighten someone’s day,’” she said. “Leave the stones in public places like parks, along Main Street, parking lots, and in planters, for someone to find. Invite others to join. Along with making someone’s day another fun part is seeing where the rocks end up. Paint them, hide them, find them, keep them, re-hide them, take them to other places and towns.”

Business owners such as Linda McKay who owns and operates NC Mountain Made on Main Street has gotten on board and has painted her own treasures to hide in town.

“You just paint on the back Franklin NC Rocks with Facebook icon, take a photo of rocks you paint and rocks you find and post on our Facebook page,” said Holbrook. “We have a few guidelines, we ask you to make positive paintings, anything inappropriate will be deleted from Facebook page and nothing political. Use acrylic paints. Mostly have some fun, get painting!”