High speed chase ends in arrest over the weekend

Michael Earl Hasty
Michael Earl Hasty

Brittney Burns – Staff Writer

Over the weekend, authorities with the Macon County Sheriff’s Office and the Franklin Police Department were led on a high speed chase on the south end of the county that ended only after stop sticks were placed on the road. Stops sticks are devices that contain barbs designed to puncture vehicle tires

Michael Earl Hasty, 49, of Chickley, Fla., was arrested and and charged with flee/eluding arrest, driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, reckless driving with wanton disregard, and failure to stop for a red traffic signal. Hasty was booked into the Macon County Detention Center on a $6,000 bond.

Deputy Troy Burt was traveling south on 441 when he noticed a tan Chevy Tahoe traveling northbound at a very high rate of speed. Deputy Burt made a u-turn to follow the vehicle around the same time that Macon County dispatch put out a BOLO (be on the lookout for) on a tan chevy Tahoe after a Dillard Police Officer called in the vehicle headed northbound exceeding 100 mph, but was unable to catch the vehicle before it crossed state lines. Deputy Burt was able to catch up to the vehicle while traveling speeds of 95 mph, at which point he initiated his blue lights in attempt to pull over the vehicle.

According to Burt’s narrative on the chase, the vehicle failed to slow down or stop by the time the two reached Coweeta Church Road, at which point he turned on his siren. When the vehicle failed to slow down at the sound of the sirens, Burt called in the chase and received assistance from Deputy David Head.

While Burt and Head continued to pursue the vehicle, Macon County Sheriff’s Deputies and Franklin Police Officers prepared to set up stop sticks at the Siler Road intersection. As the vehicles passed Wide Horizon Road, the chase increased to speeds of 90 mph. Hasty ran the red light at Siler Road at which point Sgt. Mike Langley deployed stop sticks at the north side of the red light. Hasty attempted to swerve around the stop sticks, but the passenger side tires made contact. The vehicle then turned off the Sylva Road bypass and continued driving at 65 mph before coming to a stop with two flat tires.

Franklin Police Officers Jonathan Bean and Timothy Lynn assisted Burt in rushing the vehicle to apprehend Hasty. The officers had to forcefully remove Hasty from the vehicle to place him under arrest. Hasty sustained an injury to his brow from the struggle to remove him from the vehicle and was transported to Angel Medical Center.

According to Burt, Hasty appeared to be under the influence of something, but no alcohol could be detected. Hasty refused to respond to EMS until they said they were going to place a catheter in him. He then opened his eyes and spoke for the first time. While at Angel Medical Center, Hasty agreed to a chemical analysis test before being transported to the detention center. Hasty had made bail by Wednesday morning and is schedule to appear in court on July 7, 2016.