Highlands roof replacement awarded to local company 

Highlands School

Brittney Burns – Staff Writer

KL Metals, which has more than 20 years of experience in the roofing business here in Franklin, will begin work on the Highlands gym roof the last week in September. Based on the company’s contract, the replacement project will take two months and two weeks, meaning the replacement should be completed by early December weather permitting.

Originally, Macon County Superintendent Dr. Chris Baldwin had hoped the project would be completed by the Thanksgiving holiday, preventing further damage to the gym building’s structure during winter weather, but now that won’t be possible. KL Metals can’t begin the replacement until the needed materials have been delivered.

The roof has an improperly constructed ridge cap that leaks from both the rain and the lack of insulation. The roof also has improperly constructed and fastened metal roof pans that are mostly 2-3 piece pans and are fastened together and anchored at each end with screws to the roof deck. The installation doesn’t allow for any expansion of the metal and walls out of the screw holes.

“Since repair of the existing screw holes is impossible and concealed conditions of many components are not able to be determined without destructive observation methods and every conceivable method of repairing the roof has already been exhausted, I would recommend that the school system consider replacement of the entire roof including new gutters and downspouts,” said Mike Watson with Novus Architects who surveyed the roof. “The existing soffit and fascia could remain as the color can be closely matched.”

The entire roof replacement will cost $217,171.54. Macon County commissioners increased the school system’s capital outlay budget this fiscal year and designated $200,000 to be used for the roof project whether for a repair or a replacement. With the project costing $17,000 more than earmarked, Dr. Baldwin said that discussion on how to fund the remaining portion of the project will need to take place. The district was set to prioritize capital outlay needs on Wednesday at a budget workshop.