Iotla Valley Elementary holds Career Day

Clay Bryson with the Macon County Sheriff’s Office was on hand with his K-9 gear and his dog.

Contributing Writer – Diane Peltz

Iotla Valley Elementary School held its first Career Day last week. Nearly a dozen professionals were on hand to talk to the students about their chosen careers, all with something special or unique to offer the students. 

A tattoo artist explained to the students that designing a tattoo is a form of art. Students got to see how the paint spray gun worked and were also able to view various intricate designs created by the tattoo artist.

 “I stepped on the sprayer and it buzzed, so if it was on skin it would draw ink,” observed Agora Hickman.

The K-9 unit was a big draw as Officer Clay Bryson allowed students to pet the canine as he explained what the dog’s job was in relation to police work, such as sniffing out narcotics, explosives and toxic gas are some of the tasks that the police dog can perform. Some canines are trained to find and bite criminals while others use their scent to track evidence or search for missing persons.

The Burningtown Fire Department demonstrated how a breathing apparatus worked. 

“It’s cool that this breathing thing pushes in and out when you are caught up in a fire,” said Langston Brooks.

The teacher station intrigued Presley Crawford who said that “everyone should know phonics to learn how to read and that teachers should have higher pay.” 

Caroline Adams thought the nursing station was very interesting. She learned that, “it is good to learn about careers, the school nurse worked in a hospital before she came to work at school.”

The Large Animal Veterinarian, Jessica Scruggs, spoke to the students about how she treats larger animals such as cows, horses and goats. On display was equipment that she uses in her practice when she goes out on call. She noted the difference between her and other vets was that she had to go out to the animals’ homes rather than like dogs and cats who are brought to the animal hospital by their owners. Horses and other animals that she treats are too large to transport, so she makes house calls. 

Katherine James, Guidance Counselor at Iotla Valley, was on hand to answer the many student questions about any of the careers represented. Students rotated to each table asking pertinent questions and writing down the responses. 

The professionals who helped make Career Day a success:

Technology in Today’s World – Jack Ewing

Strawberry Farmer – Nathan Moss

Cardiac Sonography – Annaliese C.

Nursing – Jennifer Hicks

Register of Deeds – Todd Raby

Franklin PD Police Chief – David Adams

K-9 Unit – Clay Bryson

Town Manager – Summer Woodard

Town Planner – Justin Setser

Marine Biologist – Christina Tallent

Tattoo Artist – Joe Nicholas

Banking/HR (Entegra) – Lacy Carpenter

Large Animal Vet – Jessica Scruggs

Franklin HS – Welding

Wildland Firefighting – Adam Henry

United States Forest Service Law Enforcement Officer – Charlie Blaine

United States Forest Service Special Agent – Derik Breedlove

NC Wildlife Commission – Mickey Carpenter

Bowers Lawn Care, Inc. – Chris Bowers and Josh Brooks

Macon County EMS

Franklin Fire Department

Burningtown Fire Department