K9 Hoss retires after 10 years of service

1st Sgt. Clay Bryson has been K9 Hoss’ handler since Hoss joined the department in February 2011. See more photos on page 4. Photo by Brittney Lofthouse

Brittney Lofthouse – Contributing Writer

Sheriff Robert Holland congratulates K9 Hoss’ handler 1st Sgt. Clay Bryson.

After 10 years of serving the citizens of Macon County, Macon County Sheriff’s Office K9 Hoss was honored on Wednesday afternoon with a retirement ceremony held at Mill Creek Country Club. 1st Sgt. Clay Bryson has served as a handler for K9 Hoss since Hoss was a puppy. K9 Hoss was first certified in February of 2011 and faithfully served as a full utilization patrol K9 until his retirement. 

“We are so proud of 1st Sgt. Bryson and K9 Hoss and the exemplary service they have shown to the citizens of Macon County over the last decade,” said Macon County Sheriff Robert Holland. “It isn’t common for a canine to have had as long of a career as Hoss has and we are fortunate that he has dedicated so much to the folks in Macon County.”

During K9 Hoss’ tenure, he and 1st Sgt. Bryson conducted 510 vehicle searches, 191 building searches, 24 manhunt tracks, apprehended 31 criminals with four bites, seized 2,132 grams of marijuana, 1973 grams of meth, 92 grams of cocaine, and 36 grams of heroin. 

“I am sure that most deputies who have worked for the department over the last 10 years can share a story about working alongside K9 Hoss,” said Macon County Sheriff’s K9 Deputy Nick Lofthouse. “I remember a call I was on when a suspect was hiding underneath me in a brush pile and I didn’t know he was there… but Hoss did and Hoss made sure I went home safe that night. He means the world to me and so many others in this department. Seeing K9 Hoss work was the first time that I realized I wanted to become a K9 handler.” 

Senator Kevin Corbin sent a letter congratulating K9 Hoss on retirement and enlisted the help of his daughter Maggie Corbin to present the letter on his behalf since he was in Raleigh. 

On behalf of the county, Macon County Sheriff Robert Holland and Deputy Lofthouse presented 1st Sgt. Bryson with a shadow box featuring the uniform patches worn over the last 10 years as well as Hoss’ collar and department badge.