Letter to the Editor for August 13, 2020


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Extra-scientific factors over-riding clear-cut evidence

In our polarized political environment, many liberals simply will not listen to stories reported in Breitbart or on Fox News.

But will they sit still for a supremely important story reported in the July 23 issue of Newsweek?  Harvey A. Risch, M.D. and Ph.D. at the Yale School of Public Health, was given the floor and boy did he have a message to deliver!

His title:  “The Key to Defeating Covid-19 Already Exists.  We Need to Start Using It.”  His “key,” as most (frustrated) conservatives know by now:  HCQ (hydroxychloroquine), zinc (dirt cheap over-the-counter), and either or both of the antibiotics azithromycin or doxycycline.

Dr. Risch holds senior positions on the editorial boards of several of the world’s leading medical journals.  He has authored over 300 peer-reviewed studies.  Way back on May 27, the American Journal of Epidemiology (AJE) came out with his blockbuster survey of evidence from around the world showing why HCQ must be made freely available in America without delay.

In the Brazilian state of Para, for example, Covid-19 deaths were going through the roof until mass distribution of HCQ began in April.  By late May, the death rate was a small fraction of what it had been.

Since Dr. Risch’s May survey article, new evidence has continued to pour in.  In Switzerland, HCQ was banned on May 27 and by June 10 Covid-19 deaths had suddenly quadrupled.  On June 11, the Swiss revoked their deadly ban and by June 23 the death rate had fallen back to its previous low level.

In AmericanThinker.com on July 21, Vijay Jayaraj reported even more astounding evidence from his native India. The super-slum called Dharavi, scene of the hit movie “Slumdog Millionaire,” where people are packed like sardines – at nearly seven times the density of New York City, despite few skyscrapers – Covid-19 started to run wild in April. But by July it was nearly history. How? By the mass prophylactic (that is, preventive) use of HCQ for “anyone with the slightest chance of contracting Covid-19.”

The ever-pragmatic Swiss took exactly 15 days to recognize their tragic blunder and reverse course. But in today’s USA, things just don’t work that way.

Why?  Dr. Risch again:  Trump’s early and enthusiastic advocacy of this particular drug caused liberal state medical boards, in many cases, to actually forbid pharmacists from giving it to doctors requesting it for off-label use.  (On-label use being only for rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and travel to malaria-infested countries.)  Revocation of medical licenses has been threatened.

Yet India has helpfully exported tons of HCQ to the US and Canada over recent months – now sitting mostly unused in warehouses.

Dr. Risch soberly states, “In the future, I believe this misbegotten episode regarding hydroxychloroquine will be studied by sociologists of medicine as a classic example of how extra-scientific factors overrode clear-cut medical evidence….We must start treating immediately.”

This, and more, may be read in Newsweek, not Breitbart, my liberal friends.

Patrick Wallace  – Franklin, N.C.


Virtual party raises $7,000 for Shriners hospital

This year’s 80’s Flashback Weekend: Always The First Weekend Of August was different. Thanks to 2020’s most unwelcome guest (COVID19) we had to do a few changes to the fun. We debated about canceling, we debated about what we can do  but in the end we knew we had to do it for the children. We agreed to host “Totally Awesome 80’s Virtual Party” on Saturday Aug. 1, through Facebook. The virtual fundraiser raised over $7,000 for the Greenville Shriners Hospital for Children.

We know it is not the greatest amount or our set goal for 2020 but the amount we raised will be enough to help a child or children become HANDICAPABLE.

2021 will be here soon and we will begin to look to the good times of celebrating the great things in our lives and we may not celebrate them like we once did but we will enjoy them again.

One of those good times will be the 80’s Flashback Weekend Aug. 6 and 7 in the Franklin area or the first ever Miss 1980 Something 2021 Pageant (18+years old) on July 31.

We will make it through this challenging time and we will be doing all the fun things soon but for now we must pray, think positive, social distance ourselves, wear a mask, wash our hands (24/7), give lots of “air hugs and air fives,” be a friend to your neighbors in need and most of all we gotta be America –the greatest nation that protects and helps no matter who you are.

Stay safe! We got this.

Dave Linn – Franklin, N.C.


America needs a rectification of names

“The Constitution is not a suicide pact” is a quote attributed to Abraham Lincoln as he defended himself against charges of unconstitutionality when he suspended habeas corpus during the Civil War. Now, with protests gone bad throughout many cities in the country, there arose protests against the violence which got the mainstream press into action. Not to condemn the violence, mind you. It was to lecture us about how important it is to have first amendment freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, etc. for redress of grievances. I don’t see anyone trying to abridge these freedoms in this context. The Constitution is well able to ensure these freedoms without allowing matters to devolve into chaos. When Confucius was asked what he would do as governor, he said he would rectify the names, to make words correspond to reality. What we need in America today is a rectification of names.

Peaceful protests do not “intensify,” they become RIOTS.  When riots have the avowed purpose of overthrowing the government, it is called an INSURRECTION. We must be able to make critical distinctions and to calibrate responses accordingly. It doesn’t help having to swim up the stream of lies and half-truths we are flooded with by our cultural wordsmiths. The media doesn’t like the term Enemy of the People hung on them but they have worked hard to earn it by their journalistic malpractice of using words that mischaracterize, obscure the truth, or refuse to report the news at all.

Another big thing today is anti-racism, as if it has just been discovered. That’s another misnomer. Today’s anti-racism is just warmed over, repackaged, old-fashioned racism. It is lipstick on a pig. Non-white people can be as racist as any white and whites who try to divest themselves of racism by hating themselves and denigrating other whites based on their DNA are only demonstrating their racism. Why can’t we look at people as people, people? This was, after all, the hope and promise of the civil rights movement but it has since degenerated into stupidity. The only real civil rights leaders we have are those who are seldom recognized or maybe called Uncle Toms for their trouble when they try to point out some inconvenient truths. 

A recent American Cancer Society update on guidelines for cancer screening  said that people with a cervix should get screened for cervical cancer. Pardon me while I scream. What happened to WOMEN?? This is insane! This only scratches the surface of the bastardization of language that occurs all around us. Be aware, don’t get fooled. Rectify the names! Or just call a spade a spade.

David Parker – Franklin, N.C.


To defund and reallocate police budgets?

Wouldn’t it be nice if society was structured and individuals were sensible enough that the police were not needed to keep human behavior respectful of the common good; that the police didn’t need to use weapons; and society didn’t feel it needed so many police. These seem to be worthwhile goals. However, most of us feel there is a reasonable argument for giving police the right and power to enforce laws. Hopefully, these laws are created for the common good and ensure a fair opportunity at life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

The phrase “Defund the Police” does not, by itself, convey a reasonable approach to the joint problems of management of bad human behavior and governmental intrusion into the lives of the people. The issue of law enforcement can be viewed as a balance between apprehension and punishment of law breakers and/or decreasing the incidence of law breaking.

There is an argument for ways to align the rules so that more human behavior conforms with “the common good.” The police should need to use less force and weapons if this were true. Also, there could be ways of restructuring law enforcement so that it is not necessary to put so many people in harm’s way. The belief is that decreasing law breaking activity, and de-escalating potentially dangerous situations, would be more useful at reaching these goals than adding to the numbers or authority of the police.

The practical consequences are that some funding directed for law enforcement be reallocated to social services, youth services, public transit, accessible housing, education, healthcare (including mental health and drug use intervention), domestic abuse intervention, and other community resources. The criminalization of behaviors in these categories put police in the position of having to intervene in situations for which they are not the best trained and results in increased danger to them and the participant. Having other resources available instead of, or in addition to, law enforcement, such as mental health professionals or social workers, could lead to de-escalation because the person responding is not there to put the disturbing or disturbed person in jail or handcuffs. Of course, if there is violence or property damage involved law enforcement may be needed.

How much to reallocate and where the funds could be best used are subjects for further discussion and continuing re-evaluation.

Clark Shope – Franklin, N.C.

The responsibility and choice is yours

 I have a question for my fellow citizens: What if you were given the choice between living in a home run by a landlord you disliked or maybe even hated, or having your home taken away right from under you? I wonder how many of you would choose the latter. I ask this because when it comes down to the wire, this is the choice we will ultimately have to make on Nov. 3.

While some Americans and the dishonest mainstream media are arguing loudly  about how awful our president is or how he will destroy our country, etc., the far left is in the very process of undermining our country altogether.  Want proof?  Let’s take a peek, for example, at what is happening in New York City as you are reading this:  Per Bill O’Reilly and his excellent research team:

“New York City has had more shootings this year than all of last year and there are still five months to go.

“And real estate prices, rents and sales, are at their lowest level since 2011…

“Violent crime is exploding, the subways are dangerous and inhabited by aggressive homeless people, who often use the train stations as toilets. Grossed out?  Nobody will stop it …

“In addition, drug addicts sit in parks openly injecting narcotics and there is little authority on the streets … as the 35,000-person police force has been demonized and demoralized by the mayor and city council.

“Want more? Many crimes are ignored by DA Cy Vance, and in the unlikely case a criminal is apprehended, there is usually no bail … The Sinatra song says, ‘start spreading the news, I’m leaving today.’ Yup, millions of New Yorkers are doing just that. This is a disaster that no one can deny.”

In  other Democratic run cities such as Phoenix, Portland. and Seattle,  we see the violent protests continuing on, now over 70 days, destroying property and lives,  spewing hatred, setting fires and hurling rocks and bottles,  with no end in sight, and no effort on the part of mayors or governors to stop it while preventing the police from controlling it. This isn’t peaceful and it isn’t about caring for black lives.  The Black Lives Matters Global Foundation organization is run by three Marxists whose goal is the takeover of our country and the destruction of our way of life.  They say it out loud.  With the help of the Media and Twitter we now have the “cancel culture.” If you don’t agree with them you are marked a “racist” and torn apart.  Their fear tactics are working, just as they did in Nazi Germany decades ago.

Bottom Line:  If Biden wins this election, he will be the Left’s puppet. He has embraced their agenda and has admitted to radical change in America under his watch.  We will have absolute chaos as police protection is dismantled and socialism replaces democracy.  Personal possessions will be at the mercy of the government who will control every aspect of our lives.  The writing is on the wall, “by their fruits you will know them” and we are seeing those fruits in broad daylight.

On the other hand, we have a president who is tough, who loves this country no matter how distasteful he may come across to you.  In his three years in office  he has cut government over-regulation resulting in economic, employment and wage growth including record Black, Hispanic and women’s employment; businesses coming home from overseas; the terrorists dismantled; trade agreements improved.  He rebuilt the military, reformed the Veterans Administration and we now are energy independent.  You won’t hear him get a shred of credit from the media whose agenda is to defeat him at all costs, even to sacrifice our Democracy in the process.  He is our only hope now to keep our Democracy intact.

Back to my original question:  Will you vote to preserve our Democracy under a person you don’t like (but who has advanced many positive goals during his administration) OR will you allow the radical left, who has hijacked the Democratic party,  to undermine our country and turn us into a socialist disaster?  The responsibility and the choice is yours.

Loretta Hastings – Franklin, N.C.

Local law enforcement doing an incredible job

The public needs to know that our law enforcement are heroes everyday. They put their lives on the line for us without reservation. We will never forget all they have done for us and our neighbors.

We have had a problem “neighborhood nuisance” house up the hill from us for over a year, on and off, based on drug activity, increased traffic and the general appearance of multiple “sketchy” individuals coming and going at all hours of the day and night. We first contacted the inhabitant of the residence, and asked what was going on. We were told he just had a lot of friends visiting him. What was actually happening was that he was renting out his house to drug traffickers and using it as a safe house for users.

We contacted the Sheriff Department and expressed our concerns to Detective Josh Stewart and he and his officers proceeded to investigate our situation. They went above and beyond for us and our neighbors and have succeeded in multiple arrests and have stopped this activity at the house.

We want everyone to know how diligent and thorough they have been and commend the sheriffs for doing an incredible job.

Thank you. God bless you. We have always and will always back the blue.

 Don and Nelia Wall – Franklin, N.C.