Letters for December 7, 2017

Letters for December 7, 2017



Professional Color Guard much appreciated

The American Legion/VFW Color Guard did a first rate job at my husband’s, Ray Daniel, memorial service at the First Presbyterian Church several weeks ago.  Ray was a WWII Night Fighter Pilot serving 26 years in the USAF.

Ray served many years with the Color Guard in Franklin noting the dedication of each member. Those attending the memorial was moved by the rendering of slow, precise salutes and moving words of remembrance and comfort.

Franklin is indeed very fortunate to have such dedicated and thoughtful veterans paying a final respect to one of their own with such dedication.

Living part time in Macon County for 46-plus years, my family and I say “thank you” to all attending and participating in the memorial for Ray.


Betty Daniel — Franklin, N.C.

Rocky No No’s Christmas letter

Hi, my name is Rocky NoNo and me and my mom want to share some ideas with you if you are considering adopting that cute chubby puppy at the shelter.  We are the first to be adopted and often the first to go back to the shelter after a few months.  Mom says it’s because people don’t realize the time and commitment to raising a puppy so it becomes a loved family member forever.

I have been in the house for three weeks and I am almost bathroom trained.  If the door is open, I will go outside on my own and do my business.  If it is closed I still have accidents.  My mom and dad take me outside as soon as I wake up from a nap, as soon as I eat and we have graduated from every two hours to four hours. Now that I am almost four months old I do not whine in my crate to go out in the middle of the night as long as we go outside before bed, I can wait until 7 a.m. We are all happy about that. I am growing up. I get lots of praise when I do the right thing.

I have boundaries that I don’t like but I am learning house manners. I am in my crate when no one is home. I have water, toys and blankets in my crate and I get a biscuit reward for going in on my own.

When my family is home I am allowed all over the house which means they are busy watching me all the time. I hear Rocky No No often. Puppies explore with their mouths so everything goes in our mouth. Sometimes my family forgets to puppy proof and put things away.  Mom’s favorite shoes are also my favorite shoes, they are great to chew on.  She takes them away and gives me a Nylabone.  Electrical cords are just fascinating to me but they are off limits and a lot of them have been unplugged. And the electrical sockets have covers now.  Mom is missing one pair of reading glasses, she left them out, what can I say?  Yep, Rocky No No strikes again. Mom took all the squeakers out of my toys so I wouldn’t swallow them. They are still fun to play with, just don’t make that funny noise anymore.

I am learning to eat with my other fur siblings.  I have to wait until everyone is done before I can approach their food bowls. Mom and Dad touch my food and my bowl while I eat. I know they will not take it away from me.  We trust each other. Mom also touches my feet, my ears, toes, teeth, etc., so I am used to that. Going to the vet is scary enough but this gets me used to being touched and examined.

We have a fenced-in yard to play safely in. Even so, puppies should never be left outside unattended. We love dirt. If left unattended we will dig. If not in a safe enclosure, we will wander. There are so many scary things out there like cars and big dogs. Please keep us safe. We also love to snuggle and be warm. Please don’t leave us out in cold, rainy weather, we want to be a part of the family.

Puppies are often adopted for Christmas and returned.  By six months old, they haven’t been trained properly or they just aren’t cute little puppies anymore. Know something about the breed you are adopting, yes, some are brought back for no other reason except they got big! We are not gifts you return like inanimate objects. We trust and love you and are heartbroken when you discard us. Please visit Appalachian Animal Rescue Center and meet the dogs, puppies, cats and kittens that are waiting to go home. If you can’t adopt, foster, volunteer or donate.

We don’t want to discourage you from adopting but we do want you to think about the commitment so there is a happy ending for all of us. Don’t forget about the older dogs who are sometimes much easier to train and would be great companions for an older person because they are not quite as active.

Our Christmas wish is that every puppy, dog, cat and kitten will find a forever, loving home.


Cathy Howman/shelter director; and Rocky

Credit where credit is due?

You’re right young lady, let’s give Obama his due credit.

He allowed Clinton to give away to Russia 20 percent of America’s uranium, well done, Obama.

More credit, he allowed North Korea to build missiles for eight years, plus gave them thousands in supplies. Let’s give him more credit.

In eight years did nothing to repair the mess our veterans suffered at VA hospitals.

Now here’s a big one: he came up with a program that allowed a million plus illiegal immigrants to stay as his guests, taking jobs away from Americans. Now he rally deserves credt for Obamacare. We had to buy his insurance and if we didn’t we were forced to pay a fine while millions of his suporters received insurance for free.

More credit he gets for driving thousands of businesses out of the country because of his laws he forced on them where they couldn’t operate here.

How about the thousands of coal miners he put out of work with his ideas. He did the same thing with the pipeline causing many to lose their jobs. I could go on and on but all I wanted is give him his due credit. The supporters have a right to give him credit. It’s our right to give our Americans the right to free speech.


Wm. Trapani — Franklin, N.C.

Where are all the conservative letter writers?

After reading the letters to the editor in this week’s edition of Macon News (11-30-17), I am wondering where the “conservatives” of Macon County are. Each and every letter had totally liberal support and extreme conservative bashing.

To comment on a few:  I do not know if the National League of Women Voters is also disbanding, or if it is just the local one, but it is high time this group of liberal women recognized that their pushing the liberal agenda on those interested in politics in the local area is not representative of the average, intelligent American citizen, and is definitely not appealing to them.  Enough said on that.

Another one of the letters was basically negative comments on Donald Trump, our present President.  That person chose to ignore the fact that millions of clear thinking and acting American citizens went to the voting polls and elected a man who is not part of the “good old boy” establishment of Washington, D.C., and who does not count every vote and every decision on whether it is going to get him re-elected for the next well paid, “cushy” term.  He made promises during the election which appealed to the population of this great nation, and he is doing everything he can, in spite of “sour grapes” and “un-American” opposition from both the opposite party and some of the “establishment die hards” in his own party, to fulfill those promises.  It is my opinion that he is the most legitimate president who truly works for the good of the American people, elected in many years.

One of the letters appeared to be twice the length of the supposed length of letters to the editor established by The Macon News (or has that rule been suspended for the liberal’s meanderings?)

The last item of questionable, but completely unsurprising, area of accusation is against the NRA.  I believe the NRA abides by the laws established by Congress, and here again we get back to the “lawmakers” who apparently are highly influenced by the lobbyists representing the gun manufacturers, not the NRA. Needless to say, it is usually deranged people obtaining the guns illegally. The health care system has done away with mental health facilities, which are needed more now than ever before.  In addition, no matter how many laws there are against the purchase of guns, the criminals will always obtain their guns, and John Q. Public has the constitutional right to defend himself and his family and home.


Joyce Roberts — Franklin, N.C.

Free market has given us the goodies we have

The election of a Republican president has revealed a dark underside to our politics and it seems the opposition will stoop to anything at any cost to get even. It used to be that when an election was over, each side shook hands and laughed at their gain or loss. No more, however, something else is taking hold and it ain’t good.

The big disappointment of course is that the Socialists had expected Hillary to win and they would then begin the transition to a Socialist form of government. Bernie Sanders is a self-declared Socialist.

Just for the record, Socialism is when a government owns all sources of production, from banking to manufacturing. It keeps the profits and bureaucrats deciding who gets what. In some Socialist theories the government even owns your home.

Since there is no competition, the free market is abolished and no one can get rich no matter how hard they work. So why work at all?

When the Pilgrims first landed in America, they established a communal farm to grow food to survive in this new world.  A Socialist farm if you will.

Unfortunately, it didn’t work because few actually worked hard to do their share and some even stole food for their own use and the colony was close to starvation.

The leadership understood the problem and quickly changed their policy to allow people to own their own small farms and the next year there was plenty of food for all. People would work hard to benefit themselves which is natural.

Socialist propaganda is filled with warm and cozy feelings for the unwary and the pitch sets well with our young and gullible. The promise is equality for all, your needs to be filled by a glorious wonderful government that really cares about you and your needs. Utopia for all.

Yeah, sure.  If it’s so great why hasn’t it worked in other countries and where it did work to some degree, it was only in the very tiny countries and bordering on a police state to make it work. No happy campers there.

If we are honest, we must admit that Capitalism and a free market have given us all the goodies we now have.  Sometimes it’s scary because we have to work hard if we are to get anywhere and we must have a modicum of education to enter a trade or profession.

But, gee, that’s the reality of life and complies with all the scientific knowledge we have of  human nature.  Humans must strive and they must struggle or they  go backwards.

Sometimes it seems were are cursed like Sisyphus who had to roll a rock up a hill only to have it roll back down the hill and then do it all again.  Can’t we ever learn?


Bob Wilson — Franklin, N.C.