Letters to the Editor for April 14


Letters to the Editors

Property could accommodate new community center 

Regarding the Whitmire property, how about a new community center?  Twelve, or is it 13 acres would accommodate a rec-meeting center with space for exercise classes, a weight-lifting and exercise machine room, indoor walk-jog track, etc., and classrooms and meeting rooms to rent out. Surrounding the building and parking lot could be a walk-bike track suitable for all ages to use.  A fee could be charged for a yearly, monthly, or day pass, which would help pay for the facility.

I sometimes go over to the Jackson County rec center to take exercise classes because so few are available in town, due to limited or unsuitable space. And pay a $5 day-use fee. There are some excellent fitness-dance instructors in Franklin, but they don’t have venues to hold classes.  A modern community building would provide the venue and encourage residents to get fit.

If the Whitmire property could be tied in with our existing – and crowded – Greenway that would be an added plus.

Sharon Weiss — Franklin, N.C.

Modern political ideology-an alternative view 

In the April 7 issue of The Macon County News Mr. Miller wrote, “The success of America is based upon the fact that the immigrants who came to this country searching for the American dream knew that they had to work for it, it would not be given to them. This is contrary to today’s liberal socialist ideology in which illegal immigrants are given shelter, food stamps and welfare at the expense of the legal hard working immigrants who preceded them.”

Say what?  Say that one more time, please! Do we not all know what happened in 1838? The United States government wrested the land with all its vast resources from the Cherokee Nation and began parceling it out to mine and your European ancestors. Much earlier our ancestors had purchased African slaves for the labor needed to generate wealth from the land. That is the system that our government provided for “legal hard working immigrants” who preceded you and me.

I speak these words as a descendant of at least one family with deep roots in the Cartoogechaye Community of Macon County. Now, what language is Cartoogechaye? That word is, at least, a subtle reminder of the long occupancy of Macon County by the Cherokee.

Let’s face up to the cold, hard fact that the Cherokee had developed a veritable paradise here in Western North Carolina and the surrounding states that exist today. European immigrants took what they wanted by military conquest and by the spread of deadly diseases that killed thousands of Cherokee who had no immunity to them.

Is there not some shame, some guilt, some remorse associated with taking long-held possessions from others? According to the King James Version of the Bible after Cain had slain his brother Abel his question to God was “Am I my brother’s keeper?” Each reader will have to answer that question according to what he/she believes. But, I ask that I not be counted among those who see only glory in what our ancestors took by force and, thereby, willed to those of us who have more today.

If that is a “liberal socialist ideology” I stand proud of being one of many in America today.

Dave Waldrop — Webster, N.C.

Unisex bathrooms come with their own problems 

I’ve debated whether or not to comment on the new North Carolina HB2 law because there are not many ways to put things politely.  However, I believe it’s time for just us ordinary folks to discuss some of the things the liberal elite have in mind for us.

Most likely North Carolina passed the law in deference to religious ideologies but there are also some practical reasons for the State’s new law preventing cities from allowing men to use ladies restrooms.

One only has to go into a public men’s room to realize that men are far messier than women and this brings up the question of sanitation.

In Macon County, I can think of a half dozen men’s rooms that are always totally filthy, including grocery stores.  In some, you feel like wearing rubber slickers.

Married women and those with brothers will understand the problem.

What the heck, men just don’t give a hoot and could care less if they miss the target. A few may even find it exciting to use a public toilet with women.

So far, I’ve never heard a complaint about ladies rooms.

It was easy for the City Council of Charlotte to decide in favor of having unisex toilets because the City Hall restrooms are kept immaculately clean for the politicians. Heavens, you wouldn’t expect a politician to use filthy bathrooms, would you?

One of the side effects of unisex toilets in Europe is that women simply won’t use them and wait until they get home or back to their office which sometimes results in bladder or kidney infections. Terrified of being criticized women quietly suffer.  In that case, women pay a high price for political correctness to benefit a few.

Over 100 years ago ladies rooms just weren’t available to them and women’s groups petitioned cities and states to provide them with separate and cleaner restrooms for them.

Now, of course, we seem intent on taking that privilege away from them.

On a recent visit to the University of Georgia in Athens I noticed that in their new buildings public toilets were called “family rooms.”  When you went in, a light came on automatically and you locked the door behind you.  Only one person at a time could use it.

The “family restroom” concept might fill the bill but one must wonder about the logistics in stores like Wal Mart given that probably a thousand people per day  use their restrooms.

Many small shops in our area already fit the need and have just one restroom and only need to change their signs on their restroom door.

However you can bet your sweet bippy that Fundamentalist Muslim men are not going to allow their women to use Unisex restrooms leading to discrimination of yet another group.

HB2 brings up some difficult problems and they need to be discussed rationally, leaving out the political garbage.


Bob Wilson — Franklin, N.C.

Bernie Sanders not a decent human being

David L. Snell, thank you for your lesson on the fact that Bernie Sanders is a decent human being. (MCN 3/24).

Any person, in this country, serving in the Congress of the United States who openly proclaims to be a Socialist, running for the highest office in this country is no decent human being.

You fault our current corrupt government and elude to the fact that it resembles Socialism now and you believe Bernie Sanders turning the United States into a full fledged Socialist state will make it better? How is it that you feel what I earn should be given to you? Do you work currently?

Who are you to call Donald Trump an escapee from an asylum? Let’s take a look at Mr. Sanders’ affiliation of Socialist party of America. He refused to serve during wartime “conscientious objector,” how is he going to serve the rights of our active duty military and protect our veterans? He won’t! Is he a good, honest, decent human being because he introduced himself to you and shook your hand way back when?

I am sure Bernie Sanders says what he means, and means what he says; most Socialists do. Socialism is not for America. More likely than not, you have probably served in the military, so apparently you must have not served during wartime, and did not have to liberate people or countries from unjust rulers trying to crush them with Socialism-Shame on you!

I hope you and Bernie find your Socialist world together. I understand it is not needed in Heaven and is already a standard in hell.

Catherine S. Moates — Franklin, N.C.

Destiny is derived from nature 

Within our society and culture we have become more caustic and abrasive than what I’ve seen for sometime. Many claim to be tolerant, diverse, and open to different opinions and thinking, but their lives display differently and neither political party rises above the fray, even though some think and say they are above such things because only they themselves define the meaning of tolerance and shape modern opinion.

Society seems more accepting of lying, cheating, and illegal dealings, to the point where this is to be expected as part of living and is now the norm. This is most evident of our focusing on elected officials of a life long history of lies, and covering up, and many of them gain more in the way of wealth and fame then they ever would otherwise.

But this is not just blaming elected officials because they are just a reflection of what we ourselves accept and have become. So the thinking of humanity moving forward within this undesirable behavior is just a natural progression of nature. We should have no arguing or concerns, for within nature it’s the survival of the fittest and the strong and  powerful dictate to the weak. So it only becomes natural to have the powerful and influential rule, even if done deviantly, and we should appreciate what they do for us even though it’s a process that empowers them because we’ve allowed this.

This is how nature rules no matter how ugly it becomes, for there is nothing outside of us that guides or directs us, it’s only natural within nature for the powerful to rule. We lose the ability of governing or living life “by the people and for the people,” it becomes a dark, self-centered desire of personal power and gain while making, we the people, feel privileged, that they the powerful exist to further a system of  long careers of self-empowerment and our willing dependency upon them.

Although every society and culture needs governing and leadership, our culture was unique in that we were once a people that felt there was personal accountability to a supreme being that guided us towards an accountability to each other as well, but this has eroded away to the point that our unity to each other is severely fractured, and we seek only a selfish personal liberty, at the cost of others, “naturalism.” As man moves forward within his natural self and desires, there is no need for anything beyond ourselves,  life becomes harder and more confused the more man seeks from within because history proves it’s all been tried and left wanting. When we seek liberty, freedom, and  happiness in benefiting others we actually find it more for ourselves.

This can be done even without recognizing a supreme being, but when God is realized as a central point in living there’s a depth in meaning and purpose of self  in community, family and a completeness of life. If nature is just surviving life; what purpose is life?

“This is My commandment – love and unselfishly seek the best for one another…” (John 15:11-13 AMP)

Deni Shepard — nds13@frontier.com