Letters to the Editor for July 21


U.S. dependency on drugs should be addressed 

I take issue with two sections of Mr. Wilson’s letter.

Regarding solving the gun issue, there can be no solution until opposing parties are able to face each other and work together. As it is one side will not compromise (Republicans) and the other party (Democrats) has talking points for consideration.   However, there will not be a solution in probably the next few generations, if ever.

His addressing the issue of black Americans and Latinos.   Someplace along in his education in U.S. history and social studies, he must have been absent when the southwest and California were taught. We took that region from the Mexicans, just the same as the rest of the country was taken from Native Americans.

If any two groups should be given top priority, look to the Latinos and Native Americans. This is not to say other ethnic and racial groups aren’t important is the development of this country, but basically stealing for one’s own “profit” isn’t the right way to do things.

Mexico is not the only avenue of drugs entering the U.S. Air and sea play into the delivery network, just not land routes from upper South America through Central America.   Every country has faults. Ours, right now, is having the vast numbers who have opted the avenue of drugs and drug addiction. Countries like Columbia, Venezuela as suppliers and Central America as land routes into the U.S. are just taking advantage of the tremendous need for drugs.

We need to reverse the trend of drug dependency and as the need decreases, so will the supply. Or, deny entry into the U.S. of any Mexican whether they come by car, boat, plane, truck, motorcycle.  There’s a president candidate who would, in the blink of an eye, build a wall to do just that.

Dave Redman — Sylva, N.C.