Letters to the Editor for March 24


Letters to the Editors

Open letter to community residents

As an educator and your neighbor, I want to thank the citizens of Macon County for voting in support of the Connect NC Bond that passed last Tuesday.  I am proud to live in a region of our state that recognizes and highly values the importance of education, safety, natural resources and infrastructure in our region and across this great state.

During the past two years, we’ve developed Facility Master Plans for our Jackson, Macon and Swain campuses totaling more than $54 million dollars to improve the educational and training experiences for our students.  Now the time has come to utilize the $7.1 million dollars allocated from the Connect NC Bond in the deployment of these Facility Master Plans.  Our Board of Trustees, administrators, faculty and staff will work together to prioritize our most critical needs as identified through our Master Plans.

The students, Board of Trustees, faculty and staff here at SCC deeply appreciate your continued support and commitment to help provide for and preserve one of the very best educational institutions not only in our state, but in the nation.  We look forward to the opportunities we’ve been afforded and thank you for your investment in us.


Don Tomas, Ed.D.

President, Southwestern Community College

Bernie Sanders an honest, decent human being

Bob Wilson, thank you for the lesson on Socialism (MCN 3/17), you’re on the mark in some respects, a bit awry in others, and your assessment and opinion of Bernie Sanders was shortsighted to be sure.

I’m going to assume, Mr. Wilson, you’ve never met Senator Sanders?  Before moving south in 1996 my wife and I lived in the geographic center of Vermont in the Franklin-sized town of Randolph.  The first time I met Bernie he walked up to me in a mall in Barre and said, “Hi, I’m Bernie Sanders, I’m running for Congress and I’d very much appreciate your vote.”  Almost everyone in Vermont knows Bernie, it’s a small state with one Congressman.

Bernie may (as you said, Mr. Wilson) have a degree in Political Science, I’m not sure but I do know he earned an AB degree from the University of Chicago (1964) and is an educator by trade.  Before being elected to Congress he was mayor of Vermont’s largest city (Burlington) for 25 years.  He’s now enjoying his second term as Vermont’s Junior Senator.

It’s easy to judge Socialism as a failed state of affairs, Mr. Wilson, but interpreting some of your comments I wasn’t entirely certain whether you were describing a Socialist society or our own. When you say “the only rich people left in a Socialist country are the politically connected elite and they grow rich on the backs of the workers,” doesn’t that fairly accurately describe these United States at the present time? After all, were it not for the anger, discontent and deep distrust of our own corrupt government would the two people closing in on their party’s nomination (one who manifests the image of an escapee from an asylum and the other who should be in jail) even be considered for the highest office in the land?

It’s true, more than one political party is permitted to exist in the United States but the two major parties conspire to limit access and influence of other parties as well as severely inhibit independent voters crossing party lines. The two parties use redistricting, balloting techniques, and adopt rules constraining, suppressing and limiting voters ability to choose their leaders.   The Democratic Party’s “Super delegates” can neutralize the selection of an entire state, clearly a shameless attack on our electoral (one man – one vote) right.   Bernie Sanders has definitely been the victim of that unconscionable scheme to advance the self-serving desires of the rich and powerful.

I voted for Bernie Sanders because I believe him to be an honest, decent human being, well-informed, of good moral character and positively qualified to be president of the United States.

Is Bernie Sanders perfect … no.   Are all of his ideas and aspirations perfect … no. But I can assure you, Mr. Wilson, Bernie Sanders has no intent to destroy our free market and enterprise system. American corporations, banks, and our own unscrupulous government are collectively achieving that dubious aim already.

I will assure everyone that Bernie Sanders says what he means and means what he says, he hasn’t altered his beliefs in half a century and he won’t patronize you or tell you what you want to hear just to gain a vote.


David L. Snell — Franklin, N.C.

Ordinance puts women and girls in grave danger

The city of Charlotte, N.C., recently passed an ordinance allowing men to use the bathroom facilities now used by women and girls. This is ridiculous and is beyound reason. It foolishly puts women and children in grave danger and violates the right of every North Carolinian to live and work in accordance with their beliefs without being punished by the government. Imagine a sex offender loose in the bath or shower facilities of little girls.

Charlotte is only the beginning and the ordinance is being discussed in Asheville. Call our senators and representatives and our governor. There is talk of overturning the ordinance but so far nothing has happened. The ordinance is effective April 1, so time is short.


W.H. Elam — Otto, N.C.