Letters to the Editor for March 9, 2017


Disagreement doesn’t equal hate

Two recent letters have inspired some thoughts I want to share.

First, I want to point out that the majority of pro-Trump people are by no means haters. Most just want a return to sanity. President Trump’s inaugural speech reached out to all Americans. And he has proven that he is a man of his word, and he is willing to stand strong in the face of criticism, and even lies.

When people insist that Trump and his supporters hate Mexicans, women, Muslims, gays, poor people, etc., they are in error. Because people don’t always agree with one another does not make them haters. President Trump says he loves Mexicans, he hires them all the time. Because he wants to build a wall to protect American interests, does that mean he hates Mexicans? Because he wants to temporarily restrict immigration until we can better vet who and why each person is trying to get into our country and also because our terrorist enemies have told us outright that they are infiltrating the refugee population, does that mean he hates all refugees and  Muslims? Because he is pro-life, does that mean he hates women? Isn’t it sort of childish to blame every differing opinion on hate? It’s like a child who can’t have candy saying “You hate me” to his mother.

Take Trump’s appointments. I understand the criteria Trump generally uses is the same he has successfully used in his businesses. He looks for the brightest, smartest, and most capable people to fill positions. If he is not going to put in Washington insiders, than he has to look to outsiders for some of those appointments. For example, take Dr. Ben Carson. Here is a man of integrity, intelligence, and patriotism who knows the struggles of inner city black people and wants to help improve their lot. The writer accuses him of being incapable and unscrupulous.  Well, maybe his experience in inner city living and his passion for the poor will make up for his inexperience in the area of government and public housing. As far as his integrity, it speaks for itself as far as I am concerned. So we shouldn’t take all criticisms at face value.

What about women? Because Trump is pro-life he is immediately branded a hater of women. But the pro-life movement is about love…loving babies who cannot defend themselves. Pro-lifers believe that when a woman chooses to risk a pregnancy, that is her choice; but if and when she conceives, her right to choose ends. An embryo begins life in the womb. Ten days later a heart beat can be detected. Three months later a fully formed baby is intact with all internal organs operational – a human being fully separate from its mother with its own DNA. It is alive and has the right to life guaranteed by the Constitution. Pro-lifers have much compassion and support for women who regret their pro-choice decisions. They offer help and information to woman who are confused, and support for mother and child during and after pregnancy. This is not because of hate, but rather love.

The same for the poor. Creating jobs will help pull them out of poverty, and so on.

I don’t feel like President Trump has lied to his supporters any more than I believe the majority of them live in a culture of hate. How about this: they love America, have seen her founding principles compromised, have seen her bow down to foreign thugs and even support them monetarily, have seen religious liberties curtailed, have seen the American worker deprived of jobs, have seen the laws of this nation ignored and illegal immigration go out of control, draining resources we do not have, etc. followed by “politics as usual.” They simply wanted someone who could stand up and change things for the better. So they took a chance on the outsider, namely Donald Trump. This has nothing to do with hate. It has everything to do with making common sense changes. It has everything to do with hope for America’s future.

Now this is not to say that there aren’t extremists out there. But President Trump has not aligned himself with them. I believe he has a deep love for this country and sincerely wants to be an instrument of positive change.

One last note. Prior to 9/11, we had warnings that terrorists were in our country. They had attempted to destroy the World Trade Center and failed; they had bombed and destroyed other areas of our country. After 9/11, President Bush was accused of not doing enough to protect Americans. Now, when our enemies are shouting “Death to America” and telling us their plans to destroy us, and President Trump is trying to protect us, we have people opposing him. Terrorist activities throughout the world confirm their intentions. Americans better wake up.

If you want to identify hatred, look at the Anti-Trump behavior out there. Rioting, destruction, lawlessness, foul language, disrespect for other Americans who don’t agree with them, etc. This is behavior that stems from a culture of hate.

As someone observed recently and can truly be said of our president and his supporters, “We don’t hate the people outside the wall; we just love the people inside the wall and want to protect them.” I believe this is the bottom line of the Trump movement.


Loretta Hastings — Franklin, N.C.

Can’t publish a paper without bashing Trump

I was reading The Macon County News (Volume 34, Number 39) and I thought to myself, “is this possible that letters to the editor could publish one paper without bashing Trump?” But no, then it was good old Kurt Volker, Otto, N.C. I’ll bet that Kurt can’t even spell Otto backwards. I guess Kurt works for the paper. I see his name often. He said whatever Trump says won’t work. Somebody must believe it. He talks and the stock market goes up 400 points. You should organize a Sell Your Stock Day. And see if the Democrats can turn this market down or are we watching the demise of the Democrat party?


Peter Young — Sylva, N.C.

Terrorism at the heart of this nation

A letter to the President,

Mr. President, what makes this country great is not what you think. The idea that this nation was founded on the premise of liberty, justice and freedom for all has never been true. Terrorism has been at the heart of this nation since its founding. When your ancestors arrived, America was already inhabited by many Indigenous Nations of Peoples who had their own customs, identity and languages. You and your ancestors stole this land through what is called the Doctrine of Discovery whereby colonizing nations claimed title to lands they discovered, taking away the natural rights of Indigenous People and thereby establishing private property rights. Most of the land ended up in the hands of wealthy land speculators.

Ours has been a history of extermination (ethnic cleansing), forced removal, and an illegal land grab.  Historical apologists may characterize this in terms of settler-Indian encounters or conflict, but the truth is that starting with George Washington there has been a policy of genocide, removal and domination.  Even today Native Americans face the same policies in regard to standing up for their rights. The peaceful Water Protectors at the Dakota Pipeline are labeled “protestors” and harassed by federal and state agents of terrorism.

The history of the United States has been one of genocide and slavery based on the idea that Europeans were bringing civilization and Christianity to savage people. America has been invading and conquering nations ever since and this is the real reason for having a strong military. We have military bases throughout the world.  Iraqi is just the latest in a long series of imperialistic invasions to benefit the special interests of the wealthy.

You see America has never been about freedom and justice. Your latest rhetoric against immigrants is just another chapter in the long history of white supremacy against non-Europeon foreigners. It works like this: you spread fear in the minds of Americans that certain groups are threatening their security by taking jobs, spreading crime, and stealing money through government programs. After vilifying and demonizing these people, you put in place policies that allow you to remove them.  In the 1930s during the Depression up to two million Mexicans were sent back to Mexico, many by armed guards under lock and key. As many as 60 percent were American citizens born and raised here. When you demonize a population, no one is safe, legal or otherwise.  Local law enforcement participated in the 1930’s under the cover of what was called repatriation, because deportation can only be carried out by the Federal Government. The recent Apology Act for the 1930s Repatriation of Mexican-Americans, the work of California’s Senator Dunn, is an attempt to make amends for the illegal deportation and coerced emigration of Mexican-Americans.

Now, Mr. President, once again, you are trying to get local law enforcement involved in arresting and detaining immigrants. Local law enforcers are rejecting your request because they know it will undermine relations with the communities they work in, as well as being illegal.  And your recent ban on refugees and travelers from seven primarily Muslim countries is without merit and has been rejected by the judiciary.  There is no evidence that anyone has died as a result of terrorism from the two million immigrants coming to this country from these Muslim countries since the 9/11 attack. And, Mr. President, your numbers of immigrants connected to terrorism are both exaggerated and inaccurate or as you say “fake news.” Immigrants on the whole have lower crime rates than their American counterparts. Most terrorism is home grown, as is the recent wave of attacks on religious institutions and cemeteries. Your latest efforts have spread fear, not only among Americans, but also within immigrant communities.  This is just another form of terrorism that you are instigating and I’m sure you hope will encourage immigrants to leave on their own in an atmosphere of hate and prejudice.  While you say that you are only after the really bad dudes, your sweeping changes in defining who can be deported includes just about all non-legal immigrants and spreads fear in the immigrant population, especially among the young.  But your actions will not go unnoticed or unchallenged  There is a majority of Americans who believe in the Constitution, which protects legal and human rights of both citizens and non-citizens alike, and will stand in solidarity against your illegal policies and rhetoric of prejudice and hate.    And you will learn that you cannot impose your policies on other countries without their cooperation.  You want to deport immigrants from Central and South America to Mexico, but you will not find a willing partner in this.

Your attacks on the environment that must nurture future generations will also not go unchallenged. You have surrounded yourself with the greedy, privileged and wealthy, as well as military generals, but they will not be able to protect you from the good will of the American People. What makes this country great are Americans who will stand together in solidarity for human rights, decency, justice and liberty for all and against your policies of terrorism, based on unfounded national security, both at home and around the world. It is past time that we acknowledge the crimes that America has committed and stand up for the ideals America was based on.  This, Mr. President, is what will make America great.

Paul Chew — Otto, N.C.

Something needs to be done about drug problem

This story might not concern you, and that may be one of the problems. Everyone has a friend or family member that has a problem with drugs. Do you think one day they just said, “I want to be an addict?” Sorry, but that is not how it works. We have all made bad decisions when determining right from wrong. Here are a few funny examples:

Warning labels:

*Caution Hot! (on coffee)

*Remove Child before folding! (Baby stroller)

*This product moves when in use! (scooter)

*May break out in orange and handcuffs! (Depression and drugs)

Problem is we are allowed to set our own standards. So, we tend to change from one situation to the next. It’s natural for us to go easy on ourselves. Our judgement is based on our intentions; while we hold others to higher standards. It’s easy to hold someone else accountable for the wrong doings. Truthfully it’s much harder to judge ourselves for our bad choices.

I have been both an addict and a hypocrite. Thankfully, the Bible says in Lamentations 3:22 “because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed!” Before drugs and depression I lived a pretty normal life, but there was a time where I was introduced to drugs. So I tried them once or twice myself. I quickly learned where they led, and I knew I had way too much to lose. I had a nice house, two vehicles, atv’s, my family (three boys) and a great job as an underground utility foreman. Then things got really tough for me around 2009-2012 when the economy fell; my company went under.

At my new job pay was a lot less and many more hours working seven days a week trying to keep all I had. I lost focus on simple family values. I lost everything I worked so hard for. Depression turned me to drugs and alcohol. It soon made a bad situation much worse. I had lost all self hope.

I would say jail or hell it didn’t matter to me at the time!

With that attitude and on drugs it didn’t take long to end up in jail in Douglasville, Ga. I did eight months in county and two months in prison prior to being released. I stayed clean for 2.5 years. I thought I had it whooped.

Truth is, I didn’t learn anything nor got any help. I didn’t think I needed it. To make this story a bit shorter … I relapsed, and now I’m facing trafficking charges (plus some) that carries a minimum of 70 months.

The reason I am sharing this is because since I’ve been arrested, thank Jesus Christ, I have been saved! The man I was is no more. Now I have a personal passion to help save as many addicts and families from traveling down this terrible path as I possibly can.

I have spoke to numerous inmates on numerous occasions regarding the ideas and even got signatures from many who would like to see something implemented. They need/want help. We all need/want help at times even when we think and act like we don’t.

I have seen this cycle one too many times. I’ve seen the same persons come in and out of jail numerous times. Something has to change, and I hope to be a big part of that change.

I’ve been told I can’t help, and it won’t work. I understand how people come to this mentality being let down so many times. Just as much as drugs are the problem, people thinking it’s not their problem, they can’t do anything, out of sight out of mind, that’s only adding to the problem.

I have created a course that has taken nine months of studying and observation. This course aims to help the community, and although it’s designed to be a small as a mail-in course, it has unlimited possibilities. I know it will find its full potential with the support of the community and law enforcement.

I plan to make my time count how ever much that may be and no matter where I am. I want to be a part of the solution.

If I can’t find some help I’m still not giving up. I’m sure there is a professional out there that can help get this going.

If you know anyone who can help, please contact me somehow.


Shawn R. Davis. Inmate #48311

Macon County Detention Center — Franklin, N.C.

Democrats becoming party of ‘small and petty’

While politics has always had a seedy underbelly to it seems that the Socialist Democrats are becoming a party of small and petty people, which we all witnessed during the president’s speech to Congress the other night.

I don’t recall the Republicans trying to pull down the Obama administration although they did refuse to vote in favor of some of Obama’s proposals which is normal.

I also do not recall the Republicans targeting Obama’s kids, yet the Democrats have declared open season on President Trump’s family.

Leaping lizards, now the Democrats are demanding that Jeff Sessions resign as Attorney General because he and seven Democrats attended a party when the Russian Ambassador attended the same party.

Golly, maybe Jeff Sessions shook hands with the ambassador and exchanged secret messages in the palm of his hand.

All this reminds me of the Nazi Bund just prior to WW-II when German Americans loyal to Hitler infiltrated our unions and other organizations.  Longshoremen’s unions would go on strike to prevent shipments to England from leaving port. Their job was to throw a monkey wrench into anything they could.

We are kidding ourselves if we still believe the Democratic party is the same one our grandpappy belonged to and in fact it is now a Socialist Party and intent on converting us to a Socialist country.

Having failed to defeat the will of the working class who elected our president they seem intent on throwing that proverbial monkey wrench in our gears of commerce.

Perhaps a combination of bribes from teachers unions and believing our inner city black Americans should stay in their place and on welfare, it is clear that the Socialist Democrats didn’t want to see any improvement in inner city educational system. They will, of course do anything they can to block the effort to help our black Americans get out of poverty.

We’ve also seen an all-out effort by the Democrats to block any effort to reduce the number of people dependent on government welfare.  I can only assume they feel a dependent citizenry is easier to control.

Socialism requires citizens to be obedient.

Frankly, I find the whole thing shameful and disgusting but maybe I just mistakenly thought Democrats were just ordinary people like the rest of us.  Now, I find it is a fight to convert American to Socialism and they are quite willing to destroy the rest of us to get their way.

But, this always happens when you have an elite political class who believe they know what’s best for us.


Bob Wilson — Franklin, N.C.

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