Letters to the Editor for September 28


Letters to the Editors

Just examine the voting record 

Jim Davis and his surrogates in Raleigh recently sent out a series of expensive glossy mailers claiming that Jane Hipps was planning on raising your taxes when she gets to Raleigh. According to Senator Davis, this pronouncement occurred at a Democratic Men’s Club in Franklin. As current president of the Men’s Club and having attended every meeting when Jane Hipps was speaking, I can declare that Davis’ claim is simply not true.

The claim is eerily similar to a tactic employed by Senator Davis in his contest against John Snow in a previous campaign, even to the tacky graphics used in the mailer and his claim that he had no knowledge of the mailer and its false claims.

If you are really concerned about tax increases, examine Davis’ voting record since he’s been in Raleigh.  The income tax cuts that he voted for benefitted only the highest income brackets and corporations.  In order to make up the difference in state revenue, he voted for massive increases in sales taxes and eliminated deductions that benefit middle and lower income citizens.

You now pay new taxes on everything from movies and concerts to your oil change. Taxes on mobile and modular homes went up – a lot.  Davis eliminated the Earned Income Tax Credit that helps low-income families who work rather than collecting welfare. You no longer get a tax break for putting aside money to send your children to college.  But don’t worry, when you buy your next yacht or jet, your taxes on those haven’t changed.

If you make less than about $70,000, you are now paying more in taxes than you did before Senator Davis took office.  You may not notice it because it’s coming out of your wallet every day rather than once a year when you figure your income tax. You still have less money to spend.

It’s time for Senator Davis and his surrogates to begin telling the truth rather than peddling false information.  It’s an insult to his constituents – you and me.

John Gladden — Franklin, N.C.

The fabric of America is growing thin 

Within current news and modern events that are or will be taking place, you’ll hear more of the phrase, “Citizens of the World,” or something very similar to this. This is the new push or pursuit  for “Globalization,” which is being mentioned quite frequently from political parties as well as other nations. The diluting and devaluing of  American citizenship is forever being pushed and all done somewhat suggestively until it takes a stronghold, then its progressive roots begin to grow more deeply within our culture.  As we as people lose our footing of who and what we are and what direction we are to go or what we are to become, there’s little thought of what brought us to this point of destiny or our unfolding of history. The tremendous sacrifice of life and worldly possessions for the taste of freedom that is never gotten or given freely, and always has a price to be paid. The fraying of America’s fabric is quite telling and obvious,  it’s like the saying goes, ”you don’t remove a fence until you know why it was put there in the first place,” or else the consequence could be devastating; and  America’s  fabric fades and grows thin.

As an American I feel our country was truly a  miracle given by God, in that men and women were divinely moved and directed from the heavy handedness of  ruling powers, to the formation of a rule of “We the People,” inspired by a bedrock and belief that there’s a supreme being and rule of law and a justice we all must be accountable too, and towards the betterment of all people. For history shows society pays a heavy price for the tyranny and selfishness of man. Belief in God is now disdained within our modern thinking, and we now seek anything but God in the ruling of our lives as well as a nation. Many give lip service of asking for God’s peace, and guidance but it goes no further, because it’s obvious we have no desire to follow His precepts or guidance for living life.

All societies or cultures look for answers of five major questions for living, “God,” is there a God?; “Creation,” how did we get here?; “Humanity,” why are we here instead of not here?;  “Morality,” what guides or directs us?; “Destiny,” where are we going, is there life after death? Science and human intellect can only get you so far as well as other worldviews, but Christ and his book for life and living explain and shed light on all these questions and more so than any worldview that I have come across. It tells of creation, how and why we’re here, why we have failed, how to remedy our frustration and failures, how to enjoy life and living within this broken world we all live in, and our destiny of which we all feel there’s life and something beyond. God is truth and love and all that is good. You’ll find this in no other.

Deni Shepard – nds13@frontier.com

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