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Find the conservative in this political party game

A letter in your 25 January 2018 edition, is a confused mess.  Perhaps the writer is confused.  Perhaps the writer is trying to confuse the rest of us.

“The IMF and World Bank gave U.S. capital hegemony over the world market,” he says.  That is true, but the writer fails to draw the obvious lesson and instead draws a completely erroneous lesson.

The writer correctly notes some of the acts that placed all of us under the ownership of big capitalism, yet he wants to replace capitalism with a system that requires big government for its very existence.  Perhaps the writer has not noticed that all of the tools (IMF, World Bank, etc.) that capitalists used to enslave us, were enacted by government.  That is reason enough to work for less governance, not more governance.

If a man pours fuel into the tank of a lawn tractor and sends it forth to destroy a neighbor’s house, a job that requires larger equipment than a lawn tractor, his intentions and the fuel not with standing, the destruction ain’t a gonna get done.

Just so, if capitalists pour dollars into government, to effect actions that will benefit the capitalists themselves who are pouring in the dollars, the actions will come about only if the government is big enough (that is, too big for the health of the nation).

Socialism requires big governent. Capitalism rolls right along without big government, and furthermore, its plundering is much reduced under less governance.  Socialism requires big government for its existence.  What does the writer expect of socialists?  That they will not pour dollars into government for their own benefit?  That mankind will suddenly stop using politics to plunder their fellow human beings?  How is it that human nature is going to all of a sudden change if capitalism is replaced by socialism?  With socialism will be bigger government.  With bigger government, socialists will be even more successful than capitalists in plundering the rest of us–unless we don’t have bigger government, but in that case, we won’t have socialism.

Socialism is not a desirable alternative to capitalism.  Socialism will not reduce legalized plunder.  It is to the principles of conservatism and especially of Southern conservatism, that we need to be looking, for ways to reduce plunder.

Every governmental program is fraught with opportunities for plundering. To counter that requires that we reduce the aspects of life over which government can erect programs; we must not increase those aspects and those programs. We have too much socialism now.  Desiring more is a big confusion.  But be aware, readers, most, or at least many, people who advocate for more socialism are not confused.  It is not your welfare that they are looking out for – they are looking to plunder you for their welfare.  No confusion, they know exactly what they are doing.

That the writer equates the Republican party, even the Democratic party with conservatism, is why he does not look to conservatism for an alternative to capitalism.  The Republican party is a long way left of conservative. The Republican party was born of radicalism. That the Democratic party became more radical than the Republican party, did not make the Republican party less radical. That both of these parties are to the right of socialism, does not make either one of them conservative.  There is a lot of room between socialism and conservatism. Republicans ain’t conservative, and the writer’s observation that the Democratic party is more conservative than socialism, says to me that socialism is more dangerous than the Democratic party.

“Low unemployment and rising wages created inflation.”  Isn’t inflation created by the government printing money in order to reduce its debt load?  Yes, but I guess other government action can also create inflation, such as giving support to plunder (in the form of artificially high wages) by organized labor unions. Or plunder (in the form of artificially high prices) by organized capitalists.  Government action creates inflation.  Maybe the action is one that will help a segment of society, such as the employees of unionized, capitalist corporations, but the action is hurting the rest of us.  How about we strive for less government instead of more government?

“Wages remained relatively high, thanks to union organization.” This may be so, but it is not a recommendation for such action.  There is no such thing as a free lunch. What is artificially created and supported today, must be paid for by somebody else today, or by ourselves tomorrow. Negotiations between a willing buyer and a willing seller, can set fair wages. Wages that result from coercion are hurting somebody somewhere. Those hurt may be we who must pay a higher price for what is made by the people receiving the wages (if high wages resulted from coercion by unions), or those hurt may be the workers themselves (if low wages resulted from  coercion by employers).  Either way, such coercion is a form of plunder, and plunder is legal only if the government is big enough to make it legal and big enough to enforce it against the people being plundered.

It is a trait of human nature to use government to do what it is illegal for individuals to do on their own – plunder the other fellow.  Capitalists have found a way to facilitate this trait of human nature – put a finger of government into everybody’s piece of pie, then bribe and otherwise manipulate the bureaucrats and legislators so as to get a portion of everybody else’s pie.  Socialism does not check this trait of human nature – socialism facilitates this trait of human nature. Socialism is legalized plunder carried to the extreme. I don’t want socialism and its bigger government. I want smaller government. As Mel Gibson’s William Wallace shouted with his dying breath–FREEDOM!


George Crockett – Franklin, N.C.

Grieving family met with kindness, compassion

Dear readers of Macon County News,

Last week our family lost one of our own.  Our 19-year-old nephew was taken from this earthly world, way too early.

As our very LARGE, grieving family made our way to your community to grieve with my brother and his family, we were met by your community with compassion, respect, heartfelt condolences, hugs from strangers, smiles, prepared foods, prayers and just overwhelming kindness.

Kindness from Microtel Inn, your compassion and flexibility of who was coming/going, offering us a gathering space to be with each other and hugs, oh those hugs meant so much to me and often got us through a few more minutes.

Kindness from Fatz employees, greeting 20-30 family members at any given time, with a smile and with no reservations.

Kindness from Walgreens employees, opening their doors for all our last minute needs.

Kindness from The Huddle House employees who offered up words of comfort and prayers.

Kindness from Burkes Outlet employees who cried with us.

Kindness from your community who waited in line up to 3 1/2 hours at our nephew’s wake to pay their condolences. Waited in line to make sure that my brother, sister-in-law and niece knew that they were there for them.

Kindness from Discover Church who held my family in their continuous prayers and had so much food to feed our large family.  Their hospitality and graciousness did not go unnoticed.

Kindness shown by Macon Funeral Home, their genuine compassion and care for us, care that followed us to Rush cemetery where they were waiting for us with blankets to put upon our legs for warmth.

Kindness from your community when our funeral procession was en-route to Rush Cemetery, motorists pulled over on both sides of the road for miles!  Waiting for us to pass and silently grieving with us.

Your kindness was felt from our family who came from Massachusetts, Texas, Florida, Arizona, Michigan, Minnesota, Georgia, Kentucky,  and North Carolina.

Thank you all for your warm embrace, your comfort, your prayers and most importantly, your kindness.

“A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees.” ~Amelia Earhart~

Warm regards,


Walid & Gretchen Saba

Will & Nancy Beach

Nabil & Joanna Freij

Rob & Abby Lewis

James & Denise McLane

Jody & Zoe McLane

Michael & Nancy McLane

David & Jody McLane

State of the Union takeaway

Howard Kurtz, who recently wrote a book titled “Media Madness” made the comment that some people’s dislike of President Trump is a cultural thing rather than an ideological matter.

Got to thinking about that and yes, I agree, it is cultural rather than political, for many at least.

President Trump talks like the working class and the political and social elite simply don’t like the working class. You saw that in Hillary’s comment about the “deplorables” and you see it in comments from the Hollywood and media elite.

You know the type, they have maids and cooks working for them and consider them to be deplorable of the working class.

Bottom line is whether we elect a president because he/she is a great orator or whether they know how things really work and President Trump certainly does.

Anyway, the Socialists (consisting of many Democrats) attending the State of the Union Speech showed their true colors.  If I were still a Democrat I would probably resign about now over what turned out to be a humiliating display for them.

One can read a lot into what came about on the Left side of the aisle as for example the Black Caucus obviously does not believe that African Americans cannot rise above the critical problems they have in the inner cities  such as South Chicago, LA and other large cities. The Black Caucus obviously prefers keeping their brothers trapped in welfare rather than finding higher paying jobs.

It is time we come to grips with immigration.  The notion that the do-gooders such as Nancy Pelosi spout ignore the fact that we are quickly reaching the limit of what our resources can handle.  The worn out phrase that “we are a nation of immigrants” is no longer applicable because we can’t compare our population of less than 100 million in 1900 to our massive population of 330 million we have now.

We cannot provide jobs for the rest of the world that want to come here.

We are very near our limit.

The Wall. Oh yeah, the wall.  President Trump wants to control the quality and number of immigrants coming in to tap our own resources and this is creating a problem for the Democrats who hope to get their votes.  If you need evidence of that, just look at what has happened in California.

While a wall will never completely stop the flow of illegal drugs into our country, it will certainly stem the flow and may even save a few thousand lives.

Yes, it’s also possible President Trump can lower the costs of medicine in this country.  If pharmaceutical companies could get a new medicine approved by the FDA in say five years instead of the usual 10 years and if the cost was only one half billion dollars instead of the current $1.5 billion prices could come down.

You may not like President Trump but his policies and ideas are sound and are working.

Let’s not be a bunch of lemmings and follow the elite who think they know what’s best for the rest of us.


Bob Wilson – Franklin, N.C.

Take care which road you take

It is written, “Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat.

“Because strait is the gate and narrow is the way which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.

“Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.” St. Matthew 7:13-15.


Floyd Cruse – Franklin, N.C.

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