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Current minimum wage is inhumane

While lawmakers at the federal level stall on a $15/hr minimum wage, let’s remember that we don’t have to wait for the federal government to act. We can do what 29 other states have done and raise our state minimum wage.  We just need the political will to do it.

The minimum wage hasn’t gone up in almost 12 years and workers can’t wait anymore. North Carolina’s economy can’t wait anymore. Continually asking workers to get up early with their families, go to one job for eight hours, get off, go to their second job until the early hours, and then turn around to start all over again – this is inhumane.

No one should have to work two jobs to support a family they barely have time to see or sacrifice the health of themselves or their loved ones. The minimum wage sits, stagnant, at $7.25 an hour while rent and the cost of basic everyday goods go up. The living wage (how much it actually costs to live) in Macon County is over $19, over three times the minimum. It is time for lawmakers to stand up and make a change.  

 Abby Shuler – Highlands, N.C.

A quote that will live in infamy!

On April 8, 2021, Comrade Joe Biden laid bare the Socialist/Communist agenda that his party is working to implement in  order to destroy the foundational freedoms guaranteed by the Bill of Rights to all Americans.

Standing in front of the cameras, he stated, “No Amendment to the Constitution is absolute.”

It is readily apparent he was intentionally lying and committing the criminal act of perjury when on January 20th he put his hand on a Bible and took a solemn Oath to protect and defend the Constitution.

Now let’s see if there are any members of the House of Representatives who took the same Oath willing to step up and file Articles of Impeachment against this man who is, by his own admission, an existential threat to all of the American way of life.

It is probably a waste of time to hope a Federal Prosecutor will file criminal perjury charges against Comrade Joe.

Among all of the other abhorrent and Anti-American acts Comrade Beijing Biden and his cabal are perpetrating is endeavoring to take all firearms away from law abiding Americans.

Let us carefully explore the words “shall not be infringed” the Framers placed in the 2nd Amendment.

Shall – used to express what is inevitable or seems likely to happen in the future, express determination, an imperative command, used in laws, regulations, or directives to express what is mandatory.

 Not – used as a function word to make negative a group of words or a word, used as a function word to stand for the negative of a preceding group of words.

Be – equal in meaning; have the same connotation as; to have identity with; to constitute the same idea or object as; to have, maintain, or occupy a place, situation, or position.

Infringed – to encroach upon in a way that violates law or the rights of another.

It is abundantly clear that the context and importance in which the Framers placed this mandate are absolute. The prior so-called decisions by various courts run by the black-robed imposters have been used to denigrate this Right, but that is an argument for another day.

The next time some armed criminal kicks in the front door of your house, tries to hijack your car, walks into your business to rob you of your hard-earned money, kidnap your child, rape your daughter, or burn down your city, call Comrade Beijing Joe Biden and implore him to come protect you or send his armed guards to do it. How will that work for you?

So, all of you who voted to put this Socialist/Communist regime into office, how do you feel about being a partner in the pernicious Socialist/Communist Party’s long term effort to try to create a process to force all Americans to bend their knee to the CCP and march in lockstep to the Marxist agenda Comrade Beijing Joe Biden and his minions are working to implement? Are you going to volunteer to be the ones to be first to give up your guns to the whacko who Comrade Beijing Joe Biden just appointed to head the ATF?

If you think this unprecedented move against our Rights is okay, just take the front door off of your house and toss it away. Obviously you don’t need it. Hey, call me and I will help you do it! 

Peter K. Stern

USAF Retired – Franklin, N.C.

We are surrounded by ‘superior beings’

Unfortunately, our country is now loaded with folks who consider themselves superior to everyone else.

It consists of part pretentious “know it all folks”  to those who are simply hungry for power. Few of them are really intelligent and controlling others is all they live for.

Most are neurotics and believe in goofy things.  CNN the other day announced that you can’t tell the difference between newborn boy or girl.  Golly gee, they need to notify the millions of doctors who didn’t know that.

Recently, it was announced that people are leaving religion in droves. Well, heck, why not since a Biden’s Socialist government can replace God. Who needs God when you’ve got Joe Biden?

Just look at some of their accomplishments.

Hollywood awarded Gov. Cuomo an Emmy for his outstanding leadership in causing the deaths of some 15,000 deaths of folks in retirement homes when he moved a bunch of victims of Corona virus victims in with the old folks.

Already losing about 80,000 folks a year to illegal drug deaths President Biden decided we needed more to die and ordered the border opened to let more drugs in from Mexico.

Interestingly he worries more about guns than drugs.

And now we have millions of illegal immigrants spreading the Covid 19 virus all over the U.S.  And this on top of tens of thousands of kids smuggled in for sex trafficking. Oh happy days!

Now you gotta admit that’s sweet.

On the other hand, one must wonder if some critics were right when they said Biden’s campaign was financed by the Mexican drug cartels?

Then we’ve got those brilliant mayors and governors who are working to eliminate the police departments.  At the same time they are taking citizens rights to protect themselves from the bad guys by taking their guns.

Without guns for self-protection citizens will have no choice but to submit to tyranny and allow the military to control things, just like China.

Now Biden proposed spending another 2 trillion for what he calls infrastructure when in truth 90% of the money will be spent on socializing citizens.  Little will actually go into infrastructure.  Forbidden to mention is the fact that all the jobs created to build new highways and bridges are temporary jobs.

Just like Roosevelt in the ’30s when they finished a project they were out of work and thus a whopping 19% unemployment. 

Without WW-2 the unemployment rate would have stayed the same.

And don’t forget the planned $15 minimum wage will kill jobs for millions of unskilled school kids learning how to work.  

What the heck, kids don’t need to work anyway in our new bright Socialist world.

Don’t forget in the Socialist world you don’t have to work hard, strive for something better and surely don’t try to create something new and needed.  Joe will take care of you.

But with that minimum wage China’s minimum wage is only $2.00 an hour giving them a competitive advantage.  So what if we lose more industry to China.  Right?

Oops, let’s not forget Joe Biden is a full time racist and he proved it by telling all of us that Black Americans are not smart enough to comply with the voting rulers in Georgia.

The same rules, by the way, as used in his own state and even Colorado where the MLB [Major League Baseball] went this year.

Hmm, could the China virus carry an infection that turns Dems into mass liars?  Sure got a lot of them lately.


Bob Wilson – Franklin, N.C.

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