Letters for April 9, 2020


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This country needs to elect ‘a good mule’

Even while the coronavirus occupies our minds every minute Donald Trump hogs the TV spotlight. He is the elected (?) president. But, his addiction to the spotlight will prove to be his great weakness. Members of his base are beginning to admit that Trump should not/must not lie about the coronavirus dangers. First, he called it a “Democrat hoax.” Now he won’t listen to eminent scientists. He still harps about “the press.” He callously blames China for the virus. 

In his fine song “The Pretender,” folk rocker Jackson Browne sang, “Caught between the longing for love and the struggle for the legal tender.” But, this is not true in regard to Trump. Every move he makes is in pursuit of the legal tender (money).

A useful adage comes to mind when I see Trump’s high dollar suits shining in the TV spotlight: “Be careful not to trade a good mule for a picture of a thoroughbred.” Trump is a picture, an image. He is not the thoroughbred he pretends to be.  We can elect a good mule this November. There is work to be done to unite Americans. We don’t need a picture. We need a good mule.

Dave Waldrop – Webster, N.C.

A timeline of president’s public statements

Covid-19 is starting to show up in Macon County. Why wasn’t this scourge mitigated sooner? Here is the timeline of the president’s public statements about the disease, to better understand why.

JAN 22: We have it totally under control. It’s one person coming in from China.”

FEB 2: “We pretty much shut it down coming in from China. It’s going to be fine.”

FEB 24: “The Coronavirus is very much under control in the USA… Stock Market starting to look very good to me!”

FEB 25: “CDC & my administration are doing a GREAT job of handling Coronavirus.”

FEB 25: “I think that’s a problem that’s going to go away. They have studied it. The know very much. In fact, we’re very close to a vaccine.”

FEB 26: “The 15 cases within a couple of days is going to be down to close to zero.”

FEB 26: “We’re going very substantially down, not up.”

FEB 27: “One day it’s like a miracle, it will disappear.”

FEB 28: “We’re ordering a lot of supplies. We’re ordering a lot of, uh, elements that frankly we wouldn’t be ordering unless it was something like this. But we’re ordering a lot of different elements of medical.”

MAR 2: “You take a solid flu vaccine, you don’t think that could have an impact, or much of an impact, on corona?”

MAR 2: “A lot of things are happening, a lot of very exciting things are happening and they’re happening very rapidly.”

MAR 4: “If we have thousands of people that get better just by, you know, sitting around and even going to work-some of them go to work, but they get better.”

MAR 5: “Never said people that are feeling sick should go to work.”

MAR 6: “1 think we’re doing a really good job in this country at keeping it down… a tremendous job at keeping it down.”

MAR 6: “Anybody right now, and yesterday, anybody that needs a test gets a test. And the tests are beautiful. They are perfect just like the letter was perfect. The transcription was perfect. Right? This was not as perfect as that but pretty good.”

MAR 6: “I like this stuff. I really get it. People are surprised that I understand it. Everyone of these doctors said, ‘How do you know so much about this?’ Maybe I have a natural ability. Maybe I should have done that instead of running for president.”

MAR 6: “1 don’t need to have the numbers double b/c of one ship that wasn’t our fault.”

MAR 8: “We have a perfectly coordinated and fine tuned plan at the White House our attack on Coronavirus.”

MAR 9: “The Fake News Media & their partner, the Democrat Party, is doing everything within its semi-considerable power to inflame the Coronavirus situation.”

MAR 10:”It will go away. Just stay calm. It will go away.”

MAR 13: National Emergency Declaration

It took the president seven weeks to take the scourge seriously.


John Barry – Franklin, N.C.

States have final say in combating disease

The states most affected by covid-19 are Democrat controlled. They objected to Trump’s border restrictions. They are now being paid for their ill-conceived views and resistance to the wise suggestions of Trump.

Mother nature is trying to send us a message. The Democrats are ignoring the message and, therefore, they will be destined to repeat their mistakes. The challenge is to balance the immediate needs for strong/dictatorial measures similar to wartime with the freedom ideals.

Louisiana may look like an exception but New Orleans is a major part of their problems. We should also examine states with international borders such as Texas with much lower Covid-19 rates. Also, remember the first two cases in Macon were from a New Yorker and a Marylander. Thus, some states are calling to restrict travel between states especially from Democrat states.

Another point is that in the U.S. organization, the states have the final say in combating disease. The CDC recommends and the states may respond. Remember the early days and how the Democrats were more oriented to fixing the blame while ignoring Trump.

 John  Hodge – Franklin, N.C.

Letters reveal how human minds work

It’s really interesting to read the letters published weekly and they give you a deep insight into how the human mind works.  

One letter protesting to Sheriff Holland demanded that he be given the right to kill others by spreading the Coronavirus and that this was his Constitutional right.

One must wonder if this writer is part of the college spring breakers who played on beaches and then brought the virus north to kill hundreds of others.

And then we have a lot of snide comments for folks who make one of those awful things we call profit.

How terrible that someone can get a job and make a profit at this, either as an owner or an employee.

Sorry, but this is a sick reminder of the cruelty they Chinese peasants went through who were executed if they sold something for a profit.  Fortunately, the Chinese were eventually allowed in 1979 to sell things for a profit.

Prior to that, they were simply slaves to the government.  It was a turning point for China and we see the results now in very wealthy nation.

The critical comments remind me of the so-called huge profits made by the pharmaceutical companies.  Completely ignored is the fact that without those huge profits millions would die because there would be no new drugs. But most people ignore the fact that it costs billions of dollars to create and bring a new drug to market.  Not only that, but only 1 out of 12 make it to the market.  So, billions are swallowed up in research.

But, what the heck, maybe we don’t need new drugs to save lives.  

Some of these folks attacking for profit businesses just want to follow the Soviet Union Communist ideology, who knows how their minds work.

It worked well in the old collapsed Soviet Union, you lived in apartments provided by the government and you stood in line to get your food doled out to you.

There was no profit through work so you simply showed up at your job but did nothing and that is why Communism and Socialism didn’t work.  As they used to say, “if you pretend to pay me I’ll pretend to work.”

For the record, there are companies involved in profiteering while we suffer, President Trump is coming down on them like a ton of bricks.

Today, the wicked witch of the west, Nancy Pelosi, is trying once again to bring down our president.  She is basing her new theory on the fact that President Trump is not a medical doctor and should have been able to spot the coronavirus hazard sooner than he did. Now go figure that one out if you can.  I can’t and must simply assume she is still an asset of China.  Last I heard, he was seven hours and 14 minutes late.  

She also found another reason to call him a racist since he stopped the flow of Chinese in America.

Was it Forrest Gump who said “stupid is as stupid does?”

As I’ve said many times before, scratch your head and go figure.

Bob Wilson – Franklin, N.C.

 Looking for ‘hope’ beyond humanity

In the New York Times recently they wrote that evangelicals or the church were ignorant in that science is the only place we will find relief of this Coronavirus which plagues us. I do agree that within science we discover the complexity of how and why our world or created environment works, both within the good and bad of what direction will work for the betterment of all of us. If  God didn’t create all that our senses touch, see and feel, what difference would it matter if it’s all by chance? Hopefully this brings us closer to each other and to God as well.  

In our modern times we seem as though we are stuck within the pages of history. We’ve tried and tried to make sense of our world and who we are, and why or what direction we are to go. If history shows us anything it reveals the ongoing struggle of how we live as individuals, and our ongoing struggle with each other, whether times are good or bad, it shows the worst and the best of each of us. How is it we make sense of our modern world? Modern life has no solutions for man, the hateful extremism within government or religious systems, such as using race as a play card against others, when in reality it should be neutral and humanity should be just that, an equal human being. 

We had the sexual  revolution, and now have an epidemic of sexual trafficking and harassment. 

Peace was to be found in the Middle East, and we have nothing but wars. 

We are so connected in social media that we ignore the people sitting in front of us. 

The world speaks with so many voices and there’s no one to interpret what it is we should listen to. It’s as though we are in the times of “Babel,” where there was confusion and little was understood.  This unfulfilled or empty journey is all that could be found in the thinking of, Nietzsche, Freud and others, in that life has no meaning or real purpose. Hope is nowhere to be found for the individual let alone humanity. A journey of “Hope” is a precious thing; where there is no hope, there’s little reason to live, and the journey becomes dark. As in the truthful statement by [G.K.] Chesterton, “when people stop believing in God they don’t believe in nothing, they believe in, anything.” Like a foundation made of jello, your feet never find solid ground.

If the pages of history show us anything, it shows that all our hope within human construct, is at best, forever fading. All our world systems, whether government, religious or some other, has never given a lasting hope, and at best is all too brief. Where does this leave any hope of a fulfilling journey? What hope do we pass to our children who desperately are in need of lasting hope ? Do we say government, religion, education, sexual freedom, or just live the best for yourselves and die having fun. Is this all you  offer to your children? We seem powerless to give any hope beyond this. 

There is a hope beyond anything humanity can possible give, the hope that gives a fulfilled journey to a life we all in some way are in search of. It’s a journey and a hope that is always outside of our human element, that something which calls and inspires the seeking of all mankind. The fall or failure of mankind is something we all feel in some way and has always been in need of being set right, but we ourselves are unable to do so. There’s a darkness and a hopelessness in our world  in our failure of believing God for who He is. The Easter story, is the very reason Christ died and fulfilled what we ourselves are unable to do. You will never find nor the world can ever give a greater love given to you than this. Hope, a fulfilled life, is found in no one other than, Christ. May you find this as well.

 Re-thinking Life,

Deni Shepard –  nds13@frontier.com 

An open letter to Jim Gaston

When you become ill with COVID-19, what are your wishes? Will you refuse medication developed by your definition of our “communist” government?

Do you avoid food in the stores because “government bureaucrats” set standards for safety and distribution?

Will you refuse your share of the stimulus package and avoid “being exploited by criminals in goverment?” I suspect not.

I hope Sheriff Holland will escort you to the county line and encourage your search for some egocentric island where you’ll be content reciting the Constitution and indulging your selfish, “civil liberties.”

Meanwhile, we the people and the media, will continue to assist each other – offering valid solutions and positive support throught the challenges. 


Beaupre Preston, RN – Franklin, N.C.