Letters for August 1, 2019


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President Trump has kept his promises

I laughed when I read the letter saying Jimmy Carter was more trustworthy than President Trump. One of the reasons Carter didn’t get re-elected was because of his lying. My personal favorite was when he said he would reveal what the government knows about UFOs. Like so many other things Carter said, it never happened. I had voted for him the first time and like so many others was happy to vote against him and for Ronald Reagan! Carter hasn’t worked with the Mueller report yet he supposedly knows the opposite of what Mueller found in his report is the truth? President Trump on the other hand has kept his promises whenever he has not been blocked by the Democrat-led House of Representatives. Now that’s trustworthy! He may not be a Christian but the Bible is full of times God used someone else to accomplish his goals and it is President Trump who has been upholding and protecting our Christian values that our country’s founders based our nation on. Interestingly it is those who show so much hate for our president that so oppose those very values that Carter ran on and abandoned when in office!

Robert Mallory – Franklin, N.C.

America looked for someone to give them a voice

  For some time now I have been meaning to reply to a frequent writer to these letters, and have not, but his latest expostulations have overcome my inertia. Quoting Jimmy Carter’s conspiracy theory about Russians electing Donald Trump, he expects that to settle the issue because Jimmy Carter knows! How ludicrous. Just because his initials are JC doesn’t mean he is all-knowing or all-wise. More likely is that Carter at his age is not as sharp or as well informed as he once was and has been taken in by the propaganda from the American Pravda that is the mainstream media.

With President Trump’s obvious love of this country how could anyone in their right mind believe that he is a Russian asset? This is just a malicious talking point. Some people may actually believe this but some know or suspect it is not true but repeat it anyway in order to maintain power and prestige. I call this lying and I do have an aversion to it.

Why is there such visceral hatred of President Trump?  I’ll tell you why. President Obama politicized government agencies like the FBI, CIA, and the DOJ and set the stage for the ascendancy of Hillary Clinton to the presidency. With cover from the mainstream media the Obama administration was able to do things under cover of darkness that would make Richard Nixon look like a piker. 

With all the stars aligned leaning left in the culture, Hollywood, academia, the media, unresolved illegal immigration, etc., the stage was set for a permanent one party rule by Democrats, and not by your father’s  Democrats but by a new breed of aggressive, never satisfied, America skeptical if not downright America hating leftists. 

If that wasn’t enough, they hated people for the (lack of) color of their skin. Guess what you call people that do that? Then Donald Trump came along and threatened the cozy arrangements that had been made. So many of the people’s concerns were ignored for so long that they were looking for someone to give them a voice. After all, this is how a democracy is supposed to work, but the entrenched politicized bureaucracy was not going to have any of that. They were going to decide, not the people. They concocted a plan to prevent him from being elected by setting up a “narrative” and an October surprise but he was elected anyway. Then the guilty parties went into overdrive to try to get rid of the president before their perfidy could be exposed and used the Mueller investigation to cover up their misdeeds. Any Russian interference that could not be tied to President Trump did not concern them as Mueller’s testimony showed. Any Russian influence on the election by the Steele dossier that was paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign was apparently “not in my purview.”  It was far from a thorough or fair investigation and had no legitimate basis from the beginning. There has been excellent investigative reporting on what happened by Sara Carter, John Solomon, and others while the main media outlets were speaking to the echo chamber and reporting on who tweeted what while giving spittle-flecked commentary.

Bottom line – the main Russian interference in the 2016 election was by proxy at the behest of the Democrat party and used by “Deep State” actors across multiple bureaucracies. It would have succeeded had it not been for the dogged investigations of Devin Nunes and others on his committee that started unraveling the tangled threads and then followed up by others that really wanted to know the truth. Our own government tried to overturn the results of a democratic election. I never would have thought that such a thing could happen in the United States, but yes, it can happen here. 

Justice is coming. When Attorney General William Barr and John Durham complete their investigations there will be indictments coming down and convictions that will leave all the conspiracy theorists with their mouths hanging open. I hope and pray that every one of the malefactors involved in this seditious plot  against our democracy will be brought to account so that this sordid third world coup attempt never happens again. When the rogues are cleaned out of positions of trust and others thereby put on notice to not become involved in criminal behavior we can start to have confidence again in our FBI, CIA, NSA, DOJ and State Department that have been so badly corrupted.

  David Parker – Franklin, N.C.

America could be watching the death of democracy

Donald Trump will not be re-elected. Here’s why: Abraham Lincoln said you can’t fool all the people all the time. Cult leader Jim Jones fooled his followers. Many of them died with other cult members in Guyana. Like Jones’ “church” some of Trump’s followers will remain loyal, echoing his divisive politics. 

But, most Democrats, many Republicans and many, many Independents are not fooled by Trump’s rhetoric. They know they are being systematically left out in America. Most of them also see the trap that is being laid by wealthy/corporate donors in a plot to establish a fascist government like the one that was foiled in 1933 by Marine Major General Smedley Darlington Butler. Read about that shameful period in American history in Jules Archer’s book “The Plot to Seize the White House.”

Americans are too smart to elect Trump twice. Tom Steyer reminds us we need to retool our government to work for the people – Democrats, Independents and Republicans (including those who now support Trump). 

But, since Trump is keeping the door open for Russia to swing the 2020 election for him, have we seen the death of democracy in America?

Dave Waldrop – Franklin, N.C.

Raising minimum wage would create economis chaos

If I may, I’d like to comment on a couple of subjects that we should be concerned with.  One is the proposed minimum wage increase and the other is the opioid problem.

While the Dems are pushing for a minimum wage hike to $15 an hour ,one of their Muslim Congresswomen is pushing for a $20 minimum wage.

Wow, how nice!  Either one would increase everyone’s earnings enough so that they could all afford to buy a home, or would it?

Someone made an excellent point the other day and hit on the fact that many Mom and Pop businesses only make around $15 an hour for themselves and paying someone that much would shut them down.  This would lead to tens of thousands of small businesses closing down and the subsequent loss of jobs.

Bernie Sanders, a proponent of $15 an hour recently told us that he could not afford to pay all of his staff that much because some are simply not worth it.  Hmmm.  Hey, that’s the key; some are not worth it.  And, that applies to our young just getting out of high school that have no skills at this point and need an entry level job to gain work experience.

The result of the higher minimum wage would also cause another bout with inflation and this in turn would wipe out the supposed gains.  The cost of housing would go up once again and don’t forget it would apply to everything from roofing shingles to concrete block manufacturing.  

Adding in the five million or more job losses the gain would be a net 0.  No one wins. Inflation would gobble up the promised gains.

Unskilled workers have a hard enough time finding jobs as it is and it would all but block our young from getting entry level jobs.  

The other thing that is just about as disturbing is the illegal drug problem.

I’m aware that there are the “good deed doers” who honestly believe they are doing something good by encouraging illegal aliens to cross our borders and enter the U.S.

But they totally ignore the 130 people who die from drug use every single day.  How can they look the other way and still think they are doing good deeds?  

Right now, China is sending tons of opioids into Mexico where they are sold to the Mexican drug cartels and then smuggled into America.

I suggest that the right thing to do is to build that damn wall which will at least give us control over our borders.  Some idiot suggested that we can use tech to help along the border but all this does is watch them cross with their drugs and make the drugs easier to get into our country.

I’m all for helping others but we must step back and consider that we are killing others with our kindness.  How do we accept that?  Let’s first get our borders under control, then, allow folks from around the world to come to America, but legally.

Bob Wilson – Franklin, N.C.

What worth is it to be human ?

Our world is an ever growing confused place. We’ve seemed to throw everything past into the wind in hope of discovering something new.   If only there would  be an  understanding of how and why we are who we are, and how we’ve gotten where we are. All our hurts, pains and discomforts of the past as well as successes are there to glean and reflect upon.  To reinvent the world is a guarantee to repeat all the past failures once again, only more so. The question seems strange but it’s been asked almost since the beginning of  time, “What is it to be human?” which strangely we seem to have a difficult time answering.  In an interview I watched, Professor Liz Harmon, of Princeton University and James Franco, talk about abortion and how the fetus hasn’t a moral right if it’s aborted, but has a moral right if it’s not aborted? If that sounds confusing and a bit twisted, it is. This is where modern thinking goes when it is anchored to the shifting sands of human thinking. We being a supposedly moral people, can place a moral value or no moral value on what we wish. So humanity becomes god like in what we deem as worthy or not worthy, just as Hitler of the past. But there’s a present danger of a Hitler mentality that just may find a place of comfort in our present, in deciding our future or the value of who lives to better our way of living as a whole. But what difference does any of this matter?  Whether win or lose we all die at the end. We come into this world with nothing and live in a world filled with strife, struggles and disillusion,  whether we become rich or poor, famous or common we all leave as we came,  with nothing. We are no different than animals, so there seems to be no value in humanity.

There’s a passage of old in search and in question of “What is it to be Human?” it states,”….there’s really no advantage in being human. None. Everything’s smoke. We all end up in the same place—we all came from dust, we all end up as dust….Who knows if there’s anything else to life ?” (Ecc.3:19-22). Sound pretty hopeless doesn’t it?  Within our modern leadership, which is to lead humanity to a moral unified direction of purpose and  hope for all, but instead it within itself is a division for a selfish gain. If leadership doesn’t have a desire for open dialogue, and only honors hate, race and to demonize anyone who has a different view, then they themselves place their moral boot to the neck of democracy, only to replace and kill it for something they control. So again, “What is it to be Human,” is this its best?  Caring for self or only part of humanity isn’t compassion; it’s manipulation in getting what you want and bringing your art of persuasion to control what you want. History’s past can fill volumes of  leadership like this. When you keep yourself on the throne, then you become a god unto yourself, if you keep God  / Christ on the throne of your life you find yourself being of value and seeing value in others because He loves Humanity more than you do. Knowing Him is the beginning of knowing who you are and the value of Humanity. Where else does this come from?   


Deni Shepard – nds13@frontier.com