Letters for August 12, 2021


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Thought nuggets from a freedom lover

If someone is trying to violate my personal liberty and acts like a hysterical monkey because I do not believe their false system, then, NO, we are NOT “all in this together,” and we are NOT “stronger together.”

Why would I get a Big Pharma vaccine when vaccinated people are still catching COVID and vaccinated people are still spreading the virus to others as the CDC has admitted?  I prefer anti-bodies from the actual virus to build my immune system.

Isn’t it interesting how average people in the Communist Democrat camp simply regurgitate what their favorite talking heads are saying rather than think for themselves?  A pure definition of “useful idiots.”

There is no systemic racism in a country that elected a black man to be President.  America has systemic ignorance and apathy.

If it is a man’s “choice” to be identified as a woman even though he is still biologically a man, or it is a woman’s “choice” to murder innocent babies in the womb, then why isn’t it my choice to refuse an experimental vaccine that no one knows what the effects will be in 5 years?

Are people who trust in dubious masks afraid to die, or are they afraid to live?

Government funded Planned Parenthood did not get the memo that black lives matter, because they continue to kill 100s of thousands of black babies.

Isn’t it sad that we are being lectured about our personal health by Communist Democrats who don’t even know which bathroom to use and believe that men can become pregnant?

The shifting lies and chaos coming from mainstream media is proof positive of the existing false belief system.  Many people are getting played by fearmongers while cheering the destruction of free speech.  A prosperous nation cannot survive this trend.

Since dead bodies are not piling up in the street from a virus with 99.7% full recovery, why are we so afraid of “number of cases?” We were never afraid of flu cases before.  At this point, COVID chaos is not about safety and everything about pure control by authoritarians and their minions.

So, it’s a good idea to build a huge wall around the capital building and guard it from tourists, but it is a bad idea to secure our national border and prevent illegal activity?  That’s a special kind of stupid.

The only cure for COVID is to choose absolute freedom and ignore the lies and mandates coming from fear-driven groupthink because unvaccinated people in America in the 2020s are the new Jews of 1930s Germany.  There must be freedom for all or there will be freedom for none.

Freedom is the only thing that can unite this country, but it is extremely difficult to free fools from the chains they revere.  Dangerous freedom rather than peaceful slavery is what built this great republic.

“Necessity is the plea for every infringement on human freedom.  It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves.”  – William Pitt  

Jim Gaston  – Franklin, N.C.

If culture is cancelled, what is the reset?

Our modern culture seems to be in a lost, just as in Peter Pan’s Lost World of darkness, selfishness, and of not knowing just what it is or where we’re going. The culture of canceling our memory’s past of anything that was once built to carry us into the future, seems to be a dark effort of changing the realities of life itself. Monuments and historical places which give us a window view of the hardships and determination of many who struggled with a destiny of hope for all things in the future. And this betterment has come about by Whites, Blacks, Asians and every race which America is blessed with. Cancel Culture, Critical Race Theory, Black Lives Matter, White Supremacy, all look upon themselves as though they are the only ones who matter and are above others. 

But if we are to cancel culture we need not stop here, we need to take this to the full extent, canceling everything, both the good and bad. Remove from our memories of those in hope of a land of freedom known as America,  Removing all wars, all slavery, or anything of our past, even good can be offensive to some. Americans have strived in moving towards being a better people than we were in the past. Fighting for “We the People” and not for the powerful, instilling into our hearts and minds the values of human dignity and worth which finds no value if we have no idea where value comes from. If we are to reset our Culture, what is it we set it to?

If equality means we must all be the same and if you live in abundance and I in poverty, which is equal, must we all be abundant or all in poverty? Who says that either is equal? Or is equality as the founders saw it, that we each are equal in value, but not all have the same ability or talents, but to use those talents as a free and equal people. Being free and equal requires of us to strive for justice, peace, equality, forgiveness, and even true love, most seek this and would die for this, these goals Americans once strived to meet. Canceling the culture or history destroys the person’s God-given identity within justice, peace, equality, forgiveness and love, all are distorted by not knowing where these values come from or where they lead to. Theses values are all in part the attributes of God and is instilled within each of us whether realized or not. 

America’s modern thinking is at a place where it’s become a virtue or higher intellect to be in uncertainty about most everything. So being indecisive of issues seems as good, but anyone with certainty falls into judgment of being closed minded or looked upon as bigoted or evil. Many see this for what it is, but within media, journalism and political systems we are told differently, and should remain silent, yet modern thinking also states that “Silence is Violence,” which creates a distinction between, “them and us.” But within this fog asking for direction and clarity, you’re belittled with indifference. Even a fool who keeps silent, is considered wise; when he closes his lips, he is deemed intelligent. (Proverbs 17 : 28 ESV)  

If all this isn’t divisive please tell me just how this unifies anyone, let alone our nation in need of healing. I’ve stated this before, if you look to man or a political system to resolve the confusing problems of mankind the search will be never ending. Looking at someone who has told all that man is, all his faults, failures, hurts and joys. Christ has shown us who we are and what man is capable of, both in the good which comes from Him, but more so the evil which is against God and everything good. What do you follow? Why?   You can cancel God  but “God cancels no one.” What do you think?

Re-thinking life,                                                       

 Deni Shepard – nds13@frontier.com

Time to toss out anti-American politicians

The fact that the two U.S. Senators from North Carolina, Richard Burr and Thom Tillis, and 16 other RINOs (Republican in name only) just voted to push forward Joe Biden’s $556 billion so-called infrastructure bill tells us that the real illness that is sweeping through our country is people not coming to the realization that all too many of the people who were elected to national office are coming out of the closet as fellow-travelers of the American Marxist movement and have been lying about their intentions from the start.

Despite Comrade Joe’s statements that he will not tax anyone who makes less that $400,000 per year, the bill contains almost 30 new taxes that will be assessed middle and lower class Americans who make considerably less that $400,000 annually.

For instance, the bill triples the gasoline tax from 18.3 cents per gallon to 53.3 cents per gallon, a three-fold increase. On top of that, the bill contains a provision to tax people on the basis of how many miles they drive and in order to bring the reporting for that to be done, all cars will be equipped with firmware in their on-board computers which will automatically report your VIN Number and milage to the government.

Next time you are riding down the road observe the coils embedded in the highways that are no where near an intersection or traffic light and ask yourself why they are there. The Infrastructure Bill, HR 227,  allocates billions of dollars to ensure your cars will “communicate with infrastructure, buildings, and other road users.” Now you will surreptitiously be electronically surveilled and records kept on every mile you travel. If they can do this surveillance electronically, can they shut down your car whenever they want to using this technology? The answer is “Yes!”

Instead of standing for American values and demanding Comrade Joe shut down the borders before even talking about Joe’s Marxist agenda, these deceitful and corrupt politicians are selling out our nation by going along with Comrade Joe’s efforts to wreck our country and kill our citizens.

The current administration and its propaganda arm in the mainstream news media is screaming that we all need to bend our knee to their Imperial demands, take the jab and wear masks while at the same time allowing an ever growing number of illegal aliens to pour across the Southern border unchecked and untested for Covid and spending huge amounts of our money to bus and fly them secretly all over the country despite the fact that according to federal reporting, 18% of them are Covid carriers.

Last month Customs and Border Patrol reports that 220,000 illegal aliens were caught at the border. That is over 7,000 a day. Isn’t this also a “Super Spreader Event” every day?

Eighteen percent of the 220,000 of illegal aliens is 39,600 infected law breakers that the Biden Administration is using to deliberately spread more Covid infections throughout this nation. That does not take into account all of the “getaways” that avoided capture.

The Lame Scream Media sycophants are bleating about “Super Spreader Events” like the motorcycle rally in Sturgis while Comrade Joe and his co-conspirators daily and intentionally violate federal law and allowing at least the same number of illegal aliens to come into our country EVERY MONTH and then callously, secretly, and deliberately spreading them throughout our communities to infect our citizens.

Oh, and let us not forget the fact that Comrade Barack Insane Obama invited many hundreds of elites with their hair dressers and makeup artists to fly their private jets to Martha’s Vineyard this weekend to celebrate his 60th birthday while served by more hundreds of hired servants. Do you think they all were vaxxed and wore masks?

I guess that was not a  “Super Spreader Event” since it was held by Emperor Obama who obviously thinks he and all of his elitist friends are better than the rest of us and do not have to follow the same rules.

Meanwhile the corrupt and despicable RINOs such as Burr and Tillis facilitate Comrade Joe’s plan to destroy the very fabric of America instead of doing everything they can to stop the Biden Administration’s open war on American values.

It is long past time that Burr and Tillis and all of their huckster fellow-traveler anti-American politicians are tossed out of office and we elect people who are Patriots, honest and care about the true meaning of the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.  

Peter K. Stern

USAF Retired – Franklin, N.C.