Letters for August 27, 2020


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Choose wisely which side to be on

In the time of the end, no man will be able to buy or sell without the mark of the beast but how is that possible?

To do so, the powers that be must have complete control over the means to buy and sell and as long as the people have hard currency to spend (paper money/coins) it’s impossible.  Therefore hard currency must be eliminated and done in such a way that the people are unaware it’s happening; until it is too late.  Well it’s happening right now under the confusion and fear of the Corona Virus.

Just walk into any store and the proof is right before your eyes.  Signs are prevalent in every business stating that you must pay by credit card or other electronic means because of a shortage of coins needed to produce change.  Wal-Mart had even gone so far as to round out your change.  If you owed $9.49 and paid with a $10 bill, you should have received 51 cents back but instead they gave you $1.  Like wise if you owed $9.50 and you paid with a $10 you got nothing back.  That didn’t last too long and they went back to giving the correct change. But why is there a shortage of coins.  The standard reason given, was that due to the virus not enough people were out buying things and  it created the shortage.  Most people just took that to be the truth but if you stopped and thought a second, it made no sense.  If less people are buying then you don’t need as many coins to make change. Coins are not like raw eggs, they don’t go bad if kept in your pocket or purse. Yet there is  a shortage.  But why?

After coins are minted they are sent directly to the Federal Reserve Banks.  These banks are not part of our government but privately owned.  You can Google, “What families own the Federal reserve?” and the names like Rockefeller, Goldman Sachs, Rothschild, plus others will appear.  These families, in collusion, have created the shortage by greatly reducing how many coins are released and to whom they are given to.  But why?

The reason is to stop people from using hard currency and switch over to credit cards and other forms of electronic currency.  I return to Wal-Mart as an example but most other stores have signs  that say they have no change so you must pay electronically or exact change.

Before, you could go into our Wal-Mart and pay with either credit card or cash in any of their self check out or cashier lanes. That’s the way it’s been done for years but then came the virus  and the coin shortage.

About a month ago, they reduced the self checkout to six machines that would accept cash; the rest were credit cards.  A week later it went down to four, then two then none.  If you wanted to pay with cash you had to stand in a cashier line and wait, even though there were plenty of the vacant self checkouts.  Then they started reducing the number of cashier checkouts.  One of the last times I was in Wal-Mart, they had three lanes open for cash and each had approximately 10 people in line.  I waited over 30 minutes.  But why?

The goal necessitates the total elimination of  cash.  Soon people will be tired of waiting in line and stop using cash.  Once enough people comply, the Federal Reserve will release a statement that cash is no longer necessary.  When this is done, the Beast Power will have complete control over who can buy and sell.  Choose not to do what the Beast mandates and with a flip of a switch, your bank account is empty.

What is the Mark of the Beast?  The Bible says that the Beast’s mark will be either on the forehead or in the hand and God’s seal will be on the forehead.  Don’t be fooled, this is not some sort of a visible stamp or micro chip, the mark represents your allegiance to either God or Satan.  The forehead represents your mind and as such you are either totally on God’s side or on Satan’s.  The hand represents work.  You are neither for or against either God or Satan but in order to buy and sell, you will do the bidding of the Beast power.  But to God, by not choosing, it automatically puts you on Satan’s side.

Hopefully this has convinced you that we are in the end times and time is short. What can we do to stop this; Nothing!  We can only choose which side to be on.  Choose wisely.

Jeff Pritz – Franklin, N.C.

Billing practices of HCA/Mission questionable

For each of the last four months, I have received notification letters from HCA/Mission regarding medical expenses they say had not been paid.  Upon calling my Med Supp Insurer, Transamerica, I found that each of the four medical expenses had been paid very promptly weeks or even months before.  On each occasion, I called HCA/Mission to tell them my insurer had already paid the medical expense.  I have now received an actual bill for one of the expenses that was paid back in April.  I think this issue goes beyond extremely sloppy accounting practices. I believe HCA/Mission is trying to scam and scare seniors on Medicare into paying a medical expense that has already been paid. I have not had this problem with any other health carrier nor did I ever have this problem with Mission before HCA acquired Mission.

I will be submitting a complaint to the North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein.  I would be very surprised if other seniors on Medicare have not experienced this same situation.

David Christopher – Scaly Mountain, N.C.

What would Satan like to do in America?

1 Peter 5:8 states,  “Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.”

What would Satan like to do in America?

He would take God out of schools, sporting events, town meetings, the court house and  Congress.   He would have people believe that there is no God or devil and there is no heaven or hell. He would take Jesus out of Christmas and Easter. He would have men of the cloth abuse children and have the church cover it up. He  would deceive churches like he deceived Eve, he would say  “ did God really say that.”   He would have some churches questioning God’s word and want to be more worldly.   He would install  a few bad apples in the  police department so that their actions would cause hatred and disrespect to the police and start a movement to defund the police. He would cause protests, riots, breaking-ins and stealing from innocent businesses and burning others down. He would have people focus on slavery that happen over 150 years ago instead of the slavery happening today. The slavery of young girls into prostitution and the slavery of young children in sweat shops. He would control the media so that their focus is on violence, hatred, and fear. He would have athletes not stand for the National Anthem.  He  would have TV and the movies promoting pornography, profanity and sexual, immoral conduct.

He may have not started the virus, but he is enjoying the rewards from it. Businesses, schools and churches being shut down.  People losing their jobs and losing their places to live.  People turning to  drugs and alcohol, being selfish and hoarding items.  People losing their lives.

Yes, the Devil is alive and well in America. What we need to do is to put God first in America again.  

Mike Townsend – Franklin, N.C.

Newsweek story not a story but an opinion

RE: Patrick Wallace’s story

And boy did he (Mr. Wallace) have a story to tell. 

1.) Risch’s “story” was not a “story” in Newsweek. It was an opinion written by him. His opinion, not a story reported and researched by Newsweek. My opinion is just as valid.

2.) Risch’s “evidence and blockbuster survey” consisted of a study of 42 patients that was deemed uninterpretable. His other dangerous ideas came from a two-page document he found on Google.

All that said, the Trump Conservatives who are “frustrated” with Liberals like Trump’s CR task force keeping them from taking HCQ/hydroxychloroquine for CV19 Gulp away! Wash the HCQ down with a big glass of Clorox. Personally, I reccommend listening to Dr. Fauci.


Patrick L. Grey, M.D. – Cashiers, N.C.

Opinions are allowed; altering facts are not

We are all very well aware that in America everyone has the right to an opinion, and to express those opinions here on the pages of our local newspapers.

What frequently creates conflict and confusion is when personal views and opinions clash with facts and with the truth.  I believe that Robert Yates crossed that line in his letter to the editor (MCN, Aug. 20).

Donald Trump is infamous for his lies, fabrications and exaggerations of the truth and he relishes taking credit for the accomplishments of others. Unfortunately, all too often, his followers latch onto these untruths, run with them, and on and on they travel, ad infinitum.

One of Trump’s more recent and most glaring cock and bull stories (and one that Mr. Yates erroneously repeated) is taking credit for enacting the Veterans Choice Act.

Known specifically, the “Veterans’ Access to Care through Choice, Accountability, and Transparency Act of 2014,”  the Veterans Choice Act was sponsored by 20-term Republican Congressman Harold Rogers of the 5th District of Kentucky and introduced by the 113th Congress on Oct. 2, 2013.  We are now in the 2nd Session of the 116th Congress.

The United States Senate voted to agree to the conference report (the vote was 91-3) in Roll Call Vote #254, on 31 July, 2014.   President Barack Obama signed the bill into law on Aug. 7, 2014, approximately two and a half years before Donald Trump assumed office.

Clearly, everyone is entitled to an opinion and to express those opinions, but none of us are empowered to communicate our own facts, and that includes the president of the United States (although he doesn’t seem to recognize it).

Truth matters… and we (as Americans) have a responsibility and an obligation to speak truth to power (as best as we know how) at all times. I am deeply grieved and gravely concerned that this president and apparently much of his party and many of his followers, do not share my view.

David Snell – Franklin, N.C.

Wishful thinking in a fallen world

  I truly wish for things to be different than they are. I read the paper, view the media and I’ve come to understand and realize that Solomon’s statement is ever more real than ever before and that is, “there is nothing new under the sun.”

I wish for a willingness of people to forgive, to be better, kinder, gentler, love their neighbor in word and deed and not look for government, religion, or some special interest group to do this for them, which may be fine, but it is us as individuals needing to do what we all want most – peace, love, acceptance. 

 Our world cries out for this, we watch this daily within the media. Songs are written, art displays the cries of humanity, yet we keep in an endless search for whatever it is we are looking for and life moves on.  History really never changes,  it only seems new to the next generation. We look for everything we want and desire, yet many never seem to ever arrive or achieve any of it, the love for money, power, sex, unleashed freedoms of every kind seems in vain yet in want of more. Hearts, lives, families are broken and we seem to blame everything, yet rarely ask or search within our own self, is there something within me that seems not right or is missing? I cannot put into words just how I feel in the lostness of our world and the empty lives I see daily. We seem only to exist in hope of something different but not knowing what that difference would be. Generations of old have passed down this same feeling of trying to find anything that helps in man’s quest for living life. 

I truly have no answers for the next generation, I, too, felt the heaviness of despair, and no one could explain anything that made sense of the world. I can only offer the only thing that brought a rich and meaningful purpose in life and the relationship with others that I am blessed with; and that is in Jesus Christ. Many never see this or want this, but for me, Christ and all that revolves around his being of who, what, why, and his purpose within humanity, is a love story of love, kindness, gentleness, justice, peace, forgiveness, acceptance, all of this and more He’s given to me, as nothing nor no one ever has or ever could. I honestly have little purpose in life without Christ. I’m not a religious freak, but a relationship freak, there’s a big difference. I haven’t always been faithful, there have been times of doubt, but then when I see all the emptiness around me and  there’s nothing else, I’m always accepted back with open arms. He has helped me in making sense of both my internal and external world which I live. I feel he can help your world as well. Just ask and believe with all that you have, He’s worth all to give.

 Re-thinking life, 

 Deni Shepard – nds13@frontier.com

Macon needs to do better job of cleaning up roadways

I have been contemplating writing this letter for several years, but now I just have to get this one off my chest. I’m writing about the deplorable and disgusting condition of the roadways through our county. The practice of waiting until the grass along our roads is long enough to bale and the constant amount of garbage deposited on the side of the road by those that treat the road way the same way they look after their yards at home I suspect is ridiculous. Macon County never picks up the garbage until after the mowers once a year cut. If they ever do pick up the garbage it is now in thousands of tiny pieces. Now, if the decisions on the road maintenance is a DOT responsibility, I can understand why it is such a mess. However, if it is a county responsibility, then I would like to suggest that that person making those decisions should either look for another job someplace or go to Jackson County and learn how their job should be done. It’s amazing that traveling either north or south of our county, the roadways are well maintained and never in the condition that Macon County’s are. I really think a high school dropout could do a better job in the maintenance of the right of ways along our highways both north and south and east and west. It really is disgusting. Maybe the tax payers of Macon County should think about some county executives that pay a little attention to beautification and the perception by visitors of our county. Now if this is a DOT problem, then maybe those idiots at the Dept. of Highways could cut out three of the four stupid circles and put a little money to the beautification of our county. When was the last time you saw a person picking up garbage on our roadways? I can’t remember when that was but I remember not long ago seeing a crew picking up garbage in Jackson County and in Haywood County. Rabun County to our south is always a pleasure to drive.


G.G. Puckett – Franklin, N.C.