Letters for December 19, 2019


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The Christmas Story not fully understood

I cannot tell you the many times I have heard the story of Christmas, and as a very small child, the story of St. Nick who filled our stockings and placed gifts under lighted trees to the wonderment of all. The imagination and fairy tale wonder of Christmas for little children is brief, but the anticipation of Christmas morning never quite seems to leave us no matter what age we find ourselves, for it brings families both young and old closer than any other time of year. It seems our entire world stops ever so briefly on this one holiday for a time of pause and reflection of where we are in life and why our heart’s desire is for understanding and a peace within. The mystery of Christmas that affects many seems to be placed, not by man, but by the hand of Divine influence. Man gives us the commercial side of things and we get a distorted view of the reality and truest meaning of just what Christmas is. Christmas is but one true gift given to one person, and that gift is for you.  A young maiden was honored the privilege of bringing this gift of Christ to humanity by which we all can share in, if we accept the gift offered. This great story of Christmas blends in well to the narrative of who and what we are. We all have a sense there’s an imbalance within us and this world we live in.  This uneasiness is widely felt and seeking answers through man, government leaders, and religious systems is to no avail.  We want a love in truth, honesty and justice to relieve the uneasiness we all feel, but it is no where to be found. This is where and why the Christmas story enters our lives. It’s a story within a story.  God’s beginning of creation, time, and us in it, and man’s searching for his own meaning and purpose, and continues so to this day. God enters into this story again in a most profound way, by bringing Christ as a innocent child who remained innocent unto death for giving freely a purpose and meaning to those who are looking  for what man cannot achieve. He came to satisfy the purest honesty of love and justice we all want and desire; our lives, families, country, and our world seeks this. God, though his son “Christ,” is the essence and display of everything we seek, for he has placed this search in the heart of mankind, and the heart finds itself when it finds God. There is no greater gift than one who gives his own life for those undeserving of it. This gift is given and only finds its value to those who freely accept it, otherwise this gift is of no value and is not seen for what it truly is. The true gift has been given to mankind by God Himself … Christ, the gift to humanity, born from the womb of humanity, to relate to the failure and hurt of humanity against itself and against God. We all share and are taking part of a continued story of seeking just why is it, and where is it, we fit. This mystery of the, “Christmas Story is not fully understood” or realized, until we accept the gift. A gift which keeps giving  … “Christ.” Merry Christmas!

Deni Shepard – Franklin, N.C.

Witch hunt grasping at power straws

President Trump was spot on once again by saying the current shenanigans going on in Congress is a “witch hunt.”

If you know history you can see the comparisons to the witch hunts carried on by our early settlers in the New England states. Hundreds were accused of being witches and some 20 were actually hung.  One group of girls complained that a 5-year-old girl was a witch and she was jailed as a result.

Many young girls said they had witnessed witches doing their thing and some even said they experienced visions of the witches attacking people. More broke down in a court trial and screamed and wailed and went into a stupor. Of course there were no real witches and it turns out parents were encouraging their daughters to lie so the parents could grab the property owned by the accused witches.

The bottom line is that if you repeat a lie enough times people will begin to believe it. This is precisely what we see going on in the Democrat controlled Congress right now.

Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler keep lying about what President Trump is or has been doing.   Fact is, it is surprising to see how many people are suckered into believing the lies.

Combined with some of the Communist/Socialists people who would love to bring America to its knees we could lose our country so many worked so hard to build.

You better believe China will be pouring money into the 2020 elections to stop President Trump from winning.  They don’t want a balanced trade deal. China is not going to approve a trade deal in the hopes Trump will be taken down. They will back Biden since his family owes them so much money.  

Europeans and other countries don’t want to pay their fair share of defense and would rather have us foot the bill for their defense. Just in Okinawa, we pour billions into their economy and they would go broke without our bases there.

The Europeans are happy to have our bases in their country because our service people spend their money in their cities.

So far, I have been unable to find any honest testimony from anyone during the recent impeachment hearings and found it filled with hearsay and some outright lies.

In the meantime, we deal with the absurd and we must all work to grasp what’s really going in the DC swamp.  

The Socialists have been diligently working for over 80 years to arrive at this point in time and we must decide who we want to follow, President Trump or the liars?

Let’s be honest, every president from Washington to Lincoln to Roosevelt to JFK to LBJ to Obama could have been impeached under the standards set by the Socialists currently ruling Congress.  But note they turn a blind eye to their own corruption.

 Bob Wilson – Franklin, N.C.

Dems need to keep doing what they’re doing

I finally have to respond to the constant lies and half-truths being printed in both Macon County newspapers, by people who definitely have to be Democrats.  A Mr. Snell and Mr. Waldrop must be on both papers’ payrolls, as both seem to have their letters published by both papers.  My guess is they are simply following orders of the Dem Collective to keep posting their “propaganda” as many times as they can – as then maybe, just maybe people will actually believe the drivel they spout.  And yes, it is drivel to the maximum.  

I’m sure most Macon County folks who float moderate to right don’t have time to write so many letters as they have jobs and on the floor laughing their butts off at the nonsense that gets printed on a regular basis by both papers.  These two gentlemen as not alone, they have plenty of actors with them that also get their diatribes posted very often, like a Mr. Chew of Otto and others.  Gentlemen, you have an opinion and that is fine, yet when it is a bald face lie and you know it – then shame on you for propagating it. Just because your “masters” demand you to do so, does not make it right.  Most of the same people also like to spout off they are veterans, which means to me – nothing other than maybe you got some shell shock or traumatic brain injury at some point and you need to seek immediate help from the VA, if you can get it.  I say that as a 20-year military retiree – not just a veteran who probably served simply because of the draft.  I volunteered and stayed through four presidents – from Carter to Clinton – two Democrats and two GOP.  The Democrats were horrible presidents, as well as the prior POTUS #44 who just left office.  Clinton was not as bad at the two mentioned, but because he was so Politically Correct, he made the military not worth staying any longer for.

I am Independent by choice and float moderate to the right. I’ve been both a DEM and GOP, so I know both sides of the story.  You gentlemen have not and seem to be lifelong DEMs, so of course you follow the party line; even as bad as it’s getting.  Should there ever be a Dem worth voting for, I’d seriously consider that person – yet as treasonous as they are becoming, that won’t probably happen in my lifetime.  Does Trump lie – of course he does and so do you!  He’s a businessman in a political game and the politicians (all of them – both sides) are doing their best to knock him done and out without hurting themselves – i.e. Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell.  Democrats don’t care, they are all in – and that is a very bad place to be in.  You may win big (doubtful), but can easily lose big (probable).  As for what Trump did prior to being POTUS – who cares how many times he filed bankruptcy during the real estate downturns, whom he may or may not have slept with, and the list goes on.  We the people did not elect / vote for him as he was a saint.  We voted for him simply to keep the devil incarnate out and turn this country into a craphole that was forming under #44.  Trump puts his pants on like you and me – one leg at a time; so he is not better or worse.  He’s a billionaire – so what.  Dems have two of them running and both are horrible choices and will be lucky to get 5-10% of the vote.  There are no real leaders out of the whole bunch of Dem POTUS potentials.  I mean from a sleazy woman (Harris) who used her gender to climb the ladder to being a Senator; a woman (Warren) who doesn’t even know what she is, but pretends to be anything and everything; and a guy (Bernie) who has never held a real job and wants to make everything free.  Really?  “Who” pays for all that free stuff?

Matthew 7:3-5 explains your situation very well: “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when all the time there is a plank in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.”

I get the impression you and I did not watch the same Impeachment Hearings, if you even watched at all.  I did as much as I could stomach. The oxymoron called the House Intelligence Committee part was a complete and utter fiasco.  Dems asked very soft and opinionated questions and got likewise answers.  The GOP asked harder questions and got the “real” answers from all those that came.  None had any direct knowledge of the telephone call in question for the whole charade.  None – not one.  Even the strongest one – Sondlond – eventually stated there was no Quid Pro Quo and President Trump even stated to him such.  That statement directly conflicted with his written and opening statement. None of the others, even the so-called highly decorated Army Major – Vindman – had no direct knowledge. Vindman is a Russian by birth and the man wore his dress uniform that day for simply one reason – to get people to think such a man would never lie – but he did.  Why wear your dress uniform when your day to day uniform is a business suit?  I do know where you folks got your account of the Intel Committee fiasco – from the Alphabet Nightly News stations – as I, too, watched what Mr. Stephanopoulos and David Muir of ABC Nightly News said on TV (WLOS – Asheville).  Those people only gave part of the real story that aligned with their political leanings.  What did FOX News say?  No clue, as I don’t watch it along with CNN, MSNBC, and the other false media outlets.  I got my facts straight from watching the circus and even listening to the full telephone conversation between Trump and the Ukraine president.  Even the Office of Management and Budget have come out stating that “holding” funds from countries is pretty standard under “all” presidents.  I even saw a video of ex-VP Joe Biden explaining how he held up $1 billion in aid to the Ukraine unless they stopped investigating his son Hunter. Hhhhhmmmm, think we see where the real Quid Pro Quo really was and that would be the Democrats under Barry Soetero aka BHO.  I think President Trump has every right as president to ask another country’s president to look into some of the shady deals of the past.  BTW [by the way] – Joe Biden is simply one of 20-plus people who are running for election, not the actual Democrat nominee at this point.  Americans, all Americans have the right to know what kind of shady deals were going on during the Obama Regime.

Then off to Little Man J-bo Nadler’s Circus in the House Judiciary.  Hhhhmmm – let’s see … four constitutional professors are invited and guess what, three are Democrat invitees (Feldman, Gerhardt, and Karlan) and  one (Turley) is for the GOP.  Much like the Intel Committee – the Dems asked very soft and opinionated questions for their three people and can you imagine it – they all responded in kind.  Turley sat over at the end of the table for nearly the whole session and was never asked a single question by the Dems.  He even stated that he was not a Trump supporter, but gave his view on the “Constitutionality” of the whole impeachment deal and said nothing President Trump did was impeachable.  He also specified that should the Democrats keep on and set a very bad precedent like the Nuclear Option from Harry Reid & Co days, it could / would come back to bite them later on.  Even Karlan had to drag President Trump’s son – Barron – into the fray, yet according to the Dems – children (even grown ones like Hunter) are off limits – yet not Democrat one said a word to the contrary.  She also stated that she had to cross the street so as not to walk directly in front of a Trump Hotel.  OMG – is that not loony tunes!

Explain to all of us, why the impeachment charges have gone from Quid Pro Quo to what they are now?  Every time a charge was made, that charge has been nullified by facts – so let’s keep that county fair duck shooting game going with that bent BB gun and ducks streaming across that are next to impossible to knock down – maybe one shot will actually work!  Everyone knows Trump will not be impeached (nothing to impeach for) and Dems are simply making sure he is re-elected in 2020.  But hey, keep up the good work.

Thanks, Terry Swift – Franklin, N.C.

The child I was would not understand

I remember in grade school learning about the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Even today, the opening phrases in those documents sometimes play over and over in my mind, like a song you can’t get out of your head,

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.”

“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility …”

I remember the King in England ruled the American colonists with personal fiats and a total disregard for established laws. I can easily picture the people who founded our great nation, because they are no different from the people I know now.  They are the same people as my neighbors, friends, work colleagues, all with a common understanding of the importance of personal liberty and freedom from tyranny.

The nation’s founders tried to insure that a tyrant would never again rule the people without consent. They would define the three most basic government functions, each free from domination by the other two branches. First they gave us a body of representative lawmakers  elected directly by the people; this Congress most closely represented the people and was intended to be the primary of the three branches. The second branch would be the executor, responsible for ensuring that the laws enacted by the Congress were carried out. The third branch would be judges who could interpret the laws and resolve conflicts between the Congress and the executor.

I try to imagine what our colonial ancestors would think of our current state of affairs: a body of lawmakers whose divisiveness and rancor have paralyzed their ability to enact laws, a body of judges who have used partisanship and political agendas to poison their judgements, and an executor who has made himself unanswerable to either the lawmakers or judges. I think these time travelers from the birth of our nation would be horrified that our country has allowed the return of an imperial executive, who has put himself above the law.

That innocent child I was would not understand how we could have returned to a government ruled by an executive with absolute power, who is above the law. That child I was would recoil from the return of tyranny.

We now have a president who has said he will not respect any of the constitutionally protected  subpoenas that the Congress has issued.

Why does president refuse to respond to these requests for documents and testimonies?

He says it isn’t fair, he says he has done nothing wrong.

The president has decided that he does not answer to the Congress. His actions tear down the most fundamental building blocks of our nation; the ability of the Congress to keep the executor from devolving in a despot, a ruler with no boundaries, an autocrat, a dictator.

That child I was would fear for the future of our democratic republic.

 John Barry – Franklin, N.C.