Letters for January 14, 2021


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Mask wearing 101

The mask debate has become so ludicrous that many people falsely think it is “patriotic” or a “Christian gesture” to wear one.  This reasoning is a complete lack of understanding when emotions rule the day.  Everyone loves to quote the now compromised CDC, but never do people cite the May 2020 journal from the CDC on Emerging Infectious Disease or countless other verifiable studies concluding unequivocally that face masks do NOT stop the spread of Covid-19 and should not be relied on to do so.  As in so many other instances in today’s unprecedented times, truth has been swept under the rug in favor of collectivist groupthink and political control in the name of security.  The virus is real, but is not as bad as we have been led to believe.  By the numbers, the common flu is just as deadly to susceptible and elderly people, yet no one told the simpletons to fearfully shut down their lives in the past.  (Even during the 1918 Spanish Flu outbreak, businesses remained open, and it was proven then that masks were only petri dishes for bacteria to collect in face moisture causing more people to become sick from pneumonia).  For every study or politically motivated scientist/medical “expert” claiming certain information about the sky falling because of Covid-19 or that masks are effective, there are countless others in those same fields that are rejecting the bogus narratives.  These people are being blatantly censored and demonized despite their very credible resumes and credible studies.  Science is always evolving, yet this set of current circumstances obviously has sinister motivation behind it for anyone willing to search for truth and understand human nature.  Mask wearing is conditioning the masses for more intrusion by a criminal federal government.

The CDC also estimates that today’s mask compliance is at least 95% or higher, yet cases are still rising (although it has also been proven that many Covid-19 tests are false positives).  So, masks are obviously NOT working and have become a mere security blanket for the virtue signaling crowd.  Besides, most sincere observers realize that constantly adjusting a face mask with germ ridden hands or re-using masks actually defeats the purpose of wearing a mask to begin with.  It is obvious that weak minded society is just going through the motions.  Just following orders like good little socialists.  It is time to stop wearing masks and get on with life.  If a business or school requires you to wear a mask upon entering it, the magic words are “I have an exemption under the governor’s mandate, and I am not required to reveal my medical privacy to you.”  Anyone can look this information up on the NC.gov Covid Orders website, but it clearly states we are NOT required to wear a mask based on exemptions.   If a person is believing mainstream media propaganda without thinking for themselves, they should be ashamed at their lack of critical thinking.  Mark Twain said it best, “It is easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled by others.”

Furthermore, if we are to “follow the science,” Christians would have to believe in evolution because that is what corrupt mainstream tells us.  Yet, most true Christians reject evolution…for now.  Modern Christians also falsely believe they are going the “extra mile” in wearing face masks, but in reality, they are promoting fear and lack of faith in God’s sovereignty by not seeking absolute truth in the virus debate.  The same is true for Christians who ignorantly believe in man-made global warming instead of the principles of Genesis.  They are buying into man’s fearmongering instead of God’s authoritative Word. It is one thing to be a common sense conservationist and another to follow a cult of intrusive, fake virtue, environmentalism based on corruption.  This same principle applies to masks and the bogus mainstream reasoning behind them.

As far as claims of “patriotism” by wearing masks, that is another lie altogether, but blindly following nonsense from corrupted “officials” is certainly NOT patriotism.  In fact, Ron Paul accurately states that, “real patriotism is a willingness to challenge the government when it is wrong.”  

Don’t take my word for it, Christians and patriots, do your own research to be set free from the bondage of lies, control, and manipulation.  The truth is out there if people are willing to look beyond the mainstream hysteria and take all information back to foundations such as Holy Scripture and the US Constitution of what government’s PROPER role should be.  Government’s role is NOT medical tyranny.  I would also suggest reading the first chapter of the book, “Face Masks in One Lesson,” by Allan Stevo.  Wake up and seek truth.  

 Jim Gaston – Franklin, N.C.

‘Old’ veterans should be among first for shot

You know I understand the reasoning for giving all the front line personnel the shots first, they are in a position to be near the problem. I understand why they are giving the nursing homes the shots, they need to be cared for up front, but here’s my gripe: Not a word on when us old veterans and I mean old, hell, I’m 90-plus.

You call the VA clinic, and they have no answer. You call the VA hospital in Asheville, and they have no answer either. I wonder if the nursing home at the VA hospital are getting their shots? I don’t mind waiting, waiting, but at least someone in our government could think about this country’s vets. We were there for them when they needed us, now it’s the government’s turn.

With respect,  

 William Trapani – Franklin, N.C.

Animal cruelty should carry major penalties

I would like to address a subject that is so often ignored by politicians but is of a greater concern to us, the majority population. Animal cruelty. Everyday on the internet and on the news we hear about sickening and abusive treatment of defenseless and pitiful animals of every kind. Cats used as sacrifices, horses left without feed and water till they could not stand, dogs tied to a tree and left by their owner because he either tired of caring for the dog or unfortunately found it hard to afford to keep the animal.

Recently, an article appeared on the internet about a low life individual tying a concrete block to a dog’s neck and throwing him in the river. Fortunately a passerby witnessed the act and dove in and saved the little dog. Although it’s a subject revered by most people in this country, it is almost totally ignored by our politicians. Maybe it’s time that the concerned population make it an issue with some of these do nothing politicians. It’s time that animal cruelty becomes a major felony, with penalties severe enough to prevent a person from even thinking about committing an act of cruelty. Like five years minimum to 20 years for the really horrendous acts.

I hope there are others out there that think as I do and act rather than look the other way.  

G.G. Puckett – Franklin, N.C.

Media has become corrupt mouthpiece for party line

When I was in college studying Civil Engineering, one of my favorite professors would talk about engineering excellence in treatment of sewerage by asking;

“If you have a 55 gallon drum of sewerage and add a tablespoon of water, what do you have?” The obvious answer is “Sewerage.”

Then he would ask “If you have a 55 gallon drum of water and add a tablespoon of sewage what do you have?”

The answer is “the same thing” and when someone would argue the qualitative difference, he would ask, “Okay, then are you the one volunteering to drink it?”

Using this analogy on those advocating and enabling in any way the incorporating of the concepts of Socialism/Communism into America as opposed to the Liberty guaranteed by the Bill of Rights and Constitution, I would offer the perspective that the qualitative difference is very much like being slightly pregnant or slightly dead.

Either you are or you aren’t.

Which way do you want to live? Ask those who fled to this country from Cuba, Venezuela, China, Russia, Laos, and Viet Nam about this question.

All of those Woke Folks who have blindly imbibed the Socialism sewerage Cool Aid, accepted and like hypnotized automatons daily regurgitate the deluge of Socialist/Communist  propaganda continually pushed on this nation by the Lame Scream media have become Fellow Travelers and mouthpieces for the corrupt Socialist/Communist Democratic Party line, and yes, also the equally despicable and corrupt Republicans and Independents who have come out of the closet and shown their far Left bias and hatred for America by joining in the vitriolic rhetoric Pelosi, Schumer and their minions are putting out every day.

FACT: Yes, the Jan. 6, 2021, events at the Capitol were surprising, shocking, unfortunate and caught everyone flat footed.

FACT: Yes, President Trump called for supporters to show up on Jan. 6, 2021, to protest the now soundly proven illegitimate outcome of the Nov. 3rd election.

FACT: Yes, since Dec. 15, 1791, Amendment 1 of the Bill of Rights protects the “right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

FACT: No, President Trump did not utter a word to the crowd about breaking into the Capitol building.

FACT: If anyone with any curiosity about what really happened would do a little research, you will find that the 50-100 people obviously disguised as Trump supporters who attacked the building were (1) at one side of the building allowed and encouraged by the Capitol Police to come into the building and 2) videos and photographs of those doing a lot of the violence bear a striking resemblance to earlier social media postings and news reporting videos of members of BLM and Antifa participants in last Summer’s Antifa and BLM riots and arson, assaults and murders in Portland, Kenosha, Philadelphia, New York, Minneapolis, and 3) the “Tradecraft” (back packs containing weapons, 2 x 4 boards-where did those come from?, using boots to pound the glass, etc. ) and  4)  their actions are identical to those done by the BLM and Antifa thugs all Summer long. The rest of the crowd, and even those who regrettably were stupit (SP intentional) enough to be caught up in the moment and come into the building did not exhibit any of the wild behavior of the first bunch of thugs.

FACT: The Lame Scream media as well as many of the Socialist/Communist Senators (Harris the Ho and Beijing Biden in particular) and Representatives portrayed  the riots and arson that continued all summer long as “peaceful protests” and encouraged them to continue yet hypocritically band together like a pack of rabid hyenas to howl about the Jan. 6th incident being a “treasonous” act by President Trump.

FACT: The regrettable killings done that day were the unjustified shooting of an unarmed female Air Force veteran by a Capitol Police Officer and one of the Capitol officers first attackers hit on the head with a fire extinguisher. Throughout the entire Trump presidency there is no record of any Trump supporter committing violence or attacking a police officer. On the other hand, look at the record of Antifa and BLM with respect to attacking the police. Can you draw a reasonable conclusion about who actually fomented and carried out the violence?

FACT: Pelosi, Schumer, Harris the Ho, Beijing Biden, and the rest of the Socialist/Communist cabal funded by Big Tech’s rich elitists, America haters such as George Soros and his two sons,  aiding and abetting the efforts of China and Russia to destroy our Republic, have worked long and hard to put into place a program to give them absolute power over every American.

FACT: The slow rolled takeover many years in the making is over and they are in full throated bloodlust to cast aside the Bill of Rights, strip us of our liberty, confiscate our wealth to their personal benefit, and control every aspect of our lives.

Wake up you Woke Folks and realize that this country is well on its way to be taken over by those who President Trump has warned us about. Do you think you will be safe from their machinations? Ask the people who fled Cuba, China, Viet Nam, Laos, North Korea and Venezuela to come here. How much more of the Socialist/Communist sewerage are you willing to drink?

I welcome a response from anyone who can dispute the Truths and FACTS laid out above with controverting FACTS and not by simply bleating the Socialist/Communist Party line because of your blind pathological hatred of a man who would speak the truth to power.

Yea, therefore and verily I say unto you, the Truth shall set you free, but first it shall make you very angry.

 Pete Stern – Franklin, N.C.

No real evidence of election fraud

There have been many allegations of election fraud that were raised before the first vote was even cast or mailed in in 2020.  What is the truth about this alleged election fraud?

If there actually was election fraud, Donald Trump’s lawyers would have real evidence of this fraud in their possession. If Donald Trump’s lawyers have real evidence of election fraud in their possession, they would have included this evidence in the lawsuits these lawyers brought to over 60 different courts; they did not present any evidence to any court or any judge. They did not present any videos, affidavits, photographs, or sworn testimony as evidence.

The fact is, Donald Trump’s lawyer do not have any evidence of election fraud. They have no evidence of election fraud to present to any court or judge. They have not presented any evidence to any state or federal law enforcement personnel. They have no evidence that any state election board did not follow the election laws of any state legislature to any court or judge. One state superior court rejected a lower state court ruling that the extended the number of days that mail-in votes could be counted. That is not election fraud.

So now, people have criminally attacked, looted, and vandalized the U.S. Capitol Building, intending to kidnap and murder the vice president and members of Congress. They committed these crimes because they believe the recent Federal election was fraudulent. These people were misled and lied to by President Trump and Republican members of Congress. These politicians did this for their own personal and political gains. Their speech and actions resulted in the desecration of the most treasured symbol of American Democracy, the injury of hundreds of people, and the killing of at least six Americans. Our own newly elected Congressman Cawthorne Madison was one of those duplicitous politicians.

We have never experienced an episode of domestic political terrorism on this scale and of this enormity in America. I pray with all of you that we never will experience misguided treachery like this again.  

John Barry – Franklin, N.C.