Letters for January 17, 2019


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We need to focus on the future of our planet

Sometimes I think we have lost our collective minds. We have the likes of new Congresswoman Ocasio Cortez demanding we close down all of our coal and oil- fired power plants while the rest of the world continues to build them. She entirely ignores China is building around 50 coal-fired power plants a year and is currently building a whopping 1,600 around the world to help power other countries. Is she nuts? In the meantime, someone is getting rich from the drug cartels pumping money into preventing Trump from building the wall. But, who’s getting the money? Would it be going to one of our TV channels and one must admit channels like CNN are fighting hard to allow the free flow of drugs into America? In places like Seattle and San Diego, allowing drug addicts to live on the sidewalks and roadsides has become an acceptable way of life. Predictions now are that by 2040 along with the current birth rate, the Muslims will control America with a Muslim president. We already saw a new Muslim Congresswoman blast our system of capitalism and free markets. Obviously she hates Trump and our way of life. If we are honest, we will admit global warming is the result of over population. With our already huge and fast growing population the world needs to burn more and more fossil fuels to sustain us. Worse yet, this may eventually lead us to a disastrous war to rid the earth of most of us. As an Agnostic, I have a vision of what we commonly refer to as God. For sure, it ain’t anything like we are told in our Holy books and were written by people 900 years after the purported Creation. People in those days were totally ignorant of the universe and they came up with a God looking like them. In the meantime we have been making amazing strides in our studies of the universe. We will find God. We now know if you were able to hold a neutron star in your hands and dropped it, it is so heavy it would fall right through the entire earth. We have discovered billions of other galaxies, each containing 200 billion planets and stars. In total, we probably have close to a trillion planets and stars in our universe, many of which may contain life as we know it. We may be only one of billions of universes, some perhaps with different laws of physics. Some galaxies are so far away their light is just now reaching us after almost 14 billion years. There is so much for humans to learn and as we move on, we may discover the source of what we call God and my own personal belief is that is exactly what God wants of us. Even the study of how the DNA in all life forms came about leads us to an Intelligent Design, perhaps from another planet. In the meantime, we need to get our politicians under control and quit the sleazy name calling. Trump is called a racist simply because he wants good jobs for all regardless of their race. But, the Dems will continue on with their filthy language in the hopes of turning us into another Venezuela. Let’s talk about our future, and yes, our future in the universe and where we will go to escape our self-inflicted over population and resultant destruction of our planet.

Bob Wilson – Franklin, N.C.

Staff at Macon Valley professional and caring

We often read or hear about our local nursing and assisted living facilities with the deficiencies and problems highlighted in capital letters. I would like to share a recent experience my family had at Macon Valley Nursing and Rehabilitation Center (formerly Britthaven). My parents chose to move from Florida to be near family here and both needed additional nursing care and physical therapy. Their goal was to move to assisted living or their own apartment within 4-6 weeks. We moved them by ambulance van and plane and the staff at Macon Valley was prepared and ready to take them in even at 5 a.m. My parents received therapy twice a day, six days a week and special care for foot wounds and breathing issues around the clock. Family members were in and out of the facility as often as five times a day and never found anything objectionable in their care. From the medical director, Carlos Vargas and administrative staff, to the therapists, nurses, aides and custodial staff, we felt everyone was as professional, hard-working, attentive and caring as they could possibly be. My parents were accepted into assisted living on Nov. 30, but unfortunately, my father, at 98 years old, succumbed to pneumonia four days later. He passed peacefully with his therapist at his side and did not suffer. The staff was so very helpful and consoling, helping us move my mother to a different room and taking extraordinary care of her until we could arrange her move to assisted living at Franklin House. It is high time that hard-working nursing and care staff in our facilities here get credit for the difficult and often unrewarded work they do cheerfully and professionally, daily.

Carol Sonagere Kitzner – Franklin, N.C.

Have I been merciful enough?

The other night I dreamed I talked with Jesus. That’s right, Jesus, Jesus Christ. The same Jesus that evangelicals claim to worship. I said, Jesus, the book of Matthew (KJV), Chapter 14, verse 19 reads—“And he commanded the multitudes to sit down on the grass, and took the five loaves, and the two fishes, and looking up to heaven, he blessed, and brake, and gave the loaves to his disciples, and the disciples to the multitude.” Later in verse 21 he said—“And they that had eaten were about five thousand men, beside women and children.” Jesus smiled at me. I said, “Jesus, had you made any eligibility determination before you fed those people? Were there some who were just taking advantage of your generosity like the migrants at the United States/Mexico border are today?” Jesus looked at me intently and said firmly, “Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy.” Then He walked away. I woke up wondering if I have been merciful enough with my fellow human beings.

Dave Waldrop – Webster, N.C.

Where can hope be found?

Hope in our modern society seems ever fading, waving good-bye at hopeful dreams that seem unattainable. Our suicide rate continues to climb, our younger generation loses hope in feeling they will be worse off than their parents. Even in our movies there is a loss of hope, much of what we see is a doom or an ending of our world. The apocalypses of ending death and zombies may be thrilling, but this brings little hope of a promising future. There’s a declining hope and we seem adrift in an absurd world. With the absence of morals and absolutes, we can’t even have a discussion of justice or what’s right and wrong. When our progressive society moves forward and is met with opposition, it is not moved forward by civil dialogue or discussion, but by discrediting and belittling. The cry for dignity and respect is only to be given to them and the opposition is not allowed the same, or you’re considered less human and met with disdain. This is where we find ourselves, no matter how you address modern life, it adds up to a lack of hope. The threats of a world economic collapse, terrorism, global warming, natural disasters, human trafficking and drug addiction, all show we are in a desperate need of “Hope.” But where is hope to be found? Hope that can stand up and enables us to face the worst of life, rests on faith that transcends this world and life, and any position that denies the supernatural, can only find hope in self. Humanity’s continued efforts to secure hope beyond the pleasures of life will always be one of failure, even unto death. We have met a vanishing point of “self” islands adrift in a sea of nothingness. Death has its mark on all of us, and there is an appointed day on which the calendar has our name on it, and if there is nothing at life’s end for us or for this world, why do we even wish for “Hope” at all? Hope cannot be removed from our internal or eternal being, it seems we each must deal with this in some way, and some that cry out for hope and can’t find it, end life in despair. If we truly are just part of nature, hope does not exist, science even agrees that there is nothing more inevitable and natural than violence, and we seem in the midst of this; evolution and natural selection are based on this. When all Hope leaves the room and it is just you, the only thing left is family, and sadly for some, they don’t even have this. God is the only one, the only hope, and when all else fails, when we are at the end, faith in Him will get you beyond hopelessness. Only three things remain, “faith, hope, and love.” (1 Cor. 13:13). This is where “Hope” is found and gives life meaning. Respectfully

Deni Shepard – nds13@frontier.com