Letters for January 20, 2022


A lot to agree on that is critical to our democracy

Let’s talk about the upcoming elections – not the candidates, but the voting. Regardless of your political leaning, there are a lot that we can agree on that is critical to our democracy. For example: 

All citizens who meet eligibility requirements should be able to register to vote.

Each voter should have access to voting whether they live in the mountains of WNC or the cities of Raleigh and Durham.

All voters should be able to vote by mail or vote at convenient early voting times.

Voters should not be intimidated or threatened at any point.

Each eligible voter should be able to cast one ballot; it should be counted the same as every other ballot and reported accurately.

Big businesses and big money should not influence a politician more than an individual’s vote. Voting districts should be created using neutral standards (not Democratic, not Republican). Voter registration should be available at each state’s motor vehicle agency. 

Imagine, if you go to the polls to vote next November and you are denied the right to vote. How would you feel? Depending on your answer, then the Voting Rights bill deserves your support.   

 Jean Wright – Franklin, N.C.

Appreciates Gaston letter; questions Waldrop’s analysis

I would like to congratulate Jim Gaston for a great letter skewering the incoherence of the Covid vaccination show. I was going to write something along the same lines but my letter would have been more prosaic and less memorable. Hats off to you for your artistry and common sense.

Also, I want to comment on Dave Waldrop’s musings on Kyle Rittenhouse. According to Mr Waldrop’s analysis it seems that Kyle showed up on the scene totally unprovoked and had no business being there. Did the three who were shot have any business being there or any of the others who were burning and vandalizing property? Something else left out of the analysis is the dereliction of the police. Who prevented them from keeping order? If the vested authorities do not do what they are supposed to do, someone will eventually do it for them. That’s just a fact.  I don’t believe that Kyle went there to take the cops’ job but to assist in the protection of a business that asked for his help. Too bad the cops just dialed it in that night because of political orders above them. Anyone with any feelings would mourn any killing whether in self- defense or in war. Self-defense or defense of others in danger is war scaled down to a very personal level. When the law is not enforced or is only asymmetrically enforced people will depend on themselves for protection.  


David Parker – Sylva, N.C.