Letters for January 24, 2019


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New Green Deal would mean a healthier planet

When I picked up last week’s paper and saw a letter from Bob Wilson entitled “We need to focus on the future of our planet,” I had a glimmer of hope that Bob would share some real (not faux) hope for our future. I didn’t have to read far to learn that we shouldn’t do anything to protect life on our fragile blue/green planet, that anyone else isn’t willing to do to, in reference to China. Given that the Trump admin has committed to withdraw the U.S. from the Paris Climate Accord by 2020 this is an outrageous statement. All 200 nations have signed on, leaving the U.S. as the sole rogue player. He quickly wandered off topic and delved in drugs, and other issues. I would probably include myself among Bob’s age group. We have had our life and are somewhat secure in our retirement and we have contributed to the world as it is today, both good and bad. It would be easy to just comfortably sit back and watch the world to go to hell in a hand basket, if one believed in hell. Bob admits he is agnostic which I have no problem with. Born in the ’50s I don’t think most folks had any inclination of our effect on the planet. Life was good! Even my dad, who was a desert ecologist probably didn’t see what was coming, even after 45 years of research on his desert plot. In fact, scientists have done a pretty poor job of predicting the future, erring on the conservative side, i.e., things are much worse than predicted. Ice in the Antarctic is melting six times faster than a few decades ago, the sea is sucking up heat and CO2 from the atmosphere much faster than predicted causing unprecedented storms. If all the ice in the Antarctic melted, the sea level would rise 200 feet. What is most disturbing about Bob Wilson’s letter is that he takes aim at the young new congress members, including Congresswoman Ocasio Cortez, who are standing behind what is called the New Green Deal. The NGD would mean an immediate mobilization of our troops (scientists, industrialist, politicians, everyone) to stave off what will surely be a future that few would want to live in. You and I, Bob, probably won’t have to worry! What this new generation of activist politicians are asking for is simply the right to a livable planet for themselves and future generations. Gee, this doesn’t seem too unreasonable, does it? It would, of course, mean giving up the status quo of the dirty fossil fuel companies who have long known that their actions were imperiling the future of the world. Yes, it would mean divesting in our doomed economic model that puts profits above people, including those unborn, and the planet; and investing in life-supporting technologies that protect the planet, and maybe even remove some of the CO2 we have put in the atmosphere. It would mean leaving the remaining fossil fuels in the ground. This might cause some disruption, but nothing compared to a future where we do nothing differently. Bob, we’ve had our chance at messing things up. So, wouldn’t it be fair or honorable to give them a chance? Scientists say we have 12 years to reverse the current trends, beginning today. U.S. CO2 production rose 3.4 percent last year. This is not a good sign, and it is driven in part by an administration that claims clean coal is beautiful and rolls back every environmental regulation possible include new fuel standards which would have required vehicles to achieve 54.5mpg by 2025. Gee, my 2012 Prius C gets 54.5 mpg. It is like getting money back every time you fill up. Without policies in place, consumers, encouraged by record low gas prices are buying larger, less fuel efficient vehicles and car companies are closing factories that produce small cars. No wonder. Our military is a major user of petroleum; so much for national security. I agree with Bob’s first statement, “Sometimes I think we have lost our collective minds.” I recently read about a dramatic decline in insects, Monarch butterflies, bees and others. One reason is that they have nowhere to go and feed. With farmers growing every available acre of land in corn for ethanol, we no longer put land into the federal conservation program which would provide habitat for so many lowly but beneficial and ultimately indispensable creatures. So what we think is good: ethanol in our fuel, just means we are further degrading our environment so other creatures can’t survive. A New Green Deal will mean clean energy, healthy jobs (who wants to dig coal), healthier kids and elders, a robust economy and much more. Anyone who finds fault with this has their head in the sand. Oh, and by the way, we can still purchase non-ethanol fuels and give butterflies a chance. Bob, if you grew up in the ’60s you may remember the words of Bob Dylan, “The Times They are a Changin’” which still ring true today: “Come mothers and fathers, Throughout the land/And don’t criticize, What you can’t understand/Your sons and your daughter, Are beyond you command/Your old road is, Rapidly agin’/Please get out of the new one, If you can’t lend your hand/For the times they are a-changin’.” Let’s give this new generation of bright, energetic leaders our hand or at least not stand it their way.

Paul Chew – Otto, N.C.

Congress needs to do what’s best for country

The political volleying going on in Washington is so frustrating.  We send representatives to Congress to enact legislation beneficial to us and to our country.  Instead, we get political puppets who only vote along party lines rather than vote for what best benefits our country. Why won’t the Democrats cooperate with anything President Trump proposes?  It doesn’t seem to matter that it’s for the benefit of our national security.  Even when the president tries to compromise, they refuse to negotiate.  Were they voted for to stubbornly oppose any and all legislation solely because it has Trump’s name on it? It seems  that this is their intention.   The border wall is one obvious issue.  The money he is proposing is for part of a wall in areas of high illegal traffic and drug smuggling.  The horrendous drug situation in our country certainly calls for  immediate measures.  Our own border patrol agents are asking for the wall.  In fact, Chris Harris, a retired border patrol agent, cited an example of how effective a wall could be.  In 1997, a wall was erected in the highest crime area of the border.  Before the wall, he said, 1,000-1,500 people were illegally entering the U.S each day.  After the wall was built, those numbers dropped down to maybe 100 a night. That area now has 1,000 homes and a mall and Americans are safe. Why won’t the Democrats allow Trump to prove the effectiveness of a wall by allowing him to build this part of it? People who voted to send these representatives to Congress should be swamping their offices with protests. Do we want two years of total gridlock because of a political blockade? I surely hope voters will take appropriate action.

Loretta Hastings – Franklin, N.C.

Why Socialists want influx of immigrants

It’s a simple enough plan. Just bring in enough immigrants from countries that have run out of resources and over populated themselves. Then pass a law to make them citizens so that they can vote for those kindly Socialists. The assumption is that being destitute, they will gladly vote for a government that will feed and clothe them. This is what the Democratic Socialists are counting on and this is why they don’t want a border wall with Mexico. Once they have accomplished that, the Dems can shove us into a Socialist form of government and do away with a free market Democracy. There are problems, however, as for example, the vast majority of Latinos are Catholic. Oh yes, the Church is tickled to have more Catholics in America because they put a lot of money into the church coffers. Why is this a problem? Well, guess what, Catholics don’t approve of abortion. Not only that but the Church does not approve of birth control either. So now we have a movement to have the government pay for abortions (free medical care) at a time when the Catholics vehemently resist it. And, it’s not just the Catholics by the way, but includes most Protestant churches as well. And all this, at a time when the Socialists are trying hard to replace religion with government and want the Washington political elite to be viewed as God’s. Psychopathic Nancy Pelosi views herself as at the minimum, a Goddess. Well, one must admit that she is leading the Dems around like sheep and if anyone dares defy her, she will cut off important funding for their state. So now we understand why the Socialists want to allow more and more immigrants to cross our borders illegally and can ignore the huge price we pay for drug deaths and taking care of the immigrants. We have become the laughing stock of the world. Eventually, we could be faced with as many as 100 million immigrants from all parts of the world which would bring us to the edge of disaster because our own resources, believe it or not, are finite. Our freshwater from which we grow food, is expected to last another 40 years but mass immigration will eliminate it in 20 years. It will also cause us to use more and more fossil fuels and further pollute the atmosphere. (Never fear, China is quite busy at it.) If we are honest, we will admit that almost all of these immigrants have used up what resources they had in their native country and want to come here and use what we have left. So what’s the answer? Are the Socialists willing to sell our country to the highest bidder in order to gain control of us? Will we stand by quietly while the Dems try to remove our President? Stand by, things are getting weird and perhaps dangerous.

Bob Wilson – Franklin, N.C.