Letters for January 30, 2020


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Is there anything that is not better today?

Fellow Democrats, is this all you got is impeachment?
This is the only thing you’ve done since taking over the House. I take that back, you have drawn a big fat salary. You’ve taken more days off then you’ve have showed up for “work” Ha, ha. You’ve been talking impeachement from Day One when Trump was elected.
Can anybody name the top 10 things they have accomplished? How about the top three? How about the top one? Is there anything – anything – that is not better today than when Trump took office? How many times have people said the check is in the mail. How many times have people said, can you hold the check until Tuesday, I will make a deposit. You would have to impeach all the Democrats.
I don’t think people understand from George Washington to George Bush. We owed 10 trillion from Obama to Obama. In eight years it went from 10 trillion to 20 trillion. Shovel ready and you know what he was shoveling. Kathy Whitley blames that on Trump. Hello, Kathy, he bought a $20,000 6-foot portrait of himself. The one thing you didn’t say was the truth, they are just [expletive] away more of our hard-earned money on the impeachment then she blames the president for something that happened in 2010 and 1960. The amazing thing is the editor and publisher prints this crap when there is so many good things to be thankful for.

Pete Young – Franklin, N.C.

Superficial education fosters mistaken ideas

Shortly after capitalism brought all of America under its control, government took over the country’s schools. Because education is a social good, proponents of government schools say. So as to mold America’s children and youth to the service of capitalism, others say.
Before schools in USA became socialized, they followed a curriculum that had been developed in classical Greece and had survived with few changes for over 2,000 years. Under the classical curriculum, students studied subjects that taught them to think well and to think deeply. Nowadays, students are presented courses about social justice (whatever that is – it has something to do with tearing down monuments to people who fought for their freedom). One of the ways that the old curriculum produced good minds was by thoroughly teaching a few subjects for mastery. By studying subjects for mastery, students learned how to master new information as they encountered it during life after school. Nowadays, students in government schools study many subjects superficially. One whose schooling presents him with only superficial examinations of many subjects, finishes schooling knowing only how to develop scant knowledge and vague ideas. (Government schools do teach people to think a lot, just not well.)
Not everyone needs a classical education, but if civilization is to be well, all parents need the freedom to choose whether their children receive a classical education.
Of course many people become educated despite government schooling. One who creates his own wealth, that is, small business owners, receive by that means, an education. One who works as a salaryman or a wage earner, does not have the opportunity to gain an education the way a small business owner gains his. However, the salaryman and wage earner may receive an education from his family and friendly associations, unless all his associates are as uneducated as himself. But however a person is educated nowadays, it isn’t by government schools. Dear Lord, save us from social goods.
People whose minds are equipped to develop only scant knowledge and vague ideas, advance such mistaken ideas as, “national health insurance will provide full and affordable health care.”
It won’t. It can’t. The incentives driving the actions of bureaucrats can never lead them to provide anything remotely resembling full and affordable health care. We will receive health care as close to full and affordable as it is possible to receive, from providers competing in the market place for our dollars. To get that, we must first get government out of health care, not deeper into it.

George Crockett – Franklin, N.C.

Obama endured with grace and dignity

Lately I’ve been thinking about sending Donald Trump a Hank Williams Jr., CD. Hank wrote, “I’m for love. And I’m for happiness. And I’m for if you don’t like it can’t you just let it pass.” Maybe he merely paraphrased Romans 12:19 (KJV). That passage is: “Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: For it is written, vengeance is mine: I will repay, saith the Lord.”
Perhaps there is no clear message in Romans 12:19 for the leader of the strongest nation on earth. However, I am perplexed that the Evangelical Prayer Breakfasts in the White House have not slowed Trump’s relentless quest for some measure of revenge against Clinton, Obama, Biden and other political adversaries. He has spent over three years ranting about their failures, flaws and mistakes. Seeking revenge? For what?
Maybe the next Prayer Breakfast will focus on Romans 12:19. Maybe the “elected” leader of the U.S. can still learn to forgive the slights, criticisms and insults that leaders almost certainly must endure. Most do with grace and dignity. Barack Obama showed us how. He patiently withstood the avowed determination of Republicans to thwart every move he made.
When Trump “stands up” to his political opponents is he not really falling down? Especially if he claims to be a Christian representative?

Dave Waldrop – Webster, N.C.

Please keep praying for me and my family

I’m writing this letter in faith believing that you’ll print it and people will pray for me and my family.
Many in Franklin and Western North Carolina know my voice and phone number from Tell & Sell It, but don’t know what I look like. Many others do know me and my wife Darlene. Many have probably prayed for us. I’m the guy with many windows and the one-of-a-kind Ford Ranger for sale.
Both of my grandfathers were Baptist ministers here in Macon County and my dad was a very successful businessman in the ’50s. He financed chickens for people. He had a box car load of chicken feed coming in on the train every week. He helped a lot of people make a living for their family and he made good money also. He lost $10,000 in two weeks in 1952. The hatching egg market got flooded with eggs. The price dropped almost overnight. You see, the roots of my raisin’ run deep as Merle Haggard put in a song.
Yesterday, my wife Darlene went to the hospital again on an ambulance. Her blood pressure went extremely high. Since November 2013, my wife has been told she has cancer three times. Also, the cancer busted in my chest in August 2014. That’s only a small part of the stress we’ve been through. Without prayer we would probably be in Wells Grove Cemetery, at least our bodies would be there; we would be in heaven. We’ve had special prayer at more than one Baptist church like James chapter 5 teaches. Prayer still causes miracles to happen. Me and my wife are proof of that, and many of you can testify to the same I’m sure.
When you go to your closet to pray, please pray for me, my wife and our daughter Rosea. I still have cancer. It’s CLL, the slow leukemia. I take no medication for it though my wife has been told that she has to take Ibrance as long as she lives.
Many of you have already prayed for us, so I want to thank all of you. Please keep it up.

Jerry Holden – Franklin, N.C.

Who stole the Emperor’s clothes?

As the drama plays out in the Impeachment Trial, senators play with fidget spinners, do crossword puzzles, or stroll in the lobby, our American justice system is reduced to tatters. Without allowing witnesses or corroborating evidence, watching the senate trial can be a rather boring affair. So let’s have a little fun with this and say that it wasn’t a matter of withholding military aid from Ukraine, but instead a matter of the presence or lack of attire of the President.
If the President was accused of having no clothes on, we might consider the following statements by senators and the president alike:
According to some senators, it is the American people who should decide on election day if the person occupying the white house has clothes on or not. The American people elected him and this is just an attempt by the house Democrats to disrobe him, I mean remove him from office.
The economy is doing well, so what does it matter that the President has shed his clothes? Is this a high crime or misdemeanor? Perhaps this is just a Chinese hoax… again. If we allow ourselves to be fooled twice as President Bush once famously said, then shame on us.
His loyal supporters all say that he has done nothing wrong and there is nothing wrong with the way he is outfitted, despite their swearing oath to be impartial jurors in the trial. The president himself has stated he is a stable genius, so who are we to question his veracity? If one is making up the truth, it isn’t difficult to conform the facts to the truth.
Mitch McConnell at the outset, said he would not be an impartial juror and would be in lockstep with the White House. Does swearing oath to be impartial undue his previous statements? With cameras focused only on the front of the hearing, no one knows who is really there and who is out in the lobby giving interviews to the media. One senator had a stack of books to read. A few hours after the hearings in the Senate began as many as 21 seats were empty.
Senators claim that there is no evidence that the Emperor (I mean President) doesn’t have clothes on. All evidence is second hand. The president never directly told anyone that he wasn’t going to wear clothes. His team of lawyers in the hearing claimed that not a single witness testified that the President himself said that he was or wasn’t going to wear clothes. Actually, Gordon Sondland and Alexander Vindman did say that he said so. Perhaps this is why the President isn’t allowing any of his staffers testify, because they do have first-hand knowledge. But who cares if the truth has been stripped away.
All this talk about clothes is just a distraction, after all, because Democrats have been trying to get him out office since day one. Senators state that the Dems are just trying to steal the 2016 election from the president. Wasn’t that election already stolen by the Russians, I mean the Ukrainians?
The President has said over and over again that he hasn’t done anything wrong. He even bragged that we have the clothes, not them (referring to the House Dems). Obviously, the Dems don’t have his clothes! Without his clothes, is there really any evidence that he doesn’t have clothes on?
If the President was innocent would he be acting in complete denial of the charges? Or would he present himself for examination or at least his closest staff who certainly have first-hand knowledge of whether or not he is adequately attired? We must of course consider whether or not this is a matter of National Security. The President would be happy to appear, however his tailors may claim that his outfit isn’t quite finished yet, which is just slightly reminiscent of why he couldn’t release his tax returns. We know what a busy schedule the President has tweeting. He broke all records during his recent tweets at 131 in one day (which I fact checked). This is a president who can’t concern himself with trifles such as clothing.
Senators took an oath under penalty of perjury to “do impartial justice according to the Constitution and laws.” Who can prove that they didn’t just look the other way?
The release of a manuscript by Former National Security Advisor John Bolton implicating the President in his disrobing is simply an attempt to sell his book according to the Pres. He should know as he is the greatest businessman that ever was.
And finally, the President’s lawyers can argue that there is reasonable doubt as to whether or not the president has clothes on. He says he doesn’t, I mean he says that he does have them on or hasn’t done anything wrong and everything is perfect, isn’t it? This is all a conspiracy theory perpetuated by the Ukrainians. Isn’t the president above the law? He did say he could shoot someone on fifth avenue and get away with it (actually he said he wouldn’t lose any voters). Now, I’m even getting confused. Isn’t he either clothed or not clothed? Does a double negative negate something? Or according to Bill Clinton, is it a matter of how we define “is”? Or is this just an attempt by the Dems to steal the election from the Russians or was it the Ukrainians? We may never know the real truth, but at least we can have a good laugh (not of course at the President’s expense). These are the questions I’m afraid that Americans will have to decide in the upcoming 2020 election. Best Wishes!

Paul Chew – Franklin, N.C.

Battle underway for the soul of America

The accomplishments of President Trump’s first three years of his presidency:
He has created the:
1. Greatest economy the U.S. has had in over 40 years. Last Dow Jones average was over 29,000. The Dow Jones growth under the Obama adminastration was 8,000. In January 2020, it was 29,000 showing the creation of over 7 million new jobs and bringing back factories and workers from foreign countries. Tax breaks for middle income people and others.
2. New and better trade deals for the U.S. with China, Mexico and Canada, etc.
3. Increased U.S. miliatry effectiveness by infusing over $700,000,000 for new personnel, new ships and new planes.
4. Safeguarding the borders by building a wall to keep out sex traffickers, illegal drugs and other people trying to get into the U.S. illegally.
5. Moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, promised by other presidents, but never fulfilled.
6. Trying to close sanctuary cities to stop those let out by local governments who kill and maim U.S. citizens proving that these local governments do not protect their citizens as promised.
7. Increasing Supreme Court Justices to insure conservative viewpoints on how to interpret the Constitution of the United States.
8. The Iranian Nuclear Deal. As the greatest power in the world, the Obama adminstration sold out our strength to the terrorists in Iran. A tremendously bad deal for America, while we gave them millions of dollars.
From the moment President Trump was elected, the Democrats and the left leaning media have been trying to remove him from office.
With the economy doing so well, increasing jobs and increasing people’s retirement, IRAs, building up the military to protect the U.S., gaining a new respect for the U.S. world-wide. Two questions remain for the American peopoe, 1. Where do you want the American democracy to go? 2. The other is do we want to be free or under the left leaning government into Socialism?
Why would you not continue the growth of America?
Think before you vote in the 2020 election.

Robert Yates – Franklin, N.C.