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Time for a house-cleaning in nation’s capital

My life began during the first term of Franklin D. Roosevelt. In all of my life there has been only one president who did exactly what he said he would do if elected. That man is Donald J. Trump. Also, he is the only president who was 100 percent for the people. He was not a politician but a successful business man. His accomplishments were remarkable in spite of who and what he was up against. Just think of where we could have gone as a nation had our legislators and the main stream media worked with him. Well, we know how that played out.

Sadly, the Republican leadership is a bunch of timid, spineless, weak-kneed, lily-livered people who do not want to take control from the liberal Democrats. They kowtow to them when we depend on their ability to stand up and take control. The Democrats, however, stick together. In my opinion, they do not do this out of loyalty to their party, but out of fear of what will happen to them they don’t. Think about Vince Foster and lately, Jeff Epstein, to name two. Both of these men had information on the Clinton and Obama administration to put a lot of people in prison. How convenient that they both committed “suicide.” Also, William Barr who had the goods on the Clintons and Obama but backed off. There are others who have been found dead or were ruined. The latest one was Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn. His problem with the Democrats was that he knew where the “bodies were buried” so, they had to get rid of him. The government is so corrupt that if God wanted to give the United States an enema, the point of insertion would be Washington D.C.

Unfortunately, we have some here in Franklin who constantly spew their drivel of hate and lies about President Trump in letters to the editor. I don’t waste my time reading their bilge.

I can remember when the mainstream media reported the news. Now, they try to make the news and will not report the truth when it concerns conservatives. In fact, the media has never mentioned any of the many accomplishment attributed to President Trump. Look at all of the destruction in the blue states with rioting, looting, burning and killing that has been going on for over a year now by BLM and Antifa. Those arrested were set free! You don’t hear about this from the main stream media at all unless they want to say that it was caused by President Trump. They also claim President Trump is responsible for the “disturbance” at the border. Cut me a break.

Pelosi is all fired up about the events of Jan. 6. The hundreds who were arrested are still in solitary confinement! I’ll bet she won’t find that paid infiltrators from BLM and Antifa instigated what little damage was done. This was financed by Soros who should be deported out of the country. She claims to want to find and report the truth. She and other liberal Democrats wouldn’t know the truth if it was slapped along side their heads with a bed slat.

It is time for those who identify as Christians and conservatives to stand up for what is right. The Bible teaches us to turn the other cheek. This is a good thing to do and we continue to do this. However, Jesus turned over the tables and chased the money changers out of the temple. It is time to start turning over tables and chasing lying liberals out of the Capitol. We can start with the likes of Schumer and Pelosi and then continue on from there with Schiff, Nadler, Waters and the Squad to name a few. Unfortunately, there are some Republicans who need to be chased out too. These Rinos hurt the nation and must be voted out of office. It’s absolutely imperative to enact term-limit legislation. Look what these idiots have done to our country in just six months! 

You know, I should feel better having written this letter and getting it off my chest, so to speak, but sadly, I don’t. We are in a precarious situation with Biden and Harris at the helm and Democrats in control of the Senate and House. The Supreme Court could return President Trump to the White House because of the stolen election. And, yes, Liberals, President Trump did win the election and by a landslide. The proof is there. It’s a matter of finding honest judges to take this up and make it right. I pray it will happen this year because our country cannot survive another three and a half years with these current clowns in control. 

Tom Wanson – Franklin, N.C.

It’s not goodbye; but see you soon

To all our dear friends in this beautiful mountain community of Franklin: We have enjoyed 20-plus years as summer residents and will miss the beautiful surrounding area and the friendships we have made. We will cherish them forever.

It’s time for us to return home to Florida as full-time residents as this is where we were raised from infancy.

We are thankful for your acceptance and friendship over the years. You’ve made us feel at home; like family.

In the future, we may not see you annually, but do plan to visit periodically, when we can. We look forward to vacationing and visiting without maintaining a home here.

So, it’s not goodbye, but see you soon. Take care. Always in our hearts and minds, with love,  

 Donna Park & Deanne Dullea (The Girls) – Franklin, N.C.

Forbes.com seen as a conservative news outlet

Forbes.com is a very politically conservative news outlet. Since Forbes’ founding 1917, they have strongly endorsed every Republican presidential candidate, as well as most every Republican congressional candidate. If there ever was a highly conservative place to read about presidential election audits, Forbes is the place to look. So look I did.

On Jul 15, 2021, Forbes published a report entitled, “Arizona’s Bizarre Election Audit Likely Can’t Keep Documents Secret, Judge Rules.” Here is the web link to this report: reportinghttps://www.forbes.com/sites/joewalsh/2021/07/15/arizonas-bizarre-election-audit-likely-cant-keep-documents-secret-judge-rules/?sh=7b6aca942d1c .  Take a look.

I am not going to attempt to refute anybody’s claims that the “election audit” being carried out in Maricopa County, Arizona has led to the discovery of widespread, egregious, strategically planned fraud. Instead, I let the editors of Forbes magazine do this for me.

However you may regard Forbes’ editorial page, their news reporting is done by very experienced and highly respected news reporters. I am confident that there are readers that will refute Forbes’ reporting 2020 election, quoting from or referencing web sites that do not employ reporters or do not have any history of election reporting prior to the 2020 election. If you look in enough places on the internet, you will find someone who supports any point of view of any subject imaginable, but none of these sites have a history of solid reporting for over 100 years, as does the very conservative Wall Street Journal.  


John Barry – Franklin, N.C.

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