Letters for June 18, 2020


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Worry more about what is going on today

Slavery – Increasing income inequality is like blowing up a balloon: It can’t go on forever. Slavery is not dead. It is the third most profitable enterprise of organized crime, after drugs and weapons sales. The current minimum wage, in most places, is a form of slavery. Inadequate education and health care is a form of slavery. Underpaying illegal immigrants is a form of slavery. If you are concerned about slavery, worry more about what is going on today than what went on in the past. More detail is at davidsautobio.org>TOC>Ch30>Economic System. Support leaders who care more about the people they lead, than their own agendas. Read up on how the Icelandic people, the Norwegians, and the Swedish people reformed their economic and political systems. If enough of us join together, we can make our society more equitable for all.


David Stearns – Franklin, N.C.

America’s future: Democracy or Socialism?

The stakes for the upcoming elections have never been higher. No one should underestimate the Democrats’ total commitment to destroying and replacing the institutions, values, and principles that made America the greatest nation on the face of the earth with their “Politically Correct” vision of utopia.

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer were willing to block passage of small business relief funding, sitting on their hands for over two weeks, while tens of millions of Americans suffered – all so they could try to leverage through their unpopular, unneeded, special interest funding demands.

They are ready to implement a total federal takeover of health care and give free health care to illegal immigrants, extend unemployment payments to indefinitely no matter how many jobs there are, give big labor the ability to dictate the way businesses are run [by] passing their Green New Deal of job-killing regulations, and ram through massive new tax increases.

If we fail to retain control of the White House, the Democrats will bring a wrecking ball to all of our accomplishments and put in place a disastrous Socialist agenda of soaring tax rates, job-killing regulations, a weakened military, and a failed foreign policy.

Simply put, they will take our nation backwards, destroy everything you and I believe in, and put America on a path to ruin. And as they work to turn our freedom-loving country into a Socialist nation, their radical actions will negatively impact every aspect of our lives. 

There are no moderate Democrats left.

Despite the Democrats’ never-ending partisan gamesmanship and knee-jerk opposition to everything Republicans propose, with strong Republican leadership, from President Trump, we have:

– Confirmed not one, but two, terrific conservative U.S. Supreme Court Justices in Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh.

– Successfully negotiated with Mexico and Canada to replace NAFTA with a new, better deal for America and our workers, while taking a hard line against unfair, dishonest Chinese trade practices.

– Started rebuilding our military and put terrorists on the run.

– Taken unprecedented, comprehensive, and aggressive whole of America approach to slow the spread of the spread of the coronavirus and rescue the economy from the damage it has caused.

And that list doesn’t even include the amazing successes our tax cutting, pro-growth policies achieved with record low unemployment, strong economic growth, and stock market record highs.

President Trump and Republicans want our country to stay on our current path: One of prosperity, freedom and opportunity for every citizen to achieve the American Dream.

In November, vote Republican! Keep American great.

Robert Yates – Franklin, N.C.

Reparations could atone for our sins

Donald Trump talks about making America great again. But, he ignores two sins that haunt America. Those sins must be atoned. They are: (1) Our ancestors took North America from indigenous people, killing thousands in the process. (2) Our ancestors developed/exploited vast resources with African slave labor. Those two groups (victims of greed) were denied the wealth generated from North American resources.

A modest proposal to begin reparations to those groups: Federal and state income tax forms  could provide a box for each filer to designate a specified amount to flow to a fund for community projects /job development for Native Americans and descendants of African slaves. 

Let me stress that this should be an optional program. Not a requirement.  

On his Nebraska album Bruce Stringsteen sings, “… shining across this dark highway where our sins lie un-atoned.” America cannot be great until we atone for those sins.

Why should reparations and atonement wait until the majority agrees? Why can’t legislators develop this elective program now? Let’s atone for our sins!

Dave Waldrop – Webster, N.C.

This may be the last hill to die on

  An often cited quote from Eric Hoffer goes like this: “Every great cause begins as a movement, becomes a business, and eventually degenerates into a racket.”  In his book, “The Temper of Our Time,” published over 50 years ago, it is rendered thus: “What started here as a mass movement ends up as a racket, a cult, or a corporation.” This is a perfect description of the fate of the civil rights movement which has become a parody of itself. I remember the early years. I’m old enough to remember White Only signs on rest rooms and water fountains. Anybody fool enough to say that there has been no progress in race relations since that time is either profoundly ignorant or malicious, or both. It appears that our elite universities and our news media, populated by alums of said universities, specialize in producing this type of person, one with shriveled rational resources connected to an overdeveloped limbic system. They are a clear and present danger to our republic.

Black Lives Matter is an example of the movement veering off to become a cult. When they shout “Black lives matter” what are they really doing? They aren’t saying that because they think people don’t believe it. They’re saying it because they know people do believe it, and because of that the activists know they have a lever of moral blackmail against guilty whites. They are banking on the concept of collective guilt, that the whole white race is guilty. It is hard to convey the feeling of revulsion this produces in people who do not feel guilty for what color they were born. Black Lives Matter is a religious cult that has one race as sinners and they are the god to whom sinners must repent, obey, and prostrate themselves before. As one black woman tweeted, “it’s Jonestown weird.” But it is never enough. There will always be more demands and you can never be black. It is a religion without mercy or hope that will produce blight wherever it is allowed to flourish. Guilt is a real thing; everyone is a sinner before God. Those who reject God and His provision for salvation in Jesus will not be able to get rid of the guilt so they misplace it instead. That’s what has happened to a lot of guilty whites. People who do not have a firm grip on this reality will have a hard time standing when the fierce satanic wind is blowing as it is now. I believe churches should be more explicit in their condemnation of this spirit. Churches that have any truck with this nonsense might as well place a banner above their doors: ICHABOD – THE GLORY HAS DEPARTED. It is idolatry.

On the one hand, you have the “religion” of hate, unforgiveness, and no mercy or reconciliation where one group, or who knows what other outgroup may be designated in the future, is viewed with perpetual suspicion. This perfectly sums up the unregenerate state of mankind. Regression follows. Nothing is more regressive than a godless “progressive.” Compare that with the true religion of love, forgiveness, and reconciliation. Progress follows. When everyone stands on a level before God all subject to Him there is a chance for peace and harmony between all races. When one group is elevated above another there will be no justice, no peace. Too many hypocrites in the church I hear someone say. I’ve said that before myself during a rebellious period but that doesn’t alter the fact that those are the qualities that we should strive for regardless of out failures. In our own strength we cannot produce them; they have to be infused by the Spirit. It is a lifelong process of learning how to let the Lord have his way and we often let Him down. Remember how Trump supporters were criticized as being angry haters and the Left waved signs of Love Trumps Hate? You don’t hear and see that much, if any, anymore because Leftist hate has become too obvious to be denied.

I’m sure there are sincere people marching with the BLM road show as it has become.  They are being used by sinister forces. What do protests in Franklin, Sylva, and Tokyo! have to do with what happened in Minneapolis? Black Lives Matter as well as Antifa are international Marxist/anarchist organizations bankrolled by the likes of George Soros and others who hate America and want to bring about its destruction. In the process, foreign donations are laundered through BLM to the Democrat party. Nobody is defending racism. Nobody is defending police brutality. It’s a lie to say that anyone is other than the anti-white racism of BLM. We can all come together on needed reforms but defund or abolish the police? Not a chance. Topple statues and erase history and change names of military bases? Not a chance. It will never satisfy those who are out of joint with life and who are only happy when they are angry and miserable and looking for someone to blame.

Systemic racism doesn’t exist. Here’s a thought I found on an online news site. “The left controls every major institution in America, mainstream media, academia, administrative government, Hollywood, big tech. So, if ‘institutional racism’ exists, whose fault would that be”? It is of note that the city that sparked the latest outrage with the death of George Floyd has been controlled lock, stock, and barrel by the Democrats for a long time.

  The Democrat party is hopeless. Are you a Democrat that is sadly pondering what has happened to a once vital counterweight to the Republicans? It is no longer the loyal opposition but has the pursuit of power as its only concern. It will be the sock puppet for anti-American groups and those who would divide us to conquer. I didn’t vote for Obama but after he was elected I was hoping that that would be the end of the “America is racist” canard. Sadly, he exacerbated racial tensions for political advantage instead of bringing us together. Those top Democrats that think they can use these malevolent forces to ride into power will soon find that they will become their victims in turn. President Trump is often characterized as divisive but people choose to divide themselves. This was the first time in our history that there was not a peaceful transfer of power to the incoming administration. True, it was not a military coup, but was a coup attempt nevertheless. Today’s Democrats believe that they should never lose an election and will do anything to make sure that happens. Elections will be Potemkin elections as all barriers to voter fraud will be removed. Any and all crazy, destructive laws will be passed in their wake with dissenting voices silenced. The only hope for the party is to suffer such a resounding defeat at the polls that, hopefully, the spell will be broken and moderate, reasonable voices will prevail and restructure the party in such a way as to actually contribute to the health of the nation. Let the perpetually aggrieved form their own party. 

  The voices of insanity are in the minority, but because their ravings are amplified through the media and corporate cowardice in the face of it, one could think that they are the future. If they are, it is a blackened, burnt out and desolate future. We need to stand up and call them out where they are wrong. Cowardly politicians keep beating retreats saying that this is not the hill to die on. Which hill is it then? The end of the United States experiment in self- government is closer than they think. This may be the last hill to die on. Either die on the hill fighting the good fight in which you stand a chance of winning or die in a ditch like a dog, humiliated. The President sets the tone and Donald Trump champions needed reforms but can make the case against violence and destruction of property. Apparently this is something the Democrats have lost the capacity to do. Imagine Joe Biden as President, sinking further into dementia as unknown, unelected people become the de facto President acceding to every lunatic notion that flies through the air. Our civilization and way of life is at stake and your children and grandchildren’s future happiness. Donald Trump may offend some sensibilities with his tweets but he loves this country and wants what’s good for everyone. The Democrats offer only lies, slogans, threats, chaos and intimidation and a hatred of our country and many of the people in it. Democrats, reform your party by voting to re-elect Donald Trump. Republicans, put aside your squeamishness, acknowledge that Donald Trump is God’s man for the hour despite his faults and vote for the only person that can cause the Republican party to be a viable part of our two party system. For those who appreciate what President Trump has accomplished, I know you will be there to support him.

  All this rage has a very simple origin. The left was confident in its ascendancy because what could not be passed legislatively because of lack of popular support could often be achieved by judicial fiat or administrative regulation. With the election of Donald Trump, there was a threat to the continuance of interpretation of a living and very plastic Constitution by the Supreme Court or unchecked actions of the Deep State.  They responded with a coup attempt and a farcical impeachment while covering up their own misdeeds. Finally, upon proper pretext, violence is resorted to. This is who they are.  This all they have left.  Do not let them get control of the government or it’s lights out.

 David Parker – Franklin, N.C.

Capitalists figure prominently in American history

1787-1850 – Politicians in states controlled by capitalists maneuver for control of the general government of the United States. They desire to control the nation’s money and to receive tax-support for their factories. Politicians in states controlled by agriculturists oppose these maneuvers.  They do not desire to pay taxes for other people’s benefit.

1850 – Capitalists have so arranged the general government of the United States of America, that they control both chambers of Congress, with no prospect of ever losing that control.

1850-1860  – Political leaders in states not controlled by capitalists, insist that the general government has limited functions and that most functions of government belong to the state governments. The capitalist-controlled general government proves that not to be the case.

1860 – The party of capitalism elects its candidate to the Presidency of the U.S.

1861 – States of the U.S. not controlled by capitalists, create a general government of their own. The Republican party declares that slaveholders can keep their slaves if only they will submit to rule by capitalists.  Refused, the Republicans dispatch armies to establish the hegemony of capitalism in the states that capitalists do not control.

1861-1865 – Republican armies burn, plunder, and rape throughout noncapitalist America. Agriculturalists fight to prevent arson, plunder, rape, and to repel invasion.

1862 – The Republican president declares that all slaves living in areas as yet unconquered by Republican armies, are free.  The slaves in those areas do not burn, plunder, and rape.

1865 – The Republicans establish the hegemony of capitalism throughout America, and begin declaring that the war was about slavery.

2020 – Americans “educated” in government schools do not know any better.  In reaction to excesses of government (controlled by capitalists), many Americans are taking out their frustrations on statues of dead slaveholders (who opposed the hegemony of capitalism).


George Crockett – Franklin, N.C.