Letters for June 7, 2018

Letters for June 7, 2018


Give credit where credit is due

First, I will admit I’m an environmentalist. I believe that it is our duty, religious or otherwise, to be good stewards of this wonderful planet that we inhabit. I’m afraid we aren’t doing that great a job. Let’s take a look at what is making America Great Again and for whom: The bottom line with the Trump admin seems to be jobs, so that producing more trucks should be good for jobs. These are popular and make good money for American car companies. However, consumers who buy these trucks get hit with big fuel bills when they go to fill them up. They are designed to haul the family, but so do smaller efficient cars that get 2-3 times the fuel economy. Scott Pruitt, EPA czar, wants to roll back fuel economy standards so more of these big gas guzzlers can be manufactured. Great for jobs! Not so great for consumers or the environment. When President Trump canceled the Iran Nuclear Deal, did you notice that gas prices went up significantly? Iran supplies a lot of oil and this created uncertainty in the oil futures. Trashing the Iran deal was great for Russia, and some suggested it was a gift to Trump’s buddy Putin. Russia relies heavily on exports of raw materials, oil especially. So, this was great for Putin, but not so for consumers at the pump, and one should consider the trickle up effect of higher energy prices on every other commodity that has to be shipped or made from oil. But we shouldn’t forget the tax breaks that Trump has given us, so we will have more money to pay higher fuel bills for less efficient vehicles that we drive and higher prices at the pump. That’s great, isn’t it? Pumping gas into our cars also means pumping more CO2 into the atmosphere. Scott Pruitt suggested we shouldn’t rush to believe that Climate Change is a bad thing. Perhaps he was talking about the construction industry who gets to rebuild houses destroyed in flooding, high winds, wildfires or mud slides. This is a great thing, isn’t it? If you are as confused as I am, you are not alone. But perhaps most people are just going about their lives and not noticing all this. They are perhaps lucky that they are so busy making ends meet that they don’t have time to worry about such things! Paul Chew – Otto, N.C.