Letters for March 22, 2018



Blame should be shifted elsewhere

To the individual who so eloquently tried to blame the NRA (not a member), and, our state and nationally elected Republican officials for the Florida high school shooting.

Truly sir, you sound like a typical Democrat with a problem with the second amendment.

I shift the blame more to the home of this disturbed individual, to the school, to an “informed” FBI, and finally the local police, who collectively many agree, “dropped the ball.”


Leon Angelikoussis – Franklin, N.C.

Protective measure better than no measure

Some people advocate protecting the children as much as we can now.

Other people, people of the radical left, insist on no protective measure until we can have the perfect protective measure. Meanwhile, unprotected children are to keep dying.

A common belief of the perfectionists, is, reducing the number of guns in the schools is a first step toward the perfect method of protection. That is easy to do. You just tell everyone that the schools are Gun Free Zones. That immediately reduces the number of guns to zero all of the time in most schools and to one gun some of the time in some schools.

Meanwhile, the children are without protection. That one gun that pops up some times in some schools is the one that kills the children, and with no other gun in the school, the children cannot be protected from that one.

We need to focus on increasing the number of guns in schools, not reducing.

It has been suggested that, because school personnel with guns might shoot a student while trying to stop a school shooter, school personnel should not have access to guns. That might happen, but the alternative of no guns in the hands of school personnel leaves the school shooter free to shoot 20 or 30 more students than he would have shot had school personnel been equipped to stop him. While we are waiting for the perfect means of protection, we have no protection.

Sacrificing the lives of 20 or 30 children to the school shooter in order not to have the possibility of one or two children being shot by armed school personnel in the act of stopping the school shooter, is utter nonsense.

Another method for reducing the number of guns in schools, that is suggested by perfectionists, is make it harder to buy guns. That will have little effect on the school shooter. What that will do is infringe the human right to defense of self, family, and community. All parents and teachers will be less able to defend children. Meanwhile predators have less to fear from their prey; they enjoy more freedom to prowl. The bull has been dehorned. The wolf traps around the sheep pen, have been taken up.

We need to focus on increasing the number of guns in schools, not reducing. Only those people whose radical leftist ideology is more important to them than children’s lives, will argue against a means of protecting the children because that means is not perfect.

While government officials are waiting for clear indication from the many headed monster, of what action will be politically safe for them, children are dying.


George Crockett – Franklin, N.C.

Be a part of the solution not the problem

The view of both the beauties and the tragedies of the world can be viewed from many different perspectives, but if an attempt is made to enjoy more of life’s beauties and also lessen its tragedies, the root of these anomalies must be examined. Each of us must ask ourselves the question, “How important is it for me to be a part of the solution rather than to be part of the problem?”

The root of this dilemma needs to be determined in order to begin to search for the answers. And indeed, there will be different roots (or causes) based on our individual philosophies. But irregardless of our philosophy, if our goal it to improve rather than impair the situation, a better world would be the result. And regardless of the arena, political, social, religious or secular improvement should be the goal.

If in your encounter with individuals today put you in contact with one or more who manifests anger, belligerence, slander, unkindness or hurt, you have a few options. Return in kind, attempt to ignore it or be kind in attempt at reconciliation. Consideration should be made as to why that person displayed themselves in such a manner. It could be in their nature, or they were having a “bad day,” or have been facing serious challenges or all three and not knowing how or wanting to handle them better. Whatever the reason, we must look into the mirror of personal reflection to determine fault in our own lives rather than blame others.

The roots of these problems can be cultural, social, religious or political, but the answers are the same. It matters not the roots of the problem if our goal is to alleviate them. Consider one of the roots if you will from the book of life. There are many thousands of interpretations of His words, but if we view them from His perspectives and not our own, the answers become obvious. There are huge divisions over the question “Are we required to keep His commandments?”

His purpose in His creation was to have a people who would love Him above all else and likewise love their neighbor as themselves. And yes, like Cain, we could say “Who is my neighbor or who is my brother?” But if we showed kindness to as many as possible rather than what our denominations (differences) taught us, the world would be a better place to live. We should, as the Messiah of Israel showed us be more concerned with others than with ourselves. In your journey today, do contrary to human nature, return good for evil. Let the author of the law of eternal life help us to walk as He walked and let His mind be in us. When you go out into your world today, smile, be kind, encourage others and dare to hope that you can have a small part of a better world. And let us not be like the one who said I am glad I’m not like the one beating on his chest saying, “Have mercy on me, a sinner.”


Doug Arnold – Franklin, N.C.

Good to be home sweet home

Well, we’re back. I know, I know, who cares? But this guy is happy. Spent a couple months in Flagler Beach, spent more time in traffic than the beach. But it’s so nice to be home. The construction of our bridge reminds me of Florida but it’s moving, where I don’t know? And who cares, not our state.

Walked to downtown, still looks good. Stopped at my VFW, the boys are still solving the world’s problems. Picked up my favorite newspaper The Macon News, spent time reading those foot-long letters I am amazed that you would print my letters, I write like a chicken with a broken leg, I spell like a child three years old, reading all those professional ones, well thanks. My letters are from the heart and from a street guy and a old geezer. Great to be back in Franklin with those beautiful mountains and our great people.


Wm. Trapani – Franklin, N.C.

God-free zones not working for our children

Back in 1990, Joe Biden introduced legislation to establish “gun-free” zones, including public schools. But years before, about 1963, Madelyn Murray O’Hare sued to begin removing God from the schools, effectively establishing God-free zones. Because my early schooling was before that, I had an elementary school teacher who began every school day with a reading from the Bible, and a prayer. What she did spoke volumes to the children. It said that there is a God who created us, loves us, and cares how we act, and how we treat one another. In those days, there were no gun-free zones, but no mass shootings either. My grandfather had a closet full of guns, and they were not locked. The NRA had lots of members, including him. Many people went to church to learn about what matters most in life. God created Adam and Eve good, but they soon rebelled against Him. Sin and death were the consequence. The human heart became “… deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked …” (Jeremiah 17:9). But God still loved us. He provided a way for our hearts to be cleansed from sin, so that we could be freed from its power. We can not only receive eternal life, but now we can live a life that pleases God, because we have been forgiven of all of that sin. Now our hearts can be controlled by the Spirit of God, so that we are no more slaves to sin. We are not perfect yet, but we live to please the One who loved us, and gave Himself for us.

What is needed so much today is not more gun control, but heart control. Until we have many more people whose hearts are controlled by the Holy Spirit, we may need armed guards in the schools, because making them gun-free hasn’t worked. It has only made the students “sitting ducks” for every armed kook out there. And making the schools God-free hasn’t worked either. If you remove discussions about the Creator from the schools, that doesn’t change the fact that He is the Creator. If you teach the children that they evolved from amoral animals over millions of years, that doesn’t make it true. But there are consequences. If we evolved from creatures that have no moral compass, it doesn’t take much of a logical leap to believe that it really doesn’t matter how we live, because our lives are as meaningless as the creatures from which we evolved.

My 9th grade Ancient and Medieval History teacher covered the period during which the man who has had by far the greatest influence on the human race, lived. But he never once mentioned Jesus of Nazareth. That is dishonest history, because all of the people we did hear about had only a temporary impact on the world. Jesus Christ continues to have an impact on millions of followers, now some 2000 years later. What kind of education is it, which leaves out the one person who has had the greatest impact on history, as if he never existed? Even if you don’t trust in him for your soul’s salvation, if you’re honest, you have to admit that Jesus has had an influence on the world that is orders of magnitude greater than any other single person in history.

Refusing to allow discussion about God in public schools means that He is so unimportant, that He doesn’t warrant any instruction regarding Him. The problem is, if students learn that they are not accountable to God for their actions, and that they evolved from brute beasts through an unguided and cruel and impersonal process, where is the basis for any moral compass?

A God-free zone that is also a gun-free zone is a recipe for mass shootings. Stricter gun control laws will only keep honest citizens from being able to defend themselves and others. Parkland taught us that we can’t rely on the government at any level to protect us. We must protect ourselves. And we can’t protect ourselves against armed gunmen with lesser weapons. Raising the age of legal gun ownership is unfair, because honest 18-21 year-olds also have a right to be able to protect themselves in our increasingly dangerous world. We also learned from Parkland that police officers are not always willing to risk their own life to protect others, even when they are on the scene.

The best solutions I’ve heard include armed guards like politicians and movie stars who advocate gun control for others, have for themselves. Allowing some teachers and staff to be trained and carry concealed weapons in schools would make me feel safer if I were a child in school. Common sense tells me that this is the best way to protect ourselves and our children.


Ed Hill – Franklin, N.C.