Letters for May 10, 2018


Traffic incident could have ended differently

On hearing about the very sad event that occurred this past weekend between a homeowner,and a sherrif’s deputy, I felt bound to share an incident that happened to my husband and me some years ago. I am merely recounting what occurred to us and making no comment on the current case in hand.

We live in Hayesville and we have since 2002, driven over to Franklin every Saturday night to go to the Rathskeller for our social interaction and entertainment.  One night several years ago we were heading back to Hayesville about 11:30 p.m. and were going up the mountain to Winding Stair Gap when my husband was aware of a car following us closely.  My husband is a very considerate driver so he signaled and pulled over to the side of the road to let the other driver pass us.  The other driver elected not to do so, so my husband resumed driving (having indicated his intention to return to the driving lane) and we continued up the hill.  The car behind us still continued following so, yet again, my husband signaled and pulled over.  Nothing,  so off we go again.  Then the blue lights come on and a law enforcement officer pulls us over. I have to add that we were, and still are many years later, driving a GEO Tracker, the top speed on hills being about 45 miles per hour.  Not a vehicle capable of speed by any stretch of the imagination! The officer approached us and to say he was more a boy than a man would not be an exaggeration.  He asked my husband if he was alright and commented that we were going slowly and weaving. (I suspect he thought he had a drunk driver in front of him). My husband explained that the Trackers don’t go very fast and, because of the short wheelbase, appear to weave. Pleasantries were exchanged and we left on our merry way with the officer doing the same.  I remarked to my husband that if I had been that lad’s mother I would be very worried if I knew he was pulling motorists over on a stretch of isolated road where there is little cell phone service, if any, and very few cars around.  To this day we can drive 64 from Franklin to Hayesville at the same time of night and rarely see more than half a dozen vehicles.

My reason for putting this to paper is that this occurrence could have panned out very differently if we (my husband and I) had been different personalities and likewise the officer.  Maybe now the young law enforcement officers, in Macon County, are trained to not do what the man did to us but I do have to wonder if that is, indeed, the case. We were not breaking any laws and should not have been stopped on such an isolated stretch of road.  We all know that one should drive to a lighted area but where we were, was several miles out of Franklin, to the west, and 25 miles to Hayesville, in the east.

We still drive to Franklin many times over the course of a month and will continue to do so for as long as we are able but I must confess,  I do it now with more than a pin prick of discomfort until we get over the county line.  Such a shame because a young man stopped us so needlessly.


Maureen Blencoe – Hayesville, N.C.

Government can’t replace God

We have amongst us some that honestly believe that government can replace God and look to the day when all religions can be eliminated, much as the Communist government of the Soviet Union did. 

The idea was that government can replace religion and take care of all human needs.  This, of course, is part of the Socialist agenda put forth by Progressive Democrats such as spitting Bernie Sanders.  

Needless to say, they didn’t’ like losing the presidential race to a free market Republican and are using every dirty trick they can to bring down our president.  At least for now, the Socialist ideology has been stopped cold.

Unfortunately, resistance to a free market continues on and subversives are working hard to destroy our Republic.  

I think it was Thomas Sowell, a Black American, who summed up Socialism in his comment, “I’ve never understood why it’s greed to want to keep the money you have worked hard for but not greed to want to take somebody else’s money.”

Jesus would have been horrified to hear what the Socialists have in mind for us and in fact it was Paul [the apostle] who said that if you don’t work, you don’t eat.

In fact the current Socialist movement reminds us of the Nazi movement in Germany before WWII broke out.  

In a free market, which the Democrats abhor, everyone is free to rise to the level of their own ambitions. If you don’t want to work, then don’t expect to get rich.  But if you like  enjoy achieving goals you have set for yourself, you will succeed and just might get rich.

At the root of our political turmoil is that humans have always worshipped their beloved monarchies, kings, queens and a variety of gods.  We even have a plethora of celebrities whom we worship, not only from Hollywood but from Washington as well.

When you understand this connection you can understand why President Trump is lambasted by the media and our young people.  He simply doesn’t seem to attract a following of young because he is plain spoken and in fact a lousy speaker. Our young aren’t interested in having to work for a living and Socialism offers them the possibility to sit back and do nothing.

Maybe our political races should be based entirely on speaking ability, sort of a speaking contest to decide who wins.

Bernie Sanders has sworn to convert America to Socialism at all costs but let’s be honest, Bernie does not care one iota about the people.  His only motive is to feed his massive ego and control us.

If the likes of Bernie Sanders has his way, Socialism will quickly sink our economy. When that happens, he can start the process of the government taking over our means of production.  This will include the auto industry, manufacturing and even banking. In order for him to maintain control over the people it will be necessary to control the news media as well.  

Our question should be whether a government can replace God?  It never has so why waste our time on Socialism? 

Bob Wilson – Franklin, N.C.

Constitutional democracy means separation of powers

In 1804 a Republican dominated House of Representatives voted impeachment charges against a sitting Supreme Court Judge. The Senate had the wisdom to vote this down. This event is considered a landmark victory for the independence of the judiciary and for the separation of powers of the federal government. Up until the present there has not been another serious effort to attack these cornerstones of our democracy. This may have changed.

Mark Meadows, Republican congressman represents North Carolina’s 11th district. He is the leader of the Freedom Caucus, the Tea Party faction of the House of Representatives. Under his leadership this group is threatening to impeach Deputy Attorney General Rob Rosenstein for refusing to turn over classified information relating to the Mueller investigation. It is established law that investigators are not required to turn over classified information critical to an ongoing investigation. This principle was reaffirmed by a Supreme Court decision in the early 1940s.

Meadows and his Tea Party supporters are seeking the names of individuals currently under investigation by the justice department. Meadows is a close ally of Donald Trump. It is reasonable to assume that he is seeking this information to give to Trump. Rob Rosenstein has refused to release this information. He has taken an oath to uphold the Constitution, and the rule of law. Meadows took an oath to support and protect the Constitution when he entered Congress. If our government leaders betray their oath to uphold our Constitutional Democracy, it will be destroyed.

Meadows and his Freedom Caucus may push the country into a constitutional crisis if they continue this path. The founders of our Constitution showed great wisdom is creation a government where the executive, legislative and judicial branches are separate. In this way no one person or group of people could seize power and destroy our democracy. Meadows and his supporters are threatening to erase the separation between our branches of government. I am ashamed to think he is representing the great state of North Carolina and the district I live in.


Margery Abel – Franklin, N.C.