Letters for May 21, 2020


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Trump spreading virus around the world

Reading one of the letters in April 30th – Must be the writer hasn’t read about the people Trump has realeased from prision, His friends he didn’t want to get the virus. Saying stupid is as stupid does. And there is no cure for that, must be why when Trump tells people that ingesting toxic disinfectants as a treat ment for the virus. There were people who took his advice, drinking bleach or Lysol. Poisen Control saw a 40 percent increase in cleaning chemical exposure. He says the virus will go away, like a miracle, which illustrates his stupidity, which theres no cure for. Not to mention the damage he is doing to the people of this country. He said himself he should have been a scientist instead of president. He really thinks he’s a genius. He ask German scientest working on a cure if found, to give it to the U.S. only. How can you deny the rest of the world that is suffering also. Meanwhile a Mexican citizen with Covid 19, who was deported from the U.S. is believed to be the source of the outbreak in the border city of Larado, Mexico, at least 14 cases at the shelter have been traced to this person. 50 migrants deported from U.S. to Guatamala and 3 people to Haiti. Trump is essentially spreading it around. A global pandemic to poor countries, as the U.S. had the worlds largest outbreak.

No. 2. Trump has spent 13 hrs in 3 weeks on daily briefing on Covid 19, he devoted 2 hrs. to attacks. 45 min to praising him self and his administration, and only 4.5 min to 57,000 Americans who died. Only 4.5 min of offering his condolances to these familys.

In one third of his questions Trump answers attacked some one, including his goveners and yes, he can’t forget President Obama and the press. Its a shame Trump can’t be at least just one third the man Obama is. At least Obama was and is a careing and decent man. He didn’t just look after the wealthy, he looked after the poor. He didn’t grab women by the crotch and degrade women. Theres no comparison to the sickie we have in our beautifull white house now.

 Kathy Whitley – Franklin, N.C.


Fresh voices and opinions encouraged

Do you have a cap on the number of letters an individual can write to your newspaper?  It seems one very frequent writer is in about every other edition and it’s really getting stale to read blatant lies, misinformation and downright ignorance.  Some publications limit their readers to a set amount of feedback to encourage fresh voices and opinions. Without it opinions and misinformation come to the fore and will have me ignoring your publication for good.

 Robert Wilson – Franklin, N.C.


Wonderment and awe reasons for believing

Trying to understand our earth and visualize just what lays beneath our feet is a daunting task. It’s something like the working of our human bodies. The great deposits of coal, oil, salt and iron, are like organs in our bodies, each has their place in a helping effort to sustain our lives. Deep veins and arteries flow with water from unknown places and can be as small as a bubbling spring to a great cascade of life giving water.  All brings to the surface of our hearts and minds the beauty, enjoyment and awesome wonderment of all we are part of. Honestly, at least for me, it shows that something or someone exists behind all that there is. It’s beyond all my capability to give reason that all this started in some type of preexisting soup which gives us all we see, touch, taste, hear, and mostly what we feel or sense from within. The beauty in the simplicity of nature, yet behind this simplicity is the complexity of governing laws and such intricate workings, we’ve yet scratched the surface of how all this works together and for what all this means. It overloads the mind in this small endeavor and then more so when we think of the universe and what lies beyond. 

Believing can be anything the mind wants to make up. There are some pretty strange theories that come from some highly regarded people, which reminds me of my wishful thinking back as a child, but we all believe what we wish. Believing gives a reason to carry a trusted truth to a final destiny or conclusion. This is where my faith is built upon, although some will disagree, and that’s the free will for each to find and decide. 

The questions can go deep and long, and discussions are all welcomed, but reasoning gives direction to a fuller understanding. As the questions of:  In the beginning God created, and all he created was good, but within this, humanity is plagued with the struggle of good and evil, in the absence of God how do we define what is good ?   To end the never ending cycle of this evil we are part of, just how do we do this?  Christ came to place all the evil upon himself so justice could be served, why would he do so, and why is it we look for justice when we know none of us are perfect, where does this justice come from? History reveals the Jewish people both past and present who have been minimized and persecuted as no other,  they’ve been scattered throughout the world, and then gathered back as a nation to themselves (Israel) starting on May 14, 1948 … why such hatred? I could include so much more but I’m not afforded the space to do so. All this gives credit for a reason to believe God is here, something I can follow and trust. Some of the above is fact and undeniable, some builds on a reason of thought that makes a connection of understanding, but all is under the same story of  history and speaks directly into us as individuals and all is told within scripture. As in the wonderment and awe of life, nature, creation and all history and us being in the midst of it. This all makes believing in God, a simpler thing to grasp and a reason to believe. He’s the artist and author of everything and deserves credit where credit is due. Re-thinking Life, 

 Deni Shepard – nds13@frontier.com


The difference between quarantine and tyranny

A quarantine is when you restrict the movements of sick people. Tyranny involves restricting the movements of healthy people. A quarantine is done in the interest of public health. Tyranny is only about the benefits to the tyrant(s).

This quote from musician Ted Nugent says it all: “Why do I have to stay home just because  are scared? How about  stay home…. stay in  house indefinitely,  wear a mask,  socially distance yourself from me,  avoid restaurants,  avoid baseball games,  stay off the roads,  avoid malls and beaches and parks…

“I’m done playing  dumb game … I’m no longer going to be a prisoner of your fear. I’m no longer staying in my house or catering to  because  are scared…

“ fear is not an excuse to destroy America.  fear is not my fear and your fear does not have the right to interfere with my life, my job, my income or my future as a free American citizen.” Amen to that!

America is beginning to wake up. We are watching states like Georgia, which opened up for business threeweeks ago, despite grave warnings that they would see a resurgence of Covid-19 if they did so. They are seeing the opposite.

We are noticing that back in March, at the peak of this virus, the “experts” Drs. Fauci and Birx, were not wearing masks. Now that the peak is past, they have donned them.

Some state governors, like Michigan’s Whitmer, New York’s Cuomo,  and California’s Newsom, are extending their draconian lockdowns for as long as three more months. If President Trump were a tyrant, he would have done this at a national level. But he wisely turned over the responsibility to the states. We can all see who the real tyrants are.

Someone noticed that back in 2005, Dr. Fauci was touting the use of anti-malaria drugs like chloroquine for treating and preventing corona viruses. According to the August 22, 2005 edition of “Virology,” chloroquine is a potent inhibitor of the SARS corona virus. ( https://virologyj.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/1743-422X-2-69 ) So why all the hostility against doctors like Dr Yvette Losano, the Dallas physician who says she learned her successful treatment for COVID-19 not from the AMA, but from the president of the United States back on March 19, 2020? She says pharmacies were trying to force her to give them the diagnosis of her patient when she prescribed hydroxychloroquine for them. Didn’t they want word to get out that this drug, combined with an antibiotic and zinc, works wonders for COVID-19 patients? You can listen to her powerful message here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0SjZAsT43MI&feature=emb_title

Dr Dan Erickson, an epidemiologist from California got over five million views in his powerful criticism of the lockdown approach. Youtube didn’t like it, so they censored it.  But you can still see the banned video here: https://banned.video/watch?id=5ea4994ea881fd00808e95ad He argues that countries like Sweden, which remained open for business, have not seen significantly more COVID fatalities, than neighboring countries like Norway, which opted for a complete lockdown. He says that what we are seeing is a high number of cases (much higher than reported) and a low number of fatalities. He says this quickly leads to “herd immunity” which happens when 60-80% of a population is exposed to a virus, and develops antibodies. The virus then dies out, because it can’t “find” any more hosts.

Meanwhile, Dr Birx admits COVID fatality numbers may be inflated by as much as 25%. And a volunteer nurse from Elco, Nev., Nicole Sirotek, reports that people are being deliberately killed by things like putting a defibrillator on a patient with a pulse. They are then counted as COVID-19 fatalities, and no one cares. Nobody knows what has happened, because visitors are not allowed.

We have seen the politicization of everything else. Now we are seeing this virus and the response to it being politicized. It’s time to follow the true science and end the shutdowns and treat victims of COVID-19 with the now proven winner: hydroxychloroquine.

President Trump was right when he ordered a travel ban from China to the U.S. on January 31, one day after WHO declared a public health emergency of international concern. But WHO was wrong to conspire with China’s Communist Party to delay this declaration for an entire month, causing disaster for the entire world. President Trump was right to suggest hydroxychloroquine might be useful for treating and/or preventing COVID-19 as many other countries have done. But Dr Fauci was wrong for hypocritically disparaging its use, even though he had 15 years ago touted its effectiveness against corona viruses. Maybe we should give our President credit for the many times he has been right. Thousands of lives could have been saved if we had all listened and taken notes, like Dr Lozano did. Millions of jobs could have been saved, along with untold suffering caused by the lockdown, and its resultant economic depression. I hope we can learn from our mistakes.

Ed Hill – Franklin, N.C.


Love the Greenway? Become a member

I know you love the Greenway, because I’ve never seen so many people and families using it in this time of the virus pandemic.  Isn’t it a great resource for our community? 

Many people think that the county and city taxes take care of the Greenway.  That’s only partly true.  The county provides a couple of excellent workers who have all they can do just keeping up with the mowing and maintaining features like the bathrooms and benches.  A lot of work is done by volunteers.  The county provides some funding, but the Greenway depends on its volunteer  board and interested citizens to raise funds for things like the children’s playground and  many other extras.

Please show your love for the Greenway by becoming a member.  Dues are very inexpensive. To join, go on our website “littletennesse.org.” You can download our member application and mail it in, or join and pay online.  A couple of other things you can do is to pick up after your dog and even carry a bag with you and pick up any garbage you see.

George Kaye 


Board Member of the Greenway

What does stimulus bill have to do with pandemic?

Once again I find myself compelled to write in order to share facts that the mainstream media will not tell.  This time it concerns Nancy Pelosi’s stimulus bill. Sean Hannity calls it the “Three Trillion Dollar Extreme Radical Socialist No Covid Relief Hardly at All” bill.  He has good reason for it.  Here are the facts as I understand them.

First of all, adding $3 trillion to a frightening $25 trillion dollar deficit should rattle anyone.  We are in serious hot water now as it is.

Secondly, a stimulus bill is supposed to alleviate the sufferings of Americans affected by the pandemic, people who have lost jobs and/or their businesses.  So how do the following provisions address this? According to Bill O’Reilly’s research team:

(1) It provides protection from deportation for nearly every undocumented worker in the country, as well as protecting their employers from consequences during the Pandemic. It does not define what the end of the Pandemic is.  So if even if one American has the virus the bill could seemingly still be effective.

(2) It allows for other things that would give undocumented people citizenship in a very short period of time.

(3) The word “Cannibis” is mentioned 68 times.  For example, it would give pot merchants access to Federal Banks where they don’t have it now.  Why?

(4) It would eliminate the $10,000 limit on local and state tax deductions opening the way for unlimited tax exemptions for billionaires who would no longer pay any taxes on multiple properties they owned anywhere in the country.  How would this help those suffering financial hardship from the virus?  Could it be to help billionaires like George Soros, who is funding the Biden campaign?  A fair question in light of other considerations.

(5) It would allow tens of thousands of criminals to be released from prisons, having nothing to do with the virus.

There is and should be a big question: WHY?  What does any of this have to do with the Pandemic?

My point is, consider the intentions of the bill as a whole: Is Nancy Pelosi really interested in helping struggling Americans or is the Democratic Party only interested in winning the next election?

I used to wonder why liberals were so adamant about unlimited immigration into our country. Well, now I know why.  The answer is simply that many foreigners coming into our country need help and the Democratic party is the party of entitlements, so by an overwhelming margin, foreign nationals are gong to vote Democratic. It follows, then, the more that come in, the more votes they have.  It does seem to be a matter of power rather than to help Americans.

Consider California and New York.  Both states are one party states. If you are Republican you have no say in either state.  Both populations are 45% foreign born.  And they control all that happens in these states.  So if the Party can switch both Texas and Florida to Democratic states in November, we will have four huge populations controlling the country.  According to Bill O’Reilly, if that happens, our country will never be able to have a Republican President again, and we will be changed forever.  A sobering thought for sure!

Go to states like California or [Illinois] for a look at what America will become under Democratic rule.  Would you like to see our cities overrun with homeless people, many of whom are drug addicts and who are subject to spreading disease?  Do you want criminals roaming the streets, threatening your family, indeed your very life? Do you want your property overrun or damaged because the government will do nothing to protect you?  Do you want to live under socialism and have our economy destroyed all together? Gone forever would be the incentive to work, to enrich the culture with new, innovative ideas. We would be subject to Washington for everything and private property could be a thing of the past. Doesn’t this frighten you?

These are realistic questions to ask ourselves. People come to America from all over the world seeking a better life because Socialism does not work! Why would we give up Democracy and freedom for entitlements that run out and a system which has failed over and over again?  Biden has aligned himself with Bernie Sanders and Alexandria O’Casio Cortez, both extreme socialists.  And it’s obvious that he will be accountable to the likes of Nancy Pelosi and her friends.

These are serious times.  Even if you do not like Donald Trump, the Democratic party does not give us any good alternatives. At least, before this Pandemic, he helped bring economic prosperity, record low unemployment, fairer trade agreements, lower taxes so businesses could return home, fewer threats of terrorism and a hope for a saner and safer immigration policy.

Keep looking for the facts and the truth.  I don’t want to lose the America I love…she may not be perfect but she is still a beacon for freedom.  We are losing the ideals of our founding more and more each day. We have to be alert to the threats around us or we will lose everything we cherish as Americans.


Loretta Hastings – Franklin, N.C.