Letters for November 19, 2020


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We need an honest accounting of this election

First of all, Joe Biden is not the President-elect. President Trump has not conceded and multiple legal challenges have yet to be adjudicated. George Bush was not President-elect for 37 days after the election in 2000; it has only been two weeks after this election. Secondly, the news media has no authority to proclaim anyone President-elect until everything has worked through the process. Remember the famous “Dewey Defeats Truman” headline? Thirdly, the unseemly rush to declare the inevitability of a Biden presidency with repeated assertions that there is no evidence of fraud just makes me even more suspicious. The media sees no evidence only because they are not looking for it, in fact, making an effort to not see it.  Shouldn’t we all care that every legal ballot be counted and that none of the illegal ones be counted?  If the Democrats were confident of their “victory,” they would welcome revisiting it so that they could silence all voices crying foul. However, they know full well that the results are sketchy and the invalidation of many ballots could very likely tip the outcome to Donald Trump.

I’m not privy to all the evidence that has been amassed but the circumstantial case is overwhelming. If I were a juror having to render a decision based on the beyond reasonable doubt standard, I would have to conclude that the elections in the disputed states were corrupted. Why was ballot counting halted simultaneously in several places when Trump held a solid lead and then had that lead erased with early morning ballot dumps that mysteriously appeared? Why were thousands of ballots marked only for Joe Biden with no down ballot races marked? What about reports of ballots being double counted if not more often? What about votes for Kanye West being automatically counted for Biden? Why were Republican poll watchers excluded from watching the counting of ballots? These all cry fraud to me. If it’s not and is proven not to be, then I will accept the outcome. Only independent media is reporting any of this. If you believe the corporate media, they are laughing at you right now.

I certainly don’t need any lectures about how balking at Biden’s coronation is damaging our democracy. President Trump is only taking Hillary Clinton’s advice to Joe Biden not to concede under any circumstances.  She who acted so appalled that Trump might not accept the result of the election in 2016 and said how damaging that would be spent the next four years not accepting the election.  Now we are all supposed to fall in line for the sake of unity but this unity would be acquiescence to a lie. If we don’t get an honest accounting of this election, we will have to hold a funeral for Uncle Sam.  

David Parker – Franklin, N.C.

Nice editorial from Mayor Taylor and one goof

Nice piece, Patrick Taylor.  My husband picks up trash in Otto almost every afternoon.  I call him my Road Trash Warrior!

Question…none are supposed to be dumb ?s…so here I go.  Is Stephen Crosby’s piece a goof on us?  

Lynne Wilkinson – Franklin, N.C.

No one takes Veterans Day away from this Marine

Poor leadership on the part of Mayor Bob Scott of Franklin. After telling me for months that there could be no Veteran’s Day Observance this year in the Town of Franklin, at the Gazebo, where it’s been held for decades, due to Governor Cooper’s Executive Order, he attends an “invite only” Veteran’s Day Observance that the Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 994 sponsored in behalf of the Special Liberty Project. Numerous guests and dignitaries, way more than 10 people, none of which were practicing safe distancing or masking judging by the very photos that Bob Scott posted on his website. What kind of message does this send to the rest of the Veterans if Franklin and Macon County? Do as I say! Not as I do! I think it’s time for Bob to step down. He personally has stopped all permits for any peaceful assemblies in this town, after issuing the same permit to BLM, Black Lives Matter, last summer, most of whom were out of towners or worse, out of states. I know Bob loves and supports all of Governor Cooper’s COVID restrictions on us but he sure was a hypocrite yesterday [Nov. 11]. By the way, there was one lone Marine Veteran at the Gazebo yesterday at 11 a.m. playing TAPS on his iPhone while saluting the Courthouse flag. It was myself. No one takes Veteran’s Day away from this Marine, Semper Fi!

Sgt Ken Bowden – Franklin, N.C.

Letter disparages health precautions

A quarter of a million dead from Covid 19 in the U.S. alone. Mr Stephen Crosby disparages us for  taking basic, sane health precautions and thereby being  part of some conspiracy against Trump.  Nice guy.  

Mike Jones – Sylva, N.C.

Truth needs to be brought to light

Some weeks ago, General Michael Flynn had on his social media banner Luke 8:17: “For nothing is secret that shall not be made manifest, neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad.” We are living in a time of uncertainty and anxiety. It is hard to know what to believe and which sources in the media are telling the truth. George Washington said, “Truth will ultimately prevail where there is pains taken to bring it to light. 

Many people are taking pains to bring truth to light, whether it concerns protecting our personal health or, some would say, the health of our nation under whichever candidate is determined to be the president of our Republic. For Benjamin Franklin, when asked what kind of government the framers were giving us, is said to have responded, “A republic, if you can keep it.” 

 Under our Constitution, the president is determined by the Electoral College and the winner of electoral votes in some states is yet to be determined because of legal challenges to the vote count. The Electoral College will meet on Dec. 14 according to the Constitution. I believe that anyone reading this wants fair and secure elections in this and all countries. Patience is called for and reports of fraud and irregularities must be investigated. 

There have been questions about software in some voting machines possibly being used to switch votes. Jon Rappoport, an investigative journalist, has written, “The Election Vote: The Deeper You Look, the Worse It Gets.” He details a report titled, “Voting System Examination Dominion Voting Systems Democracy Suite 5.5-A.” It was prepared by James Sneeringer, Ph.D. Designee of the Attorney General of Texas. This analysis of Dominion was requested by the Texas Secretary of State in fall 2019. 

The examiner’s final conclusion: “I cannot recommend certification. Computer systems should be designed to prevent or detect human error whenever possible and minimize the consequences of both human mistakes and equipment failure. Instead the Democracy Suite 5.5-A is fragile and error prone. In my opinion it should not be certified for use in Texas.” Dominion Voting Systems was not certified in Texas, but was used in 28 or more other states in our recent election. Other questions about Dominion voting machines have been raised, but the above should be reason enough to question the security of any election using those machines.

In addition,”The votes cast by Americans were counted by a bankrupted Spanish company Scytl in Spain. Like Dominion Voting Systems, Scytl has a long history of election fraud in various nations including injecting backdoors in its election software. The issue has prompted experts to question why the sensitive job of counting votes was outsourced to a foreign company? How could a bankrupted Spanish company count American votes in Spain? Due to such widespread fraud, the Chairman of the US Federal Election Commission Trey Trainor believes that the 2020 US Presidential Elections is illegitimate.” (https://greatgameindia.com/us-election-bank rupted-spanish-scytl/ )

This is extremely serious as free elections demand security for our votes. I encourage patience and prayer as we wait for the outcome of investigations into possible vote fraud and the ultimate decision as to who will serve as President. May we treat others with different opinions with respect, as we want to be treated.  

Panthea Crawford – Franklin, N.C.